What are the best platformer games for PS4?

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    #1Rayman Legends

    Rayman Legends
    Rayman Legends is a platforming game by Ubisoft. The game is about Rayman and Globox enter new realms by entering a collection of paintings. Players can also play as the Teensies and princesses by rescuing them.

    Amazon, Windows, Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Nintendo Wii U

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    Emma Baker
    Written on March 7, 2017
    "If you're really interested in a sort of kid-scary, exciting platformer, Rayman Legends sounds like something you might meet wandering down your alley. The Amazon page referral is a good one, because not only does it include screenshots and lots of descriptive language — not to mention videos — but also customer reviews. You'd be hard-pressed to come up with a better commercial site to use for reference. "
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    #2Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy

    The Crash Bandicoot N. Sane Trilogy is a platformer video game collection developed by Vicarious Visions and published by Activision. Relive the best moments of the Sony's mascot with graphics and soundtrack completely remastered.


    PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch, Windows


    Margaret Mills
    Written on March 1, 2018
    "Crash Bandicoot is a very interesting 3D game of the PS1 series more than 10 years ago. It is old, but the graphics, sound and gameplay of this game is still very attractive. The game consists of 3 parts and part 1 is the hardest part. I tested all three parts on my machine (s5660), and all three ran smoothly. This is a game not to be missed, because this game uses emulators to run so most Android machines are running, not just super mario"
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    Limbo is an adventure and indie game developed and published by Playdead. It was released on Aug 3, 2011, and is available with different platforms including Android, iOS, and more. It centers around the adventures of a boy who entered limbo.


    Android, Windows, Mac, iOS, Xbox One, PlayStation 4, Linux


    Karen Martin
    Written on July 11, 2018
    "I think you need to get your eyes checked Mr. Lawrence Martin, Limbo is one of the best cross-platform platforming games out there. At first I thought it would be a boring game, but like Mario, there is beauty in its simplicity. A little dark though, but I can play it almost endlessly because it is easy to the eyes and to the mind, just like one of the best platformers. "
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    A psychic odyssey through the minds of misfits, monsters, and madmen. This classic action/adventure platformer from acclaimed developers Double Fine Productions follows the story of a young psychic named Razputin.

    Windows, Playstation 4


    Justin Guzman
    Written on November 25, 2017
    "I wanted a game for PS4, I have no way of playing this. This is a horrible solution when I have such specific parameters for what I am looking for. It's like if I asked for a car, and you give me a scooter. Terrible solution, and I wish I didn't even ask. "
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    #5Salt and Sanctuary

    Salt and Sanctuary
    Salt and Sanctuary is a 2D action role-playing video game for PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, and Linux computers. It was developed and published by Ska Studios and was released on May 18, 2016.

    Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Linux


    Manuel Cortés
    Written on May 29, 2017
    "The game was described to me as a 2D Souls game. That is the first impression, but it’s not a complete picture. It’s a Metroidvania in terms of world building, with plenty of platforming and ability unlocks that give you the tools you need to access new areas. It’s also more platform than Souls when it comes to the smaller mobs throughout the levels. The mob placement makes the platforming better, you learn their differences and cut through them. This is how you spend most of your time. "
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    #6Ratchet & Clank

    Ratchet & Clank
    Ratchet & Clank is a 3D third platformer shooter and is a remastered edition of the original Ratchet & Clank. It was released for PlayStation 2 and was re-released in 2016 for PlayStation 4.

    PlayStation 4


    Nancy Allen
    Written on April 26, 2017
    "One of the best games I've ever played, this new imagining of Ratchet brings the series to a new light and a new era. While it's got plenty of winks and nudges to the old series, it keeps things fresh and familiar at the same time. Definitely pick it up if you've got a PS4."
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    #7Sonic Mania

    Sonic Mania

    Sonic Mania is a 2D platform game by Sega. Players can select as Sonic, Tails, or Knuckles, and they have to face the robot army of Dr. Eggman. The game has a retro design with crisp details in HD, combined with high-speed gameplay.


    Nintendo Switch, Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


    Ricardo Andrade
    Written on November 11, 2017
    "Who does not love sonic. This game is awesome and brings back so many child hood memories for me and I sure it will for you also! Definitely worth picking up for many hours of fun. Makes you want to come back for more!"
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    #8Rogue Legacy

    Rogue Legacy
    Rogue Legacy is a roguelike metroidvania video game developed and published by Cellar Door Games. Released in 2013, this game can be played on PlayStation 3, 4, and Vita, Windows PC, macOS, Linux, and Xbox One.

    Windows, Mac, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, PlayStation 3, Linux


    Frances Jenkins
    Written on June 2, 2017
    "I loved plat former games since I was a young child playing them with my brothers. I played through many of them since then. Rogue legacy has one of the best takes on the game. Letting your character change by the generation. It is a very awesome game and anyone with a ps4 or pc can play it. "
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    Yooka-Laylee is a platform game published by Team17 in 2017 and developed by Playtonic Games. Yooka-Laylee is a spiritual successor to their series Banjo-Kazooie released for the Nintendo 64 nearly 20 years prior.

    Windows, Mac, Xbox One, PlayStation 4 , Linux


    Kevin Aguilar
    Written on March 21, 2018
    "Great game that offers a lot of fun and interesting game play. Reminds me of crash and I really have enjoyed playing this game. The play makes you want to come back for more and keep seeing new things. "
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    #10Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New' N' Tasty

    Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New' N' Tasty

    Oddworld: New 'n' Tasty is platform video game and a full HD remake of Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee with amazing new's gen graphics, revamped controls, and new areas/ secrets.


    Windows, Mac, Xbox One , PlayStation 4, Linux


    Cheng Gu
    Written on November 11, 2017
    "Oddworld is the best game I have played on the PS4. The graphics are amazing and it has great gameplay. Time flies by while Im playing this game."
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    #11Risk of Rain

    Risk of Rain
    Risk of Rain is an action multiplayer video game with full of action and roguelike elements developed by Hopoo Games and published by Chucklefish. Through this game, players will be set on a mysterious planet. 

    PlayStation 4, Windows, Mac, Linux


    Sara Gomez
    Written on May 19, 2017
    "This game you can play alone or with friends. It has excellent reviews and looks very engaging. You gain levels as you play, discovery levels and gaining more and more power. The fact that it can be played online with friends, makes it better so they all can connect. "
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    #12A Hat in Time

    A Hat in Time

    A Hat in Time is an Indie 3D platformer video game developed and published by Gears for Breakfast. Players take the role of Hat Kid, an alien and space-traveling girl with a big top hat with many powers.


    Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac


    William Chapman
    Written on March 17, 2018
    "As a 3D platform game for the PS4, A Hat in Time has players take the role of the Hat Kid, a girl and space alien whose hat has many powers. Rather weird overall but at the same time, entertaining."
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    #13Megaman Legacy Collection

    Megaman Legacy Collection
    Mega Man Legacy Collection is a game collection from the classic Mega Man series produced by Capcom and Digital Eclipse with new special features as the Museum Mode. 

    Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


    Christian Hunter
    Written on October 14, 2017
    "When I bought Megaman Legacy Collection online, I thought I had purchased a platformer game for PS4. To my unpleasant surprise, I had just paid for a Steam game that only works on Windows. What a waste of fifteen dollars."
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    #14Mega Man 11

    Mega Man 11

    Mega Man 11 is an action platform game by Capcom and is the eleventh in the Mega Man game series. Its graphics and environment follow the classic game style, but with a new story. It will be released for multiple platforms in October 2018.


    Nintendo Switch, PlayStation 4, Xbox One

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    Vivian Liang
    Written on June 5, 2018
    "If you grew up playing the beloved Mega Man series, you won't be disappointed in this eleventh edition form Capcom! Unfortunately, this version is not for PS4. If you've got a Switch, it's a great edition!"
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    #15Grow Home

    Grow Home
    In Grow Home you play BUD (Botanical. Utility. Droid), a robot on a mission to find the Star Plant and save this planet. Discover a strange open-world a planet of floating islands, with precipitious drops, caves, and waterfalls to navigate, all rendered in a minimalist but beautiful art style.

    Windows, Playstation 4


    Brian Walker
    Written on March 10, 2017
    "I love playing platformer games on my PS4 and I had just completed another game, so I was in the market for another one. I found Grow Home on PSN and really liked the screenshots, so I jumped in and have been very happy. I love the art style and the gameplay, and the price was great too on the current sale. I highly recommend this game for people looking for indie platformers like myself!"
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    #16Awesomenauts Assemble!

    Awesomenauts Assemble!

    Awesomenauts Assemble! is a 2D multiplayer online battle arena (MOBA) fitted into the form of an accessible 3-on-3 action platformer and developed by Dutch video game development company Ronimo Games.



    PlayStation 4 , Xbox One


    Ralph Berry
    Written on October 27, 2017
    "I really dig this game so much; it's gorgeous! It has a sort of old style Metroid vibe, but the graphics are so lush, that you feel like you're stuck in a Katy Perry music video. I once got so engrossed in playing this awesome game, I forgot to feed my fishes, and they all died."
  14. 8



    Unravel is a physics-based puzzle platformer video game developed by the Swedish company, featuring Yarny, a character made from a single thread of yarn who must embark on a larger than life adventure.


    Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


    Julia Castañeda
    Written on April 5, 2018
    "I love Yarny. The character reminds me of something I would have made up as a kid while on long, boring family road trips. He alone is why I like playing Unravel. The game being incredibly well-made and interesting is icing on the cake. "
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    #18Skylanders: Imaginators

    Skylanders: Imaginators

    Skylanders: Imaginators is a toys-to-life action 3D platformer video game developed by Toys for Bob and published by Activision. Players use the power of imagination to create their own Skylanders and battle in an adventure to save Skylands.


    PlayStation 4 , Nintendo Switch, Xbox One, Playstation 3, Xbox 360


    Juan Knight
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "Skylanders: Imaginators is a game where toys come to life and in 3D. The best part is Crash Bandicoot is back and in the game. If you like very cartoonish platformer games this is perfect for you. I don't think that I could get very excited about this game even with Crash in it. I'm sure I'm not the target audience for the game though. Personally I would say it doesn't fit the topic. "
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    #19Little Nightmares

    Little Nightmares

    Little Nightmares is an indie puzzle-platformer video game developed by Tarsier Studios and published by Bandai Namco Entertainment Inc. This game is a dark journey to your childhood fantasies and fears.


    Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


    Johnny Fernandez
    Written on March 18, 2018
    "Little Nighmares is an excellent platformer game for PS4. It has a fun and unique feel. I've been enjoying it for weeks now. It has great graphics and visual design. It has a gripping and whimsical storyline that will make you want to keep playing. It also has nice intuitive controls. I love it."
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    #20LEGO Marvel's Avengers

    LEGO Marvel's Avengers

    LEGO Marvel's Avengers is a LEGO-themed action adventure game for Windows and Mac computers, Xbox One, and PlayStation 4. It was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment and was released on January 26, 2016.


    Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Mac, Xbox 360


    Roger Ross
    Written on November 12, 2017
    "Personally, the Lego games are getting a bit stale for my taste, Traveler's tales seems to make innovations then take steps backward. Looking at the open world in game seems almost identical to that of LEGO Heroes which doesn't entice me to pick the game up - been there done that! If you love the same od LEGO formula then you'll pick it up and enjoy it. I guess if you are looking for something that's going to innovate on the series in a bigger way then you aren't going to be completely satisfied - I certainly wasn't."
  18. 2

    #21Little Big Planet 3

    Little Big Planet 3

    Developed by Sumo Digital, the Little Big Planet 3 is a puzzle game released in 2014. The adventure game was published by Sony Interactive Entertainment for PS3 and PS4. It follows four main characters Swoop, Sackboy, and two more.


    PlayStation 4


    Willie Walters
    Written on November 14, 2017
    "what a good game even if it is mainly for children, it is entertaining, very entertaining, fun and with very good graphics, the characters are wonderful, it can entertain young and old, the adventures are very interesting and it is the game of awakening strong emotions, the characters are very well achieved and their characteristics are unique, they impel you to be creative and to immerse yourself in the different scenarios of the game I like it a lot, even though it is a bit old, even its graphics are still very current, excellent game because it invites you to be creative, having to use your imagination to overcome the obstacles."
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    #22Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams

    Giana Sisters: Twisted Dreams is a platform video game which is the successor to The Great Giana Sisters and sequel to the Giana Sisters DS. This game pits up to four players against each other.


    PlayStation 4, Windows


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    #23Lego Worlds

    Lego Worlds
    Lego Worlds is an open world video game available for Windows computers, PlayStation 4, and Xbox One. It was developed by TT Games, Traveller's Tales and was published by Warner Bros. Interactive Entertainment.

    Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One


    Simon Xue
    Written on November 11, 2017
    "Being an avid gamer and a former child I was very interested in the game Lego Worlds on Steam. Steam is a great platform game for PS4 so I was very excited to try it out. I love Legos and the mix of a game together was too good to pass up. As usual the graphics were perfect and Lego Worlds is a quality game with many different challenges to keep you coming back for more. "


Best What are the best platformer games for PS4
1Rayman LegendsGames 30 Paid
2Crash Bandicoot N. Sane TrilogyGames 25 Paid
3LimboGames 24 Paid
4PsychonautsGames 22 Paid
5Salt and SanctuaryGames 19 Paid
6Ratchet & ClankGames 19 Paid
7Sonic ManiaGames 19 Paid
8Rogue LegacyGames 15 Paid
9Yooka-LayleeGames 15 Paid
10Oddworld: Abe's Oddysee - New' N' TastyGames 14 Paid

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