What are the best Pokemons in Sun and Moon?

Game Freak released both versions of Pokemon on the 3DS in 2016. The version included the Alola region which introduced a new generation of pokemon. Here are the best pokemons to catch and train as you take on Pokemon Sun and Moon.

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    Komm-o is the final form of Jangmo-o that will evolve on the 45th level. It is designed after theropod dinosaurs. This pokemon is regarded as a pseudo-legendary pokemon from the seventh generation. It is a dragon and fighting dual type.

    • Grace HopkinsWritten on June 5, 2019
      "Dragon types are my favorite pokemon (Salamence being my favorite)!!! when compared with the other dragon types, Komm-o isnt the super best. But it's a seriously good dragon pokemon from this version but"
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    Toucannon stands 1.1 m tall and weighs 26 kilos. It has a maximum of 364 HP and 273 defense points. The normal and flying type pokemon belongs in the seventh generation. Players have a catch rate of 45 with the pokemon.

    • Donald LawrenceWritten on June 5, 2019
      "Please do yourself a favor and get the shiny version of toucannon for pride month!!!!! WE STAN A BI ICON 🌈🌈🌈 This pokemon is so handy for gym battles and it evolves pretty decently too"
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    Golisopod is a hard scale pokemon that has big claws resembling that of a shrimp. The pokemon spends its time meditating under the sea. It is a dual type of bug and water. This pokemon is final evolution form of Wimpod.

    • VerΓ³nica MontielWritten on June 5, 2019
      "Wimpod initially looks like, well, a wimp. But Golisopod is the best one in the pokemon sun and moon pokedex! Pair this with a legendary pokemon and TADA! you have the best team for pokemon ultra moon πŸ‘ "
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    Mimikyu is a ghost and fairy type pokemon that hides under a cloth somewhat resembling Pikachu. It is known for changing its outer form once attacked by an opponent. This fairy and ghost pokemon is known to be weakened by the sun.

    • Elizabeth DelgadoWritten on June 5, 2019
      "People often take mimikyu for granted bc it looks like its just a cute pokemon with not much skill, but SERIOUSLY... This is the pokemon Pikachu think it is!!! Def one of the strongest pokemon ever. HANDS DOWN"
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    This is a fire type pokemon that looks like a cat. It is one of the three starter pokemons offered in the game. Standing over a feet tall, this pokemon weighs 4.3 kilos. Litten is a medium slow leveling pokemon that will evolve in level 17.

    • Chirag MehraWritten on June 5, 2019
      "Fell in love with Litten the second I saw it. I'm a fire type kind of guy for life πŸ‘ŒπŸ”₯"
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    Alolan Muk

    This pokemon is a version of Muk that is endemic to the region. It has retained bright coloration due to the chemical changes in his body brought by eating garbage routinely. The dark and poison pokemon has a catch rate of 75.

    • Samantha FieldsWritten on June 5, 2019
      "I mean, I've loved Muk since forever... (Both in the pokemon games and anime) Alolan Muk is so inventive for me although its a nice commentary on pollution too..."
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    This stag beetle is the final evolution of Grubbin. It is both a bug and an electric type pokemon that levitates. The pokemon generates electric powers in its abdominal area. In the anime, Vikavolt is known to love tree sap.

    • Peter RiceWritten on June 5, 2019
      "I swear the new pokemon generation looks weirder and weirder every year... LMAO Vikavolt has an impressive selection of moves tho πŸ€“"
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    Weighing over 297 pounds, this normal and fighting dual type pokemon is weak to psychic, flying, fairy, and fighting pokemon. It is the final evolution of Stufful. This is bipedal pokemon that looks like a bear with pink paws.

    • Megan ThompsonWritten on June 5, 2019
      "Bewear is the cutest!! I mean look at its NAME... Also, I read all about bewear in the pokemon sun and moon wiki because I was dead set on keeping it in my team! It's so worth your time πŸ’•πŸ™†"


Best What are the best Pokemons in Sun and Moon
1Komm-oCharacters 17 Paid
2ToucannonCharacters 13 Paid
3GolisopodCharacters 7 Paid
4MimikyuCharacters 3 Paid
5LittenCharacters 3 Paid
6Alolan MukCharacters 3 Paid
7VikavoltCharacters 2 Paid
8BewearCharacters 2 Paid

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