What are the best possible ways or rituals that Tom Cruise could have done to achieve immortality?

Even if we live in an ideal world, there's no way that Tom Cruise should be looking this good at his age. If you bring in a 24-year old adult to stand beside him and ask an audience who's better looking, they'd still choose Tom over the younger gent. Given Tom Cruise's age, 57 to be exact, he should be like any other normal person approaching their senior years. Having a paunch, walking with one limp, and having grey hair has gotta be the ideal look. To put it simply, he should look less like a Hollywood action hero and more like a normal middle-aged person. But just like the Tom Cruise movies that we are ever so fond of, it seems like it's impossible. Well, we got news for Tom Cruise, we know your secret! Or at least we think we do. The secret to looking young shouldn't be kept by just one person, come on now. When your skin looks exactly like his even at age 57, you'd want to know how he maintains his youthfulness too. Now we can speculate as much as we want to. Maybe he's been cryogenically freezing himself since the '80s? He does have a lot of money so it's not that far off. What if he actually found the fountain of youth that's been a legend for centuries? Whatever it is, we're all for it. Tom Cruise may just have an average height for men (5ft 7ins), but he's bigger than life! So if you want to know how he does it (just like we do), then check out this list of Tom Cruise's potential secrets to achieving immortality.

  1. 1A strict religious focus


    It's often been said that religion keeps people healthy 'cause a spiritual life creates more discipline and less stress. If you haven't been living under a rock then you're aware of just how religious Tom Cruise is. He was raised in a devoutly Catholic household and even considered becoming a priest when he was a teenager. It wasn't until his first wife, Mimi Rogers, introduced him into Scientology in the 1980s that he became an avid follower of the mysterious cult/religion. He's been their most popular icon ever since.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2An insane fitness regime


    There's no way he could stay and look that young without following an intense fitness regime, right? Well, you'd be surprised to know that he takes working out to a whole nother level. For him to stay fit and be at his best, he takes a gym wherever he goes, literally. He calls his mobile gym 'the pain cave' and it could be assembled almost anywhere. Aside from the gym sessions, the man is involved with other activities like sea-kayaking, caving, fencing, treadmill, weights, rock-climbing, hiking, jogging, you name it!

  2. 3Gone under the knife?


    At this point, you could almost say it's cheating to look as young as he is at the age of 57. Scientology may have enabled him to experience better realities, but a new face? Come on, now. It's almost unbelievable how smooth and unlined his face is even when it looked suspiciously puffy in the past. Regardless, Cruise has never admitted to having undergone plastic surgery. But when his 'Jerry Maguire' castmate Cuba Gooding Jr was asked about it, he had an interesting story to share. He visited Cruise at his house one day and was surprised to see the actor with dots all over his face. Whether it was true or he told it in jest, we're yet to find out.

  1. 4He's too nice!


    'Now, wait just a minute! How is being 'too nice' a secret to staying young?' Well, ever heard of karma? We get that there are a lot of weird things about Tom Cruise as the documentary 'Going Clear' would show you. But according to most of the people that he's worked with, he's known for being unsettlingly generous. He saves lives, sets up private planes for people in need, never forgets a birthday, teaches people to ride motorbikes, buys a ton of gifts for everybody, and even encourages people to follow their dreams. Maybe if everybody was a lot more like Tom, we'd all stay young and this world would be a better place.

  2. 5Snacks over meals


    Multiple sources were able to catch up with Tom in New Zealand where the Mission: Impossible film was shot and they discovered something astounding. According to reports, three meals a day just isn't enough for Mr. Cruise. He has to have at least 15 snacks per day which are all prepared by his own personal chefs. Everything from assorted nuts and blueberries, sashimi to rigatoni, and a whole lot of other stuff. He even made a recipe for linguine with zesty red clam sauce for a cookbook. From jumping off helicopters, riding motorbikes, and now a professional chef, too? Looks like there really is no mission too impossible for Tom.


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