What are the best post-apocalyptic TV shows?

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We've seen tons of TV shows that boldly crossed the line that divides reality and imagination. And as absurd as they may look, shows that depict the end of human civilization, whatever that may mean, are surely some of the most entertaining ones! And why not? Aside from their often high-cost production, these post-apocalyptic TV shows give us a peak of what life would look like when everything goes down the drain. Never imagined a world populated by zombies, robots, or devastating plagues? Well, why not dive into this list of the most binge-worthy post-apocalyptic shows to get a better picture? Well, the end might be near, but we sure wish that it won't be as bad as these shows depict.

  1. 1The Walking Dead


    The Walking Dead is that one show you wouldn't want to miss if you're into the whole zombie apocalypse thing! It follows the thrilling journey of Rick Grimes and his whole crew as they try to kill the dead and outsmart the living. Well, TWD has ten seasons already in the books, making it perfect for a great binge-watch!

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The 100


    Set 97 years after a nuclear apocalypse ended civilization, The 100 is one good post-apocalyptic show that will get you hooked! It's got the perfect balance of great storytelling, brilliant acting, and of course, plot twists! Follow the story of criminal adolescents who are tasked to revive the human race in this sci-fi thriller you shouldn't miss.

  2. 3The Handmaid's Tale


    The Handmaid's Tale is a critically-acclaimed dystopian series that will take you to Gilead, a futuristic domain where women engage in sexual servitude to bear children for oligarchical couples. While the show doesn't feature an actual apocalypse that ended the human race, it would still give you a haunting view of what may happen in a society ruled by religious totalitarianism.

  1. 4Snowpiercer


    You may have heard of this already but TNT debuted a TV show adaptation of Snowpiercer. The series is inspired by one of the films directed by the Academy Award winner Bong Joon-Ho. And here's a small fact that you may not know about the series but the Korean director is actually one of its executive producers. The 2020 version Snowpiercer follows the same story of the movie set in a post-apocalyptic world. The earth is frozen and no one can survive the cold for too long. Thus, the invention of high-powered trains to house mankind. And if you are a Bong Joon-Ho fan, you already know that he likes giving focus to social issues and this TV show is full of it. How will justice prevail on this one? Stream it to find out.

  2. 5The Society


    Left with nothing but scarce resources and harsh living conditions, the teenagers of West Ham, Connecticut must find a way to stay alive at all costs. This is the premise surrounding post-apocalyptic drama 'The Society'. A lot of people actually might have loved how the series goes that's why it has got good reviews. Watch it yourself and be the judge!

  3. 6Mr. Robot


    Mr. Robot is a techno-thriller that doesn't revolve around the end of the human race. Instead, it shows something scarier - a world of people living in pure anarchy. Follow series star Rami Malek as he explores a world run by an evil corporation. Here, you'll see that living in a collapsing society ain't any better than dying!

  4. 7Z Nation


    Z Nation is another zombie-infested TV series but with a twist of comedy. It follows life after the undead apocalypse and shows how one human-zombie hybrid can actually save the entire planet. If you're looking for a good post-apocalyptic alternative, this is one cool series to watch.

  5. 8Black Mirror


    Black Mirror is considered by many as a sci-fi anthology. Well, it is, but more than that, the award-winning series shows us what happens when conventional human civilization is drastically altered. Watch its various episodes and you'll surely fear for technology's impending takeover of humanity.


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