What are the best quirks in My Hero Academia?

Jon Elijah Miguel Tetangco

Quirks in the anime My Hero Academia translate to one's superpower. There are more people who have quirks than people who are Quirkless like Deku was in the beginning. These quirks manifest in different ways. The most common way someone can get a quirk by birth is through their genetics. Although there needs to be the drive to develop it for it to become of any use. While a rare approach is the passing of a powerful quirk to another, which All Might has. There are quirks that are unique and common at the same light. Although whether they are such is not as important. The emphasis is bigger on those who know how to use their quirk well. There are some superhumans with great quirks but little to no control. Sounds familiar? Yet they hold significant power nonetheless. If you want to check out the most powerful and best quirks in My Hero Academia, you came to the right place. You will find strength-based quirks like Bakugo's Explosion which he controls rather well. There will also be formidable quirks like the Decay quirk Tomura Shigaraki has. Hero or villain, the My Hero Academia world offers a lot of interesting quirks to its center people. In the anime My Hero Academia, quirks are synonymous with the characters' skills. Jon Elijah Miguel Tetangco wants to know the best among these abilities. Here are the most mind-blowing and coolest superpowers seen in the popular anime! What's your favorite quirk in My Hero Academia?

  1. 1Explosion


    Katsuki Bakugo is the character who possesses the Explosion quirk. Bakugo's Explosion is a close-range quirk which allows him to activate sweat akin to nitroglycerin. This produces bomb-like explosions at the palms of his hand. When he sweats a lot, his quirk becomes more powerful. This happens when he is in a battle given that it requires a lot of physical movement.

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  1. 2Rewind Quirk


    Rewind is a rare close-range quirk that is possessed by the character Eri. The emitter type quirk lets the possessor turn someone's body clock backward. This means that the Rewind Quirk can either turn someone into an infant or even go back to a time way before that.

  2. 3All For One


    All For One is a powerful quirk that allows the user to steal other people's quirks and make it their own. The ability is possessed by the villain who goes by the same name as the quirk itself. When All For One touches a person, he can gain more power while the person he touches becomes Quirkless.

  1. 4One For All


    One For All is a quirk or the ability to either transfer a chunk of raw power in one's body or to transfer abilities to another person. This superpower exists in the fictional anime series My Hero Academia.

  2. 5Overhaul


    Overhaul is a quirk/power famously possessed by Kai Chisaki, a fictional character from the anime series My Hero Academia. The ability enables the person to break down, destroy, rebuild, and repair anything just by touching it.

  3. 6Decay


    Decay is a powerful yet morbid quirk possessed by the villain Tomura Shigaraki. The emitter type quirk turns anyone who comes in contact with it into dust. Case in point, with his hand or foot, Shigaraki's quirk lets anyone he touches crumble into ashes. Decay is one of the most lethal quirks you can see in My Hero Academia.

  4. 7Absorb and Release


    The Absorb and Release quirk can be seen in My Hero Academia through the mutated creatures created by the villains known as Nomu. The transformation quirk has the ability to absorb attacks and produce counterattacks to damage the enemy. This is a great quirk for the user to gain an upper hand in combat.

  5. 8Erasure Quirk


    Erasure is a useful quirk from the anime My Hero Academia. This ability enables the wielder to temporarily disable the skills of other people. The catch is, the person using this ability should not blink and continuously stare at the target.


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