What are the best reality shows?

Reality shows are a major hit right now! Don't miss out on the craze and check out these sweet reality shows that tackle almost every subject you can think of! From cooking contests to catching online deception, we've got it all right here!

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    #1RuPaul's Drag Race

    RuPaul's Drag Race

    RuPaul's Drag Race is an American reality competition series wherein world-famous drag queen RuPaul searches for America's next drag superstar. The series first aired in 2009 and has released constant seasons annually

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    Daniel Diaz
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Had you told me a few years ago that I would willingly watch a show about Drag Queens, I never would have believed you. I still barely can. But the show is wildly entertaining and surprisingly humanizing, and very much worth your time."
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    Survivor is a reality show where a group of contestants are stranded in a remote location with little more than the clothes on their back. The show has aired plenty of seasons with a diverse cast.

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    Kathy Barnett
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "I think it's easy to argue that Survivor is the king of reality shows. Some seasons are better than others, but there's also people to root for and against, which is what makes reality TV fun. The betrayal reactions are my favorite."
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    #3Face Off

    Face Off

    Face Off is an American reality game show wherein a group of makeup artists competes to become the best in the show. The show can be watched on the Syfy cable company, which is owned by NBCUniversal.

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    Julia Montgomery
    Written on January 8, 2019
    "One of the best reality tv shows i've watch this year! This is so different from all the other reality shows i've been watching and it closely relates to my profession since i also am a freelance makeup artist!! It's an art folks!!!"


Did you know that many of the contestants of Love Island have actually slept with each other? And though this is not much of a secret, such scenes are not shown on television. And with regards to contestants "going all the way", a new set of rules about this was laid out back in 2018. Also, the production also made it a point that islanders undergo STI tests before they enter the villa. A counselor is also on set all the time should the Islanders ever want to talk. These streaming sites let you watch Love Island for free in case you miss the latest action in the British television series.

But before Love Island, the history of reality shows can be dated back to the early '70s. The 1973 American TV documentary An American Family was regarded as the first of its kind and became the foundation of the best reality shows of modern television. An American Family covered the daily life of the upper middle-class family Louds, which did not end up well because of the divorce of parents Bill and Pat Loud. Some of the best reality TV shows today, such as Big Brother and Survivor, are full of staged scenes that are made to captivate the audience. But mainstream viewers would still buy it because, at the end of the day, it is show business.

Inspired to watch the most famous reality shows? Here you have the best websites to watch Bigg Boss 12 online!

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    #4Project Runway

    Project Runway

    Project Runway is an American reality show where fashion designers compete amongst themselves for a chance to break through the industry. Contestants are eliminated weekly in front of a panel of judges.

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    Janice Adams
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "One of the longest running reality shows, Project Runway does a good job of being clean and wholesome. Sure, it's about fashion, and it's got stick-thin models, but the hosts do a wonderful job about making sure the designers don't get mean to one another and keep it relatively family friendly. If you're looking to lose a few hours, you can't really do better than this one."
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    #5The Amazing Race

    The Amazing Race

    The Amazing Race is an American reality competition show where teams must travel around the world, completing tasks and clearing destinations. Teams usually consist of two members, but some seasons feature bigger groups.

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    Betty Hansen
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "The Amazing Race is a highly rated reality TV show. I feel like it provides great entertainment if you are looking for a reality show to watch. Out of curiosity I wanted to know what others thought about this show and IMDB shows it as a rating of 7.6/10 stars. Once I finish an episode, I can't wait to see what will happen in the next one, but that's just me. "
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    #6Dancing with the Stars

    Dancing with the Stars

    Dancing with the Stars is an American reality show based on the British series Strictly Come Dancing, where celebrities partner up with professional dancers and compete against each other in weekly elimination rounds to determine a winner.

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    Mark Richardson
    Written on November 3, 2017
    "My wife loves this show and I will normally end up watching a bit of it with her. I will say of all the reality shows she watches I can handle having this one on in the background and I will watch it from time to time. It can be entertaining to see some of the celebrities that I either have heard from in a while or just to watch them try to dance in general."
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    MythBusters is a science entertainment television program created by Peter Rees and produced by Australia's Beyond Television Productions. The program fuses scientific method with gleeful curiosity and plain old-fashioned ingenuity.

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    Gerald Reed
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Mythbusters is my go-to show to watch when I'm feeling the need for something interesting. The show tackles many subjects that we hear about in everyday life like surviving high falls. They even cover famous movie topics like the ability to dodge Stormtrooper blaster fire. This show is one of a kind, appealing to everybody from nerds to people with mild interests in science. Mythbusters is a great show for kids to adults."
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    #8Deadliest Catch

    Deadliest Catch

    Deadliest Catch is a documentary television series produced by Original Productions for the Discovery Channel. Shows the real-life high-sea adventures of the Alaskan crab fishermen. This is the most deadly profession in the world.

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    Billy Payne
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Deadliest Catch is a pretty good watch for those looking for an entertaining but not exploitative reality show. It's not as crass or tacky as many alternatives. It also doesn't seem as scripted as much as some other similar shows. If you find the setting and activities involved appealing, you'll probably like it, though interpersonal drama and relationships do come into play, as they all are confined on a boat, after all."
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    #9Impractical Jokers

    Impractical Jokers

    Impractical Jokers is an American hidden camera-practical joke reality series that feature four best friends. These lifelong buddies are on a mission to embarrass each other to the max in this comedy reality show.

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    Eric Jordan
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Eleven seasons speaks to fact that they are very creative themselves and America's seemingly insatiable appetite for laughing at and empathizing with the victims. These episodes can get addictive. Better than a bloopers compilation that in my opinion are more mean than anything else"
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    #10The Great British Bake Off

    The Great British Bake Off

    The Great British Bake Off is a British Reality-TV baking competition where bakers attempt three challenges each week trying to impress the judges enough to go through to the next round and eventually are crowned Britain's best amateur baker.

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    Lori Little
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Does food porn make you swoon? Then you won't be disappointed with the Great British Bake Off reality show. Not only does it show fantastic desserts, but it's all topped off with British accents. Binge watch it like I did. "
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    #11MasterChef Australia

    MasterChef Australia

    MasterChef Australia is a Logie Award-winning Australian reality competitive cooking game show where a few dozen home chefs battle it out in the Masterchef Kitchen to earn the best chef title, judge by top Australian chefs.

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    Joe Sims
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "I watch a lot of reality shows so I tend to know which ones are good and bad. If you haven't already done so then you should check out MasterChef Australia. It's a really good show and very entertaining. I think you will like it. "
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    #12Top Chef

    Top Chef

    Top Chef is an American reality competition television show in which eight former chefs compete against one another culinary challenges. The contestants are judged by a panel of food and wine experts.

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    Emily Hansen
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Top Chef is a fun and entertaining look at many bright and creative culinary talents that compete to become Top Chef. Cheer for your favorites, hope for the best, and see what dish makes "Top Chef" out of one of the competitors. "
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    #13Fast N' Loud

    Fast N' Loud

    Fast N' Loud is a reality show that follows motor mastermind Richard Rawlings and his crew searches the far-flung corners of Texas and surrounding states for forgotten classic cars to buy and restore at their Gas Monkey Garage in Dallas.

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    Susan Rose
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Fast N' Loud is the next big hit in reality TV!! Richard Rawlings and his crew are HILARIOUS, not to mention completely knowledgeable in classic cars. Excellent show!"
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    #14Catfish: The TV Show

    Catfish: The TV Show

    Yaniv Schulman and Max Joseph help people who have fallen in love online test the authenticity of their lovers' identities. Catfish: The TV Show is an American reality documentary TV series about the truths and lies of online dating.

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    Ethan Ruiz
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Catfish is a reality tv show that shows people lying to other people on the internet and pretending they are someone they are not. Personally I hate the show and the idea of the show. It is despicable and there is no way I would say it fits the topic of best reality shows."
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    #15The Voice

    The Voice

    The Voice is an American reality television singing competition in which four famous musicians search for the best voices in America and mentor them to become artists. America will decide which singer will be worthy of the grand prize.

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    Kathy Smith
    Written on January 8, 2019
    "The voice isn't a reality show in the fullest sense but it has those elements that make it as such! I love the judges then especially Christina and Adam Levine, what legends!"
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    #16Man vs Wild

    Man vs Wild

    Man vs. Wild, s a survival television series hosted by Bear Grylls on the Discovery Channel. Grylls travels the world in search of challenges to his survival skills.

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    Sean Gomez
    Written on September 29, 2017
    "So I was looking for the best reality shows out there as to be honest it seems like all reality shows are way too fake. Well Man vs Wild was an amazing show, it doesnt feel scripted at all the same way other reality shows are."
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    #17Pimp My Ride

    Pimp My Ride

    The rapper Xzibit finds the owner of a ruined car and takes it to the West Coast Customs for a renovation. Pimp My Ride was an American television series produced by MTV.

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    Johnny Foster
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Pimp My Ride is a hilarious reality TV classic. It exists in a universe all it's own and is inherently absurd to the nth degree. It presents the start of a trend towards promoting unreality in reality TV - a glossy insular reality orchestrated in service to one absurd concept. It is a portent of the future and essential reality TV viewing, if only for it's comedic irony."
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    #18Storage Wars

    Storage Wars

    Storage Wars is an American reality television series on the A&E Network that premiered in 2010. The show features auctioneers Dan Dotson and Laura Dotson, as well as auction hunters Dave Hester, Darrell Sheets, Barry Weiss, and more.

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    Joe Wheeler
    Written on November 8, 2017
    "Storage Wars is a long running show featuring a group of resellers who compete against each other at storage unit auctions. It's a light, relaxing show and is fun to see what comes out of the storage units. "
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    #19Pawn Stars

    Pawn Stars

    Rick Harrison and his family own and run a pawn shop on the Las Vegas strip. They buy, sell, and appraise items of historical value. Pawn Stars is an American reality television series filmed in Las Vegas, Nevada since its launch in 2009. 

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    Andrea Piña
    Written on September 7, 2017
    ""Pawn Stars" follows three generations of the Harrison family as they assess the value of items coming in and out of their Gold & Silver Pawn Shop in Las Vegas, from the commonplace to the truly historic. "
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    #20The Hills

    The Hills

    After high school graduation, "Laguna Beach" alumna Lauren sets out to live on her own in Los Angeles and work as an intern at Teen Vogue. The Hills is an American reality television series that aired for six seasons on MTV. 

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    Phillip Willis
    Written on November 5, 2017
    "The Hills is a great reality show that i always recommend. It takes place after Laguna Beach and has some of the same cast members as well."
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    #21The Bachelor

    The Bachelor

    The Bachelor is an American reality television dating game where a single bachelor dates multiple women over several weeks, narrowing them down to hopefully find his true love.

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    Kathy Lewis
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "Watching The Bachelor let me know how hard it is to find true love, even for handsome guys. It has kept me on the edge of my seat many times, rooting for some of the women, rooting against others, and wondering what will happen next. I have found that Amazon is a great site to purchase episodes of shows that I want to watch again but if I miss the live viewing, I usually just DVR it or watch it through my cable's on demand or through Hulu. While purchasing shows through Amazon is a great way to own them, there are so many other ways to watch this show that in my opinion, it's not the best choice."
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    #22Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    Keeping Up with the Kardashians

    Keeping Up with the Kardashians is a reality television series that airs on the E! cable network. The show gives a peek inside the privileged private lives of the blended Kardashian-Jenner family, including sisters Kim, Kourtney and Khloé.

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    Abel Salas
    Written on September 7, 2017
    "KUWTK is absolute garbage. This show is literally what is wrong with America. Kim, Kourtney, and Khloe each take turns being the most spoiled human beings ever. Would not recommend to anyone unless you're watching it as a drinking game."


Best What are the best reality shows
1RuPaul's Drag RaceTV Shows 33 Paid
2Survivor TV Shows 31 Paid
3Face OffTV Shows 29 Paid
4Project RunwayTV Shows 28 Paid
5The Amazing RaceTV Shows 25 Paid
6Dancing with the StarsTV Shows 20 Free
7MythbustersTV Shows 20 Paid
8Deadliest CatchTV Shows 19 Paid
9Impractical JokersTV Shows 18 Paid
10The Great British Bake OffTV Shows 18 Paid

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