What are the best reasons to watch 2020 Forensic Malayalam film?

You all know about the show CSI, right? I'm pretty sure everyone who's watched the show has dreamed of working as a forensic expert and cracking down a high-profile case. Well, looks like the Malayalam cinema wants to have a go at it. The Forensic movie (Malayalam) is a crime thriller film. It's one of the most highly-anticipated projects of the Malayalam cinema industry. The newcomer pairing of Akhil Paul and Anas Khan is at the helm of this one. The Forensic Malayalam movie story is all about the forensic department fo the Kerala government. But that's not the only thing that people look forward to when it comes to this film. It also features famed actor Tovino Thomas as the lead role.

For the people that don't know, Tovino Thomas is one of the surefire stars in the Malayalam film industry today. He's one of the most loved young actors in Mollywood. Tovino plays forensic expert Samuel John Kattookkaran. To go along with him, popular actress Mamta Mohandas plays IPS officer Rithika Xavier. The film has been receiving a lot of positive reviews since its release. The movie's official tag reads 'The science of a crime.' Judging by the statement, you could tell that it's gonna involve a lot of investigating and solving crime. We can guarantee you that the Forensic Malayalam movie online is worth the watch. But don't just take our word for it, check out our list of the top reasons why you should watch it! 

  1. 1A clear objective


    Don't you just hate it when suspense thriller films beat around the bush a little too much? It's like they make you go on this wild goose chase to find out who the killer is only to be let down in the end. Well, 'Forensic' offers a clear motive for how it got to the killer instead of being vague about it. Sure, it t has its loopholes every now and then. Even the best thrillers have loopholes. But it will keep you so invested throughout the entire film that you'll hardly get distracted by small doubts.

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Keep Binging

  1. 2Known and unknown elements


    You can consider the 'Forensic' film to be interesting for a couple of reasons but you can't deny that it's quite innovative. It brings to the table a lot of familiar and unfamiliar elements (mostly unfamiliar). You could even think of it as the Malayalam equivalent of 'CSI: Crime Scene Investigation' including its spin-offs. Just like how those shows intricately solve crimes, so too does medico-legal advisor Samuel John Kaattookaran in this one.

  2. 3The epitome of balance


    The one thing that the film doesn't get right is that there's not a lot of character development to it. But honestly, it feels like the film doesn't even need it. Tovino Thomas, who plays the lead, brings both class and 'mass' to his role. The most important thing for him is to look smart while solving cases and come off as cool, calm and collected when faced with an awesome chase/fight scene. To put it simply, he's got every quality necessary for a super sleuth protagonist.

  1. 4Refreshing storyline


    'Forensic' is a breath of fresh air when it comes to suspense thrillers. The film actually skips the modern cliche of 'falling in love' or 'damsels in distress.' Samuel, the lead role, has an interesting dynamic with his co-worker Mamta Mohandas. The two of them actually share a past but not the romantic kind. Now, that's quite refreshing considering the nature of the film. I mean, who has the time for romance when a serial killer is on the loose, right?

  2. 5Multiple red herrings


    The film does its best to throw in a couple of clues before revealing who the killer really is. Just by watching it, you may have already figured out who it is mid-film or at least have an idea. Still, it's not going to spoil you in any way. They did a pretty good job when it comes to the revelation of the killer with Samuel's explanation of how he was able to remain hidden for so long. The film itself has a lot of satisfying revelations that would pique your interest.


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