What are the best reasons to watch Black Clover anime?

As the new age of anime has entered, we are excited to see how well fans can adapt to its new big 3. Comparing the best shonen anime series can take a lot of time. However, we can all agree that Black Clover deserves a spot on this list, alongside One Piece and My Hero Academia. Well, considering that it shares a lot of similarities with its shonen predecessors has made it a known target for critics. However, as its latest season has proved, an anime of this magnitude can only get better. As Asta and Yuno continue their quest to be on top of the wizard ranks, the response by anime fans has improved. After all, who wouldn't love Asta's endless optimism and hard work?, or Yuno's ultimate dream to become the Wizard King? Sounds a little like Goku or Naruto, right?

First coming into the pop culture scene as a manga for Shueisha's Weekly Shonen Jump in 2015, Black Clover has soon risen to worldwide fame. Otakus all around the globe are now fond of watching the kind of magic seen throughout the series. Today, Black Clover is even streamed on top services with English versions to cater to its growing international following. For a series' that have experienced past criticisms, how it is currently viewed to be on top of the Shonen anime game is no joke. If you haven't started watching it, you can already find tons of streaming services that feature the famed series. To further spark your curiosity, here are some of the best reasons to watch Black Clover anime

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    It is the new king of Shonen anime

    As we all know, Black Clover has always been compared to the likes of My Hero Academia or Naruto. This relatively new anime series has its own identity, though. As a lot of fans have stated. it takes a lot of elements from its predecessor shonen prototypes and presents it in a better way. If the upcoming Season 3 gets to continue the show's progress, Black Clover might just be the new king of Shonen anime shows.

    • Emily LynchWritten on February 6, 2020
      "I agree that a lot of the elements of the show is similar to the Quirks in My Hero Academia but somehow I like the show's commitment to magic!"
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    Asta is a character worth following

    If you've followed Black Clover religiously, you know that our main wizard boy Asta is bound for greater things. He's one of the most strong-willed anime protagonists you will ever see on-screen. Have you seen anyone like him? While lacking power with all odds stacked against him, he just works so hard to compensate for his weaknesses. Isn't there a lot left to see out of him?

    • Peter NewmanWritten on February 6, 2020
      "Black Asta is the best!!! So excited for the new Black Clover season to see what comes out of him "
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    The use of magic is massive

    The use of magic in anime shows isn't new at all. In fact, some of the best magicians end up using their abilities to create beautiful things. However, Black Clover shows that there is more than generic mid-range magic that you commonly see. The anime is fond of showing magic in the form of grand things just like tornadoes, balls of water or even strands of pure evil. 

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    Two rivals respecting each other

    Yuno and Asta have contrasting personalities and roots. However, they both have the same goal and whether they end up on top or not, we can say that those two are great rivals that acknowledge one another. Their iconic pairing can be compared to the greatest Shonen rivalries in recent memory and their magic just takes their story to a whole another level.

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    It will feature some fresh OPs

    With Black Clover Season 3 upcoming, there are a lot of new things to be excited about. Aside from the possible new arcs and stories to be seen, its director has revealed that the series' continuation comes with a new opening song which will be performed by EMPiRE entitles "Right Now".

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Best What are the best reasons to watch Black Clover anime
1It is the new king of Shonen animeOther 18 Paid
2Asta is a character worth followingOther 13 Paid
3The use of magic is massiveOther 8 Paid
4Two rivals respecting each otherOther 1 Paid
5It will feature some fresh OPsOther 1 Paid

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