What are the best reasons to watch Hello World anime movie?

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If you are unaware of the meaning behind the phrase "hello world", well, it is simply the textbook-recommended line that text learners type into their first program. If you are going to relate such a phrase to the world of anime, then you will get a sci-fi romantic-drama crossover film. The 2019 Japanese anime movie 'Hello World' is directed by Tomohiko Itō (famously known for Sword Art Online) and has been on the talks of otakus all around the world since its release. It is also brought to fans by bigshot studio Graphinica, who is responsible for 2014's sci-fi title 'Expelled in Paradise'. Set in 2027 Kyoto, it revolves around the story of Naomi Katagaki and Ruri Ichigyō, two high-schoolers who enter into a relationship like no other.

The movie's premise does not dwell into your typical teeny-bopper flick as it shows a world made around a giant computer simulation. If you are into love stories with a twist, then Hello World is the right anime movie for you to watch. The voices of Tori Matsuzaka, Takumi Kitamura, Minami Hamabe, and many others are featured to give life to this modern-day love story made in the context of the not-so-distant future. By the looks of the trailer itself, one can immediately get a 'Your Name' type of vibe from it, but who knows? One thing is for sure though, and that is Hello World has come to further advance the success of anime worldwide. If you haven't been able to watch the Hello World anime movie, check out this list as we might get to convince you. Here are some of the best reasons to watch Hello World. 

  1. 1The film uses 3DCG


    The more traditional anime fans may not like the idea of a 3DCG animation movie. However, for 'Hello World', one can say that this was the style that was needed to fully tell its story involving the not-so-distant future. Just by looking at the movie's trailer, there's no denying that the movie contains loads of amazing visuals, just as how 3DCG is supposed to be utilized. If you're a fan of the traditional 2D style, you might want to watch the movie and witness the future of animation movies. 

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Keep Binging

  1. 2The beauty of Kyoto is on full display


    If you've visited the beautiful city of Kyoto, you will surely get the breathtaking vibe that 'Hello World' gives off. The movie depicts everything one needs to see around the city. From the subways, the central business district areas, up to the ancient temples, director Tomohiko Ito and his team have done a great job of turning Kyoto into an on-screen marvel. Get ready to feast your eyes on the Kyoto Tower, the Fushimi-Inari Shrine, and many other landmarks in 3D.

  2. 3A great team behind it


    If you are a fan of top-billed anime series 'Sword Art Online', then you will surely dig 'Hello World'. The new animation film has SAO head honcho Tomohiko Ito at its helm together with 'Lucky Star' and 'Tamako Market' animator Yukiko Horiguchi on board as well. The movie may not have the same feel as the aforementioned anime shows but it sure has the quality that its creators possess. 

  1. 4It has a nice mix of genres


    Hello World's director definitely looked like a genius as he combined elements of time travel and love in this animation movie really well. Yes, the movie revolves around the theme of love and romance. However, the element of sci-fi is what makes this film much more interesting. Get ready to watch Hello World and populate your mind with a mix of computer-simulated worlds and cheesy lines like no other anime flick has created before. 

  2. 5It has been released internationally


    While anime is on top of its game, it's better to take advantage and watch amazing movies such as this. Hello World has been a success in Japan, however, it was also internationally released in the Philippines shortly after. While it is still unknown if more countries will get to screen the much-talked-about movie, film distributors will find it hard to ignore a sci-fi romance title of this magnitude.


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