What are the best Resident Evil 5 weapons?

Resident Evil games rely heavily on weapons to fend off enemies and Resident Evil 5 is no different even with its co-op gameplay element. Weapons are crucial to surviving in this game so here are the best ones to have in your arsenal.

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    S&W M500 (MAG)

    The M500 is a weapon in Resident Evil 5. It can only be purchased after fully upgrading the S&W M29. When it is fully upgraded, it has a maximum firepower of 5,000, a reload speed of 3.18, a capacity of 6, and a piercing value of one (three).

    • Eugene OwensWritten on August 9, 2019
      "The best Resident Evil 5 weapon. Period. It's the most powerful gun in the game capable of downing most enemies with one shot. The only thing to mind is recoil so aim lower and close."
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    H&K P8 (HG)

    The H&K P8 (HG) was introduced in Resident Evil 5 acting as a spiritual to the Punisher from Resident Evil 4. When fully upgraded, it gets firepower of 300, reload speed of .85, a capacity of 25, and a piercing value of 5.

    • Xu WangWritten on August 9, 2019
      "It's one of the best Resident Evil 5 weapons and is a great investment that will carry you throughout the entire game. It has high firepower and double piercing. The small ammo capacity is alleviated by the infinite ammo option once you fully upgrade it."
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    M3 (SG)

    The M3 (SG) is the second shotgun made available to players. It can be found in Chapter 3-3 in a case in the second dock area. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 900, a reload speed of 2.70 seconds and a total capacity of 10.

    • Anthony HowellWritten on August 9, 2019
      "It's a weapon that you can get early on in the game and is relatively cheap to upgrade. When you max it out, it has high firepower and will blow away most enemies easily. A great RE5 weapon for close-quarters combat."
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    Heckler & Koch MP5

    The MP5 is a 9mm submachine gun that appears in the game equipped with a red dot sight, the SureFire handguard, and the Navy trigger group. Its maximum stats are firepower of 120, a reload speed of 2.10 seconds and a capacity of 150 rounds.

    • Walter PerkinsWritten on August 9, 2019
      "While the AK has the highest damage, you'll go through your clip in no time. The MP5 with its bullet piercing upgrade and it's only second in terms of damage making it a better choice and one of the best Resident Evil 5 weapons."
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    VZ61 (MG)

    The VZ61 appears as a submachine gun and is the first rapid-fire weapon available to players and the first weapon overall apart from the non-optional M92F. When fully upgraded has a high critical rate, making decapitation shots more frequent.

    • Alan JenkinsWritten on August 9, 2019
      "A good weapon to equip your partner with. It's not as powerful as the AK or MP5 but it's great for crowd control and for spray-and-pray firing."
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    H&K PSG-1 (RIF)

    The H&K PSG-1 (RIF) is the third sniper rifle and second semi-automatic sniper rifle available to the player. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 1200, reload speed of 1.370, a capacity of 15, and a scope magnification of 2.

    • Sean YeWritten on August 9, 2019
      "It's not the most powerful RE5 weapon as far as rifles go but it's great for scouting and headshots with its fast reload speed and stability with it far-reaching scope zoom."
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    Stun Rod

    The Stun Rod is a melee weapon which appears in Resident Evil 5. It can be purchased for 3000 Gold after Chapter 2-3. Compared to the knife, the Stun Rod has a slower swing but deals extreme damage to the target.

    • John ChenWritten on August 9, 2019
      "A great melee weapon to give your partner. It's high damage and of use should come in handy in tough situations in the game."
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    S75 (RIF)

    After completing Stage 2-1, the S75 may be purchased for ₦2,000. Or it can be found in the same chapter in a weapon case. Fully upgraded, it has a firepower of 2000, reload speed of 3.30, and a capacity of 50.

    • Brandon BarrettWritten on August 9, 2019
      "Give this weapon to your partner for some decent support and powerful damage. It's a bolt-action rifle so the rate of fire is low but it makes us for it with capacity and firepower."


Best What are the best Resident Evil 5 weapons
1S&W M500 (MAG)Game Elements 19 Paid
2H&K P8 (HG)Game Elements 13 Paid
3M3 (SG)Game Elements 5 Paid
4Heckler & Koch MP5Game Elements 4 Paid
5VZ61 (MG)Game Elements 4 Paid
6H&K PSG-1 (RIF)Game Elements 3 Paid
7Stun RodGame Elements 3 Paid
8S75 (RIF)Game Elements 2 Paid

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