What are the best resources for booking cheap flights?

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    Expedia.com is a travel app and website owned by Expedia Inc. It allows you to book airline tickets, hotel reservations, car rentals, cruises, vacation packages, and various attractions and services via the internet or telephone agents.



    Rodrigo Valle
    Written on July 4, 2017
    "I've used Expedia a few times and have no complaints whatsoever. Fast service, easy booking, and some pretty great comparisons to help you find the best deal possible. "
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    Kayak.com is a fare aggregator and travel metasearch engine that searches hundreds of other travel sites at once to get you the information you need to make the right decisions.


    Ethan Ramos
    Written on March 29, 2017
    "Kayak is a great app for discovering discounted and cheap flights. You only have to enter departure and destination locations and it does the work for you, going to look for the best flights. I would recommend that you start your search for flights on the kayak site as they often have the best deals."
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    Skyscanner is an all-in-one booking application. It lets users easily find and compare the cheapest days and months to fly with their color-coded calendar and chart view. It also runs on Windows.



    Wayne Chen
    Written on January 5, 2017
    "I love this app. It's got an awesome layout and look to it and is easy to navigate. I was able to book flights at their cheapest and even set up alerts to notify me of price drops immediately. It's saved me a lot of time and money, only wish I had it in my life sooner."
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    Hotwire is a site that offers travel deals of unsold inventory at big savings, as well as planning tools and tips for a smooth trip. Both available as an app for Android and iOS devices, it also provides hotel and car services. 



    Jeffrey Warren
    Written on March 11, 2017
    "I wanted really stick below my budget for my upcoming vacation. I used this site to ensure that I got the absolute lowest prices possible. I was very happy with the results. "
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    #5Google Flights

    Google Flights

    Google Flights is an airfare search engine that offers a variety of features aiming to help users find affordable tickets. It also allows its users to look for flights with flexible dates. 



    Omar Arteaga
    Written on March 22, 2017
    "I always use Google Flights whenever I need to book a flight. It is super easy to use and I can be sure that I have gotten the best deal on my flight."
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    TripAdvisor is a travel and restaurant website which allows you to book hotels, restaurants or even flights. You can even read the opinions of other users to know more about the place you want to visit. 



    Ryan Warren
    Written on January 5, 2017
    "Tripadvisor is the company that always burns me, but I can't help but go back to them. They have great deals at first, yes, but you always end up paying for what you get one way or another. Hopefully this is the last time I have to use them."
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    #7[TUTORIAL] How to Get Cheap Flights

    [TUTORIAL] How to Get Cheap Flights
    In this video, the YouTuber travel expert Nadine, gives us some tips to get cheap flights.


    Rafael Leal
    Written on March 12, 2017
    "I was looking for ideas about how to book cheap flights for a weekend outside the town and I found this video on youtube: bingo! I got very useful suggestion about how to save money, the key is being flexible and.. watch the full video if you want to know more! ;-)"
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    #8[TUTORIAL] How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere

    [TUTORIAL] How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to Anywhere
    This article offers several tips to save time, frustration and money when you want to book your next flight.


    Dennis Carr
    Written on January 10, 2017
    "I love this advice! I had no idea to do things like search incognito, use a variety of search engines (which they provide for you , no guessing or using the WRONG ones) The article has thirteen different suggestions, I am betting at least of few can save you money! "
  6. 29

    #9Travel Pony

    Travel Pony

    TravelPony is a hotel booking website that offers hotel deals up to 60% off for customers that share a post on Facebook.  



    Donna Delgado
    Written on January 16, 2017
    "I like this website because it rewards me for sharing my best deal (with a discount) and it allows others to have a genuine review fora hotel they may be interested in. I love using it because I have found a great hotel for a nice price for myself and my friends."
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    Southwest is a website completely focused on providing the users the cheapest flights, hotel rooms, rental cars and vacation plans of the market. If you don't have a destiny in mind, don't worry: you can go straight to its Special Offers section and find some good discounts. 



    Jason Martinez
    Written on July 5, 2018
    "Booking straight through Southwest isn't a good way to find the best flights. Typically airlines offer their worst prices on their own websites because they know customers buying direct from them are clueless about prices. You also can't compare between airlines. Big mistake."
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    #11Kayak Flights

    Kayak Flights

    KAYAK is a multi-platform travel website and app through which you can search hundreds of other travel sites. It is a tool that lets you book the perfect flight, hotel or rental car and save money with mobile-only rates and Private Deals.


    Web, Android, iOS

    Thomas Roberts
    Written on March 7, 2017
    "There are a lot of resources out there for finding and booking cheap flights. I've looked into far too many without being completely satisfied. Now, I can't promise you'll love the Kayak Flights app as much as I did but you'll certainly admit that it is quite robust. The apps checked 100's of travel sites and had all the tools necessary to plan and book my last vacation. I'd say it is worth a try!"
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    #12Travel Tips: How to get Cheap Airline Tickets

    Travel Tips: How to get Cheap Airline Tickets
    In this video the Youtuber travel expert Sonia Gil shares her travel tips on how to get cheap airline tickets.


    Walter Ortega
    Written on March 10, 2017
    "I found this great YouTube channel by the name of soniastravels. She gave me all of the tips I need to find the cheapest airline tickets possible by using kayak.com and airfarewatchdog.com, great channel, great deals."
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    In this video, we show you the best places to start your search.


    Jeremy Mason
    Written on January 5, 2017
    "I can't agree that this is one of the best resources for booking cheap flights. It's okay, but they're not offering anything you probably don't already know if you've typed the right query into your Google machine. These guys are busy travelling and enjoying life, not really focused somewhere permanent to crank out the best well crafted content."
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    LowCost.Club is an online website that allows you to search for different airlines' sites that provides cheap prices of flights at their best price available yet.



    Andrew Ellis
    Written on April 7, 2017
    "Lowcost.club has saved me so much money on flights that it's not even funny. The web site is super intuitive, streamlined, and sleek and takes literally minutes to use successfully. Its no fuss no muss - I put in my desired flight info (dates n' such) and boom: links to the least expensive flights. What could be better?"
  12. 16



    Momondo is an all-in-one travel application that lets you find, compare, and book flights anywhere in the world at its best possible price. This application is your personal travel assistant, and also covers your hotel needs. 


    Web, Android, iOS


    Miguel Córdova
    Written on January 28, 2017
    "Nothing is more annoying than organizing flights with friends. This app makes it easy to organize and get everyone on the same page when hunting for good deals on flights and hotels for beach vacations. I personally love the interface because it is designed for the mobile phone unlike various other similar apps and website. "
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    #16Vistara Tours

    Vistara Tours

    Vistara tours is a place to get offers and discounts on the hotel rooms. Here you can find and book high professional rooms.


    Paul Lopez
    Written on September 18, 2017
    "I decided to give them a try last year when I was planning my vacation. I was pleasantly surprised to find that they offered complete packages including hotel room, flights and tours. It made it very simple to plan everything out in one place. The prices are also very competitive, especially on the package deals."
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    #17Cheap Domestic Flights South Africa

    Cheap Domestic Flights South Africa

    Cheap Domestic Flights South Africa is a website where you can find domestic flights from different airlines in South Africa at a good price.



    David Hart
    Written on November 8, 2017
    "Targeting Domestic Flights in South Africa this website has similar functionality to Skyscanner whereby they compare thousands of Domestic Airlines instantly, giving you the option to choose your preferred flight booking."
  15. 7

    #18Southwest Vacations

    Southwest Vacations

    Southwest Vacations provides you a very specific service: finding the cheapest vacations packages available in the market. Hotel, flight, car, activities... Southwest brings to you all of them, combined, and at a low price. 



    Janet Stone
    Written on November 26, 2017
    "Southwest vacations is a decent way to book cheap flights, if you know where you want to go and just need help finding it. In the past when I've tried to use it, it's never been able to give me anything but an error message, but people who have used it successfully seem to like it."
  16. 6

    #19Flight Search

    Flight Search

    Flight Search is an app that allows you to find and make reservations for cheap domestic and international flights. The app presents you with flights that fit your specific criteria and gives you the chance to choose the cheapest one.




    mher atoyan
    Written on May 25, 2018
    "It is the best flight search app for androids, I save more van 1000 bucks on one year, it is the very trusty app for find cheap fly tickets and buy it directly from any airlines, you can find international flights or domestic flights, it is easy, it is lovely flight search engine which helps you to find and book cheap flight from all airlines of the world, there are all trusty airlines of the world."
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    FareFirst, also known as Airways Booking App for iOS, is an app which allows users to book flights along with looking for flight schedules, hotels, multi-city travel bookings, some itineraries, and so on.


    Android, iOS


    FareFirst Bookings
    Written on February 9, 2019
    "FareFist is the best alternative of Skyscanner, kayak, Momondo, and other flight booking apps."
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    #21Last Minute Flight Booking

    Last Minute Flight Booking
    [No longer available]

    Last Minute Flights Booking will give you the exact flight fare found in just a few seconds.


    Benito Quiroz
    Written on January 16, 2017
    "Dealing with airlines when trying to book a late flight is one of the most stressful consumer experiences you can have. This application was great for me because I could just hop on my phone on the way to the airport, buy a ticket and it would be waiting for me when I get to the gate. No dealing with the airport at all."
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    #22Cheap Flights

    Cheap Flights

    Cheap Flights is a free mobile application where you can easily search for the best airline flights for a cheap price. This is a simple and very convenient tool where you can also book flight tickets. 




    Hopar Blbulyan
    Written on November 26, 2018
    "This is the best cheap flights finder app for android, it is easy to search flights and sort it with lot of filters as airlines, prices, classes... and more than 200 filters, trusty softwer, say in one word it is the best android app for online flights booking, i was book cheap flights 10 days befor and save 200. "
  20. 1



    Ticketur.net is a website for searching and booking hotels and flights all over the world. This site allows users to check the available ticket price and flight schedule from their original place to their destination.



    Mher Atoyan
    Written on August 20, 2018
    "Book cheap flights & hotels online with us is easy and smart. Our goals to find more trusted international online flights search and hotel booking systems from all online resources and integrate it in one site that our users which can buy air tickets or book hotels online directly from one web page from. Our online search systems help you find all flights or hotels at that moment, compare its prices and choose from lots of offers the cheapest flights or cheapest hotels and book it directly. Our search system for online hotel booking helps you to find doing the best choice for your international or domestic trips. You can be searched and be booking hotels on world's trusted hotels. Flight search engine smartly scans more than 1200 airline bases and giving to your choice the cheapest air tickets, you can buy cheap flights from our site directly in all airlines. You can buy air tickets the US or London, or scan flights to New York or Moscow very easy, scan bases of online hotel reservations and choose from very comfortable hotels. Before booking see a photo of the rooms, ratings, users reviews and all the features of hotels. Lots of filters and sorting options will give you the choice to extremely minimize and save the time searching for the ticket or hotels room you need. Book Smart, Book directly: Best Price Guarantee"
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    #24Home City Flights

    Home City Flights

    Home City Flights is a company based in Vancouver, Canada providing cheap flights from your home cities to more than 200 countries. Its flight search tool will help you find the cheapest flight to your destination. 



    yu zhu
    Written on December 15, 2018
    "at homecityflights.com, all flights ordered by price, home city can be one of 300 world major cities, destination amount world over 200 countries."
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    #25Travel Huge

    Travel Huge

    Travel Huge is a website for booking affordable flights, hotels, tours and more. Airport transfers are also possible on this website without a special membership. 



    Kunal Sharma
    Written on August 2, 2018
    "I have been using this from last 5-6 months and I always found better deals than kayak , Cheapoair ! I strongly recommend this ! Guys why pay 💰 more when it’s available at cheap price !"
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    SkyDop is an online travel site that lets users book and monitor flights, look for hotels and accommodations, and discover affordable tours. They feature popular destinations such as London, Frankfurt, Dubai, and Sydney.



    wadali wadal
    Written on February 26, 2019
    "Best website to book and compare all flights from all routes. Get the cheapest flight anytime."
  24. 0



    EaseMyTrip is an online travel portal wherein users can find the best deals on flights, hotels, bus tickets, and holiday packages for local and international trips in a reasonable and affordable price. 


    Parul Taneja
    Written on April 1, 2019
    "There are several apps that help you in saving great amount on flight tickets. However, there is something that bothers everyone on flight booking is the convenience fee. You should go for booking flights with an app that charges zero convenience fee during flight booking. easmytrip.com is a top flight ticket booking app where no convenience fee is charged. They have an automatically applied code EMTNCF that nullifies your convenience fee and you are able to save around 250 Rs. per person per sector. Isn’t that great? But if you want to take advantages of other coupon codes, apply them but you will have to pay convenience fee."
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    #28Cheap Tickets

    Cheap Tickets

    Cheap Tickets allow anyone to book flights, hotels, and cars on a single website. You can even book for events, cruises, and other activities. Cheap Tickets also offer weekly deals for flights, hotels, and much more.



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    FlyGRN is a website that enables users to book flights and compare hotels, car rentals and flights. It features the lowest price based on the results, and it allows users to search through 6 flight booking sites at once.



    Je B
    Written on April 30, 2019
    "Cheap Flight + FlyGRN uses their own income for supporting Solar Panel Projects in India, giving local communities renewable energy, and balancing out your negative carbon footprint."
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    CHEAPoFLIGHTS is a free mobile app that allows users to book cheap airfare. This tool's simple interface provides users to sort through different filters such as rating per airline, prices, and more.




    Gayane Avetisyan
    Written on September 18, 2018
    "This is the amazing cheapest airfare finder app for you. The FREE APP without any Ads may be the best programme for the traveler to save US dollars and times, make vacation cost-effective and go memorable flights. This without Ads, FREE app realize user- friendly, it served to you to ascertain beside flight costs and more ascertain flights details. You can conjointly filter flight, layovers, takeoff, landing time and far. If you already realize transportation and book low-cost flights from main sites directly you'll close to booking a building or see hotel booking app. If you already transfer the best flight search app you'll see that the app support completely "


Best What are the best resources for booking cheap flights
1ExpediaWebsites 62 Free
2KayakWebsites 54 Free
3SkyscannerWebsites 50 Free
4HotwireWebsites 46 Free
5Google FlightsWebsites 42 Free
6TripAdvisorWebsites 39 Free
7[TUTORIAL] How to Get Cheap FlightsVideos 33 Free
8[TUTORIAL] How to Book the Cheapest Flight Possible to AnywhereArticles 30 Free
9Travel PonyWebsites 29 Free
10SouthwestWebsites 27 Free

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