What are the best resources for developers?

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    #1Stack Overflow

    Stack Overflow
    Stack Overflow is the largest, most trusted online community for developers to learn, share their knowledge, and build their careers. It was founded in 2008 which contains questions and answers by the users.


    Rose Martin
    Written on July 7, 2017
    "THE place for developers to network, mentor and learn. It's been around for nearly 10 years, and I was surprised to see that it is visited by over 50 million developers each month!"
  2. 107

    #2Programming Hub

    Programming Hub
    Programming Hub is a mobile-based Learning, Training and Development platform for programming languages. With a huge collection of programming examples,  all your needs are bundled in a single app for your daily practice.

    Android, iOS

    Free- With in-app purchases

    Elvira Beltrán
    Written on June 15, 2017
    "Programming hub is perfect! it has so much information that I can learn from and I can find it directly on my phone, so that means I can learn to code even while I’m on the bus. The resources are vast and the information is very well presented."
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    Notepad++ is a free source code editor based on Scintilla, an editing component. It runs in the Microsoft Windows environment and is licensed by GNU General Public License.




    Doris Larson
    Written on April 24, 2017
    "This is an incredible resource for use coders. To me, NP++ is a versatile editor, not just code. There isn't a version for Linux yet so I have to use my older computer. Notepad++ is extremely helpful if you want to make changes to WordPress files like style.css or page templates. This is a great tool and resource for both coders starting out and much more advanced."
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    DroidEdit is a code and text editor for Android tablets and phones -similar to Notepad++ or Gedit. Syntax highlighting for several languages, documents sharing via Dropbox, Gmail, etc.



    Nicole Moore
    Written on May 24, 2017
    "I thought I was going to adore this, but it was not as great as I had hoped for. There are some glitches with the save button, so I ended up losing the work I did a few times before I gave up on this app."
  2. 99


    Github is a development platform that is based on open source. It has a large repository where you can find software, development tools, application, and open source works for business or other purposes.


    Lorenzo Mondragón
    Written on May 1, 2017
    "I think that this solution is pretty decent. It definitely gives resources for developers, in the form of open source codes, and hosting of your projects. It also mentions working alongside other software developers, so I imagine there might be a way to communicate with others, within the site."
  3. 98

    #6Visual Studio

    Visual Studio

    Visual Studio is a fully-featured integrated development environment (IDE) for developing computer programs  Android, iOS, Windows, and web developed by Microsoft. It is used to write native code and manage them.



    Free- Varies by plan

    Evelyn Chen
    Written on July 3, 2017
    "Visual Studio is a great system for developers, especially ones that are working on creating their own apps for mobile, desktop, or the web. I was amazed at how fluid it felt after all my other experiences in IDEs. The software is easy to understand and easy to use, but it doesn't skimp on the features. It made giving my app visual appeal so much easier."
  4. 95

    #7Bitbucket Diff Tree

    Bitbucket Diff Tree

    Bitbucket Diff Tree is chrome extension for Bitbucket users. The extension allows users to bring the diff tree view feature of Bitbucket Server to Bitbucket Cloud. It is offered by Minh Dam.




    Ronald Henry
    Written on June 25, 2018
    "This extension is a must-have if you're using Bitbucket! For some reason, the Atlassian decided not to have the diff tree view in Cloud which is a massive pain in the neck for developers. Bitbucket Diff Tree really saved Bitbucket Cloud and now I can use it again."
  5. 93


    DroidScript lets you write apps for your phone or tablet using JavaScript. No need for a PC. Just edit code directly on your device. It has a comprehensive collection of samples and active documentation. Get it on Google Play for free.


    Free- With in-app purchases

    Verónica Villalobos
    Written on September 27, 2017
    "This app uses standard Javascript and it allows you to code on your phone using their IDE (Interactive Development Environment). Although I prefer to have a big desktop screen or three for coding Javascript, if you have eagle eyes and want to code from your pocket device this seems to be be one of the apps that lets you do it."
  6. 91


    A database of tutorials and resources for Python, ranging from the most basic and simple to the more advanced and complex. The page receives continuous updates.


    Marilyn Carr
    Written on January 10, 2017
    "Phython.org is a great site if you want to learn some programming. It is very easy to follow for a person who does not know so much programming. The best part is that it is free!!"
  7. 87

    #10C++ Programming

    C++ Programming
    This is the only app which contains good quality and precised tutorials, more than 140 Programs, coverign all basic and advance concepts and categorised FAQ & Exam questions to score more.



    Crystal Ellis
    Written on September 30, 2017
    " Many of the example programs either don't do what the title implies, or they're just bad code. This was the case with a couple other free c++ apps. This one also has frequent ads, which is pretty annoying if you're just trying to browse through code quickly."
  8. 86

    #11 Quoda Code Editor

     Quoda Code Editor
    Source editor or IDE Android app pretty much like Notepad++, Textmate or Sublime Text for other OSs. Integration available with SFTP/FTP(S) servers and Dropbox and Google Drive.



    Kathy Williamson
    Written on April 30, 2017
    "Quoda is good because I can edit my code directly from my phone and I don’t need to wait to get home to make any changes or find a computer to do so. The design is pretty good and runs smoothly!"
  9. 84

    #12Coding Horror

    Coding Horror
    Coding Horror is a computer programming blog written by Jeff Atwood, an American software developer, author, blogger, and entrepreneur.


    Brandon Contreras
    Written on June 30, 2017
    "This less about resources of developers and more about a place where developers can vent their frustrations. I can see it being useful for developers who what to release some stress, but that is it."
  10. 81



    Eclipse is a widely used Integrated Development  Environment (IDE), especially for Java development. However, it is also useful for  C, C++, C#, COBOL, D, Fortran, Haskell, JavaScript, Julia, and many more. Download it for free.


    Windows, Mac, Linux


    Julie Stewart
    Written on October 1, 2017
    "I was looking for a new IDE for myself. A work buddy told me about how much they loved Eclipse, so I thought I would check it out and you should too. I love the fact that you can work on Eclipse anywhere. Some IDE's I was checking out weren't cloud based, but Eclipse is. Love that I can work in the office on it. Especially love the fact that if I have time for coffee in between meetings I can open my laptop in Starbucks and pull up Eclipse. I also love the diversion of being able to search for new plug-ins or vote in contests on your favorite. Gives me that little "fun break" without leaving my laptop. Also, check out their community, source of many creative ideas. Can't go wrong with Eclipse Highly recommend checking it out, you will be stoked! "
  11. 80

    #14Hacker's Keyboard

    Hacker's Keyboard
    This keyboard app has separate number keys, punctuation in the usual places, and arrow keys. It is based on the AOSP Gingerbread soft keyboard, so it supports multitouch for the modifier keys.



    Jessica Kelly
    Written on March 18, 2017
    "I have been using this for around three months and I am very satisfied with it. This is the only keyboard app I have found that is so responsive."
  12. 78



    Penultimate is a free iOS app for handwriting and sketching as if you were using pen and paper. It uses Evernote's sync and search feature so users can have documents in all his/her devices, and organize and find them easily.



    Free- with in-app purchases

    Nicole Johnson
    Written on February 20, 2017
    "This app is amazing because I feel like I have gone back to my old habits of writing that can be lost with today’s technologic advancements. I love the fact that it is connected to evernote because that allows me to have my work on all my devices. "
  13. 76

    #16 good coders code, great coders reuse

     good coders code, great coders reuse
    Peteris Krumins' blog about programming, hacking, software reuse, software ideas, computer security, browserling, google and technology.


    Walter Robinson
    Written on February 26, 2017
    "This is a great resource portal. It covers a lot of topics relevant to developers and cover them in a way that's engaging and meaningful. I myself use this portal to refresh my mind on topics I need to keep on top of"
  14. 74

    #17Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist

    Think Python: How to Think Like a Computer Scientist
    An introduction to Python programming for beginners. It starts with basic concepts of programming and is carefully designed to define all terms when they are first used and to develop each new concept in a logical progression

    Check price

    Denise Tran
    Written on May 30, 2017
    "I took a college class in Python programming once, and I remember it making me burst into tears of frustration more than once. I wish I'd skipped the class and used Think Python instead. No confusing teachers, no outdated textbooks, no error codes...well, yes, error codes, but those are part of programming and part of learning. Think Python got me past each one, starting with the basics and gradually incorporating concepts in a systematic, sensible way until I was Python-ing like a pro. Don't waste time on frustrating courses. This is where the real learning is."
  15. 70

    #18Code Complete

    Code Complete

    Code Complete (Developer Best Practices) is widely considered one of the best practical guides to programming, Steve McConnell's original Code Complete has been helping developers write better software for more than a decade.


    Check price

    Elizabeth Barnett
    Written on May 25, 2017
    "I'm learning to become a web developer, and found this book along the way. It is an invaluable resource for anyone learning to code, and it's exactly what I was hoping to find. Tons of important information."
  16. 68

    #19Sublime Text

    Sublime Text

    Sublime Text is a paid HTML and PHP editor that offers a free trial for users to evaluate the product. It offers cross-platform support aside from Multi-Line selection and editing. The software also supports Haxe and OpenFL integration.


    Windows, Mac


    Nicholas Gonzales
    Written on January 11, 2017
    "An easy way to get started with editing is to use Sublime Text 3. I like that I can edit code easily and efficiently with an interface such as this."
  17. 66

    #20Facebook Live API for developers

    Facebook Live API for developers

    Facebook Live API - Facebook for developers is a website exclusively dedicated to developers, where you can live stream video and watch streaming from other developers. 


    Thomas Garrett
    Written on September 28, 2017
    "This one is pretty self-explanatory. If you're a mobile developer or looking to be one this Live API can be a wealth of information to help you achieve whatever it is you are looking to create. It's a way to connect with other mobile developers via a streaming platform. Great stuff for people that like to learn visually, not so great if you'd prefer to learn via a different method. Still a good resource though."
  18. 64

    #21Code School

    Code School
    Code School is, as its own name explains, an online code school that teaches you, via online, to code and to develop webs by doing it and learning by practising. There are a lot of courses for different programming languages that you can learn just by creating a free acount.


    Gerald Gonzalez
    Written on April 17, 2017
    "I have been itching to get into coding in my spare time. Computers are my second passion. I have use online education and I love it. I figured that learning code would be a cinch online and I was looking for a school to help me along. Then I found Code School. I think I found a gold mine, it has been wonderful. I am learning fast and it is fun. I think the price is fair too."
  19. 63


    Teamviewer allows you to work collaboratively from any place in the world. With Teamviewer you can solve problems, host meetings, exchange information, and more. It can mirror your screen from your laptop and allow you to control it. 

    Windows, Mac, Android, iOS

    $27.9- $124.9/Month

    Adam Tucker
    Written on June 28, 2017
    "I am not quite sure that TeamViewer is for the amateurs but definitely, it is for developers trying to understand and learn how to use software to monitor their internet connections and establish different sorts of connection with others. I did find different resources available from TeamViewer to download so I can get started with anything that I need for making online video conference or connections to other users."
  20. 59



    Evernote is an app that allows users to create all kinds of notes and keep all their ideas organized and collected in the same spot. The app also offers a lot of tools to share ideas and even create agendas for their teammates.   


    Web, Android, iOS, Mac, Windows

    Free- Varies by plan

    Anna Simmons
    Written on February 26, 2017
    "This program is awesome for me to keep track of all I'm doing. I can sync it between all my devices and even share with other people I'm working with if I need to. It's easy to organize my thoughts and pull everything I need to work on back up. "
  21. 58


    AWS is a development tool that is completely on the cloud. It offers a full development environment that mixes a powerful and complete online code editor with a workspace in the cloud. It also offers many different products and services like migration, storage, and much more.

    Varies by plan

    Christopher Mitchell
    Written on February 7, 2017
    "Cloud9 is a strong workplace for coding. Best of all it's all in the cloud. No more lugging around a USB from work place to work place hoping I updated. My work is wherever I need it to be."
  22. 55


    This article by Tomasz Dziurko for DZone goes over three retrospective tools, explains how to use them together and what are the pros and cons of each one. 


    Gregory Stephens
    Written on July 7, 2017
    "Dzone covers a few tools that can be used for developers and how they foster collaboration together. The reviewer covers the different tools in depth so you can easily see if it's something that would be beneficial for you."
  23. 53

    #26Microsoft Learn .NET

    Microsoft Learn .NET
    This is an official Microsoft website to learn .NET online. Here you can learn the C#, F#, and VB.NET languages.


    Carl Roberts
    Written on October 3, 2017
    "I am a beginner developer. Recently I have been trying to expand my skill sets. I was shown Microsoft Learn .NET by a fellow student. I have to say I was surprised how good it was as far as simplicity and options. I can use this to learn lots of languages easier than before I found it. I recommend this to any aspiring developer like me."
  24. 52



    Unity is a cross-platform game engine developed by Unity Technologies. This platform is primarily used to develop video games and simulations for PC, consoles, mobile devices, and websites. Download the free trial version for Mac or Windows.


    Windows, Mac

    $25- Varies by plan

    Timothy Mitchell
    Written on March 19, 2017
    "It's hard to be any kind of gamer and not know what Unity is. It gives indie game creators an powerful engine capable of keeping up with the big studios. "
  25. 50


    A free, open-source cross-platform IDE that supports multiple compilers including GCC, Clang and Visual C++. It is developed in C++ using wxWidgets as the GUI toolkit.



    Jason Peterson
    Written on February 12, 2017
    "As a developer I'm always looking for open source resources to help my workflow. Code::Blocks effectively does this by providing a consistent IDE environment across multiple operating systems. It has all the feature I personally need and also supports multiple compilers which is extremely useful. "
  26. 47


    Coding is for everyone! Join our 3 million other students today and learn programming and big data to advance your knowledge and career in programming.



    James Meyer
    Written on June 27, 2017
    "As a new developer I am always looking for better resources to improve my skills. I recently found Udacity - Learn Programming. I have heard of it but did not use it previously. I used the app and I thought it had tons of good resources to help me learn more and find a job."
  27. 45

    #30The Next Web

    The Next Web

    The Next Web is a technology blog/ website that provides daily technology info to its followers. It offers opinionated perspectives on tech news for Generation T. The Next Web is an online source for international technology news, business, and culture.



    Shreyas Vyas
    Written on June 12, 2017
    "I have been looking for more information recently as to how developers can break into the industry outside of Silicon Valley. I live currently in California and am looking to move to a less expensive area of the country to have better control over my long term outlook. I went to check out The Next Web Twitter and it is a mixed bag. There is a lot of general information about technology which is wonderful but the handle left me wanting more and looking elsewhere for resources on career development for....developers."
  28. 43

    #31Appy Pie

    Appy Pie

    Appy Pie is a mobile application development tool which allows users to create advanced applications for smartphones easily, without having knowledge of coding or app development.

    Online Tools

    Free- Varies by plan

    Frank Jordan
    Written on April 20, 2017
    "This is technically a resource for developers. That being said it's only beneficial to those who wish to create software on the mobile platform. So if that's what you seek, give it a go! Otherwise move on."
  29. 42

    #32Android Developers Channel

    Android Developers Channel
    This YouTube Channel is the home for Android Developers Live videos from our live events, as well as for videos containing demos, tutorials, and anything else related to Android development.


    Teresa Payne
    Written on January 14, 2017
    "Honestly, I couldn't believe how great this channel is. I've been a 'droid user from the start and never have I owned and Iphone. I love keeping up to date with all the newest information. Its becoming easier to stream and actually watch these live events BUT now that they have put them all in the same spot....I can watch them instantly...comment with other users and interact with the actual developers....this is great and a MUST watch for all 'droid lovers."
  30. 38

    #33The C Programming Language

    The C Programming Language

    The C Programming Language is the new version of the complete guide to ANSI standard C language programming written by Brian W. Kernighan and Dennis M. Ritchie. The first edition of the book was written in 1978. 


    Check price

    Kenneth Lopez
    Written on April 29, 2017
    "I'm a novice when it comes to coding but this book is still on my digital bookshelf. Understanding C is the first step to understanding the world of coding. "
  31. 37

    #34RealTutsGML - YouTube Channel

    RealTutsGML - YouTube Channel
    Your passion is a game maker and java and I have the tools you need to become a successful independent game developer.


    Rose Burke
    Written on June 2, 2017
    "This is a great resource if you are just learning how to make games / videos or if you are more advanced and need to work on your basic skills. The way he explains coding and the details are at the very basic level. He allows you to work on the coding/ skills while going over the video. The best part is the community that surronds him....The stories of others passionate journey in the world of game development inspires me to help inspire other beginning developers"
  32. 33

    #35How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know

    How Linux Works: What Every Superuser Should Know
    How Linux Works, written by Brian Ward, makes the concepts behind Linux internals accessible to anyone curious about the inner workings of the operating system.

    Check price

    Lauren Rivera
    Written on May 30, 2017
    "Really good read. It explains everything in depth and is a great go to guide for everyone."
  33. 31


    A numer of Node.js video tutorials, organized by episodes that you can easily watch in just one click.


    Miguel Rosales
    Written on January 6, 2017
    "This is a good information portal where developers can quickly refresh their knowledge on several topics they would need to know to do their job. Nodetuts is formatted in a way that makes getting information easy and simple to do."
  34. 30



    TechCrunch is a website which provides you with the latest news and information on technology and startups, Silicon Valley, venture capital, gadgets, apps, and more. It also frequently hosts tech events in various parts of the world.



    Ángela Granados
    Written on May 8, 2017
    "In a world that's advancing at the speed of light, how do you keep up with every new tech development that comes out? I'm a huge tech nerd, and it was starting to feel overwhelming going from tech page to tech page on news websites to try to find real news. TechCrunch caught my eye when I was browsing one day, and I found my nerd news hub! It's everything you want and need to know about what's new in technology. I love seeing updates on here because I know I'm getting what interests me and not missing out on a thing."
  35. 28

    #38Expert C Programming

    Expert C Programming

    This book is for the knowledgeable C programmer, this is a second book that gives the C programmers advanced tips and tricks. This book will help the C programmer reach new heights as a professional. Organized to make it easy for the reader to scan to sections that are relevant to their immediate needs.


    Check price

    Kelly Shaw
    Written on June 22, 2017
    "If you want to dig deeper your knowledge about programming then buy this book! Worth every penny! Why?? Because it has so many topics that are not common and easy to search in the web. I'd recommend this!"
  36. 26

    #39Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies

    Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies
    Beginning Programming with Java For Dummies, 4th Edition is a comprehensive guide to learning one of the most popular programming languages worldwide.

    Check price

    Madison Brown
    Written on April 2, 2017
    "When I started programming java and c++ I was looking for a book that would get into more depth, I have learned a lot of good stuff form this book. The only problem I had with it is the way its written...its great for a beginner...I understand that but I'm technically minded and I "get" technical stuff most of the time. This bounces around and tries to make it easier to understand which only made ME personally more confused on some pages."
  37. 24

    #40A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial for Beginners - Java Programming

    A Step-by-Step Video Tutorial for Beginners - Java Programming
    Guaranteed to make you learn Java in the shortest time possible, saving months of your valuable time.


    Cristina Jaramillo
    Written on June 15, 2017
    "I think this solves the problem somewhat well as it is an in-depth video that explains how to program in Java. While this may be rudimentary for some developers and programmers, it provides a good starting place for people who are new to the field or language."
  38. 20

    #41Bots: An introduction for developers

    Bots: An introduction for developers
    In this article, you can read all about bots, how bots work and how to make your own bot focused in Telegram bots. If you're a new developer in this area, the post is especially interesting for you.


    Peter Thompson
    Written on March 11, 2017
    "Bots are an amazing automation of mundane tasks. I really can't believe i've ever done any coding without them to help/test for me."
  39. 18

    #42Chatbots Magazine

    Chatbots Magazine
    Chatbots Magazine is the place number one to learn about chatbots. Edited by Matt Schlicht, articles written by 400+ botmakers and counting.


    Jennifer Hernandez
    Written on January 29, 2017
    "I will say this is not really a resource for developers but I did like the chatbot magazine. I like how it gives tutorials on how to learn about and build your chatbot. I also liked that others can submit their articles on their ideas and that I can look at information on chatbots."
  40. 17

    #43Experts Exchange

    Experts Exchange
    Experts Exchange has been the leading authority and online provider of technology solutions. The service connects you with people and information to solve problems, inspires learning and influences the future of technology.

    Free- Varies by plan

    Sunny Sheng
    Written on February 21, 2017
    "The community of Experts Exchange is a great resource when I've run out of steam on solving a problem. It is great to be able to bounce ideas off of others and get honest feedback from others in my field."
  41. 16


    SQL Server, Technology, and Simple Words. Pinal Dave is a technology enthusiast and an independent consultant. He has authored 11 SQL Server database books, 20 Pluralsight courses and have written over 3600 articles on the database technology on his blog.


    Melissa McDonald
    Written on March 20, 2017
    "I'm not a developer and I don't know what SQL is, but this look's like a good, free resource. Look's like he sell's scripts and is available for hire."
  42. 15

    #45dbForge Studio for SQL Server

    dbForge Studio for SQL Server

    dbForge Studio for SQL Server is an all-in-One SQL Server GUI Tool that will allow developers perform complex database changes operations more effectively. This is a powerful IDE for SQL server management, administration, development, data reporting and analysis.



    Free- Express edition. Varies by plan

    Lawrence Lawrence
    Written on January 27, 2018
    "As a developer I'm always looking for something stable and reliable when it comes to efficiently optimizing my work load. I found that dbForge Studio for SQL Server is probably the most true and tested out there when it comes to an all in one SQL Server GUI Tool. I can perform complex database changes when needed and just backup and restore functions are easily accessible. There's reports I can run to pass along. For development coding the Brilliant Code Completion is invaluable for me. Everything you could need as a developer is here in dbForge Studio."
  43. 10

    #46The Big List of iOS App Development Tools

    The Big List of iOS App Development Tools
    This article by Business of Apps gives iOS developers a useful list of editors and IDEs, language resources, libraries, plugins, youtube tutorials, ad networks, and more resources they can use. 


    Arjun Kapoor
    Written on November 29, 2017
    "The link to a list of iOS App development tools that cites that app development is made much easier by the large amount of tutorials and learning material on the net. However much of the information presented on the site seems to be rather out of date."
  44. 8


    The easiest way to test and interact remotely with a suite of official mobile and tablet browsers.

    Free- trial version

    Ethan Ryan
    Written on November 30, 2017
    "Browserstack is doing something very different and innovative here, and I am glad to hop on board. I am sick and tired of having to use a virtual machine, and with this Solution, I no longer have to. The program definitely needs to be worked on to fix the bugs, and the website is not crystal clear on what It's main purpose is, but I can see this becoming a very popular thing in the future. "
  45. 7

    #48100 Great Resources for iOS Developers

    100 Great Resources for iOS Developers
    This DailyTekk article gives you a complete list of services, support, communities, blogs, newsletters, marketing, testing, security, libraries, open source, design, tools, business, and more resources you can check if you are an iOS developer. 


    Mildred Armstrong
    Written on December 2, 2017
    "Recently I had an idea to develop a program. I was very new at this and was searching for ways to get started. Then I found 100 Great Resources for iOS Developers. It was a game changer. I learned so much and am on my way to getting my idea out there. What are you waiting for? Check them out, you won't regret it."
  46. 5



    9to5Programmer is an online news outlet dedicated to content related to programming and technology. The website shares information about programming, companies, and technology topics and guides through articles.



    MOD APK Games
    Written on February 27, 2019
    "Great Programming Content and stuff! Recommend it"
  47. 4


    CodeTasty is powerful IDE in the cloud with all the features of a desktop IDE but with additional features only a cloud application can give you. It enables you to code and collaborate no matter where you are and what device you are working on.


    Michael Robinson
    Written on November 11, 2017
    "I needed a cloud-based IDE to help me with a work project, and a friend of mine suggested this. I couldn't get the thing to work at all, it crashed constantly, and after a few hours of messing around with it, I gave up in frustration. Your mileage may vary, but I didn't find it remotely useful."
  48. 4

    #51Alike App Studio

    Alike App Studio

    Alike App Studio is a company based in Silicon Valley, California. The company provides clone scripts for apps like Uber, Tinder, and WhatsApp for both iOS and Android.


    Price upon request

    Sam Sami
    Written on June 6, 2018
    "Are you looking to start a business? Alike apps provides a good solution for you.Get your own uber-alike clone script(similar to uber)with full source code and start your dream business today… Click and Get a free demo www.alikeapps.com"
  49. 2



    LambdaTest is a service that offers website and web app hosts to do live cross-browser testing. It allows users to test their web pages' responsiveness on over 2000 mobile and desktop browsers that run on a real operating system.


    $15- Varies by plan

    Kankana Das
    Written on July 8, 2019
    "It is the best cross browser testing platform that has saved the hard work and time it was taking for me to perform cross browser testing. Its simple and does what it says."
  50. 1

    #53SQL Formatter for SQL Server

    SQL Formatter for SQL Server

    SQL Formatter for SQL Server created by Devart's SQL Complete is a free online SQL formatter which will enhance SQL statements instantly and change codes into the well-formatted script.

    Online Tools


    Ekaterina Sklyarova
    Written on July 26, 2018
    "Free online SQL Formatter for SQL Server - Beautify SQL statements instantly and convert code into well formatted script"
  51. 0



    EssentialSQL is a website created by Kris Wenzel that offers courses on learning and using the database management tool, SQL. The courses ultimately aim to prepare students for the Microsoft Querying SQL server 2016 certification.



    Kris Wenzel
    Written on July 27, 2018
    "Learn SQL in simple to understand English"
  52. 0

    #55[BLOG] Zero Equals False

    [BLOG] Zero Equals False

    Zero Equals False is a blog about software development. It aims to present insights about the latest technologies and news about software. It allows contribution from the community.



    Zero Equals False
    Written on January 15, 2019
    "A Software development blog used to provide quality content to the Software community."


Best What are the best resources for developers
1Stack OverflowWebsites 111 Free
2Programming HubApps 107 Free
3Notepad++Software 104 Free
4DroidEditApps 101 Free
5GitHubWebsites 99 Free
6Visual StudioSoftware 98 Free
7Bitbucket Diff TreeSoftware 95 Free
8DroidScriptApps 93 Free
9Python.orgWebsites 91 Free
10C++ ProgrammingApps 87 Free

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