What are the best Rise of Skywalker cameos?

The Rise of Skywalker marks the conclusion of the Star Wars sequel trilogy, and fans are expecting the finale to dig deeper into the franchise canon. Luckily, these expectations have been met. The Rise of Skywalker brought answers to some of the biggest unresolved questions, as well as closure to a few important story arcs. Also, some familiar faces came back in the ninth Star Wars episode to bid their last farewell on the big screen. Aside from these old characters, some celebrities, actors, and film personalities made an appearance in Star Wars: Episode IX. Are you ready to know more?

Star Wars: The Force Awakens and Star Wars: The Last Jedi, the two other movies in the sequel trilogy has also a lot of cameos. It included the Star Wars ultimate fanboy Simon Pegg, and James Bond himself Daniel Craig — among others. Because of these guest appearances, fans were preparing for a lot more celebrity cameos in the Rise of Skywalker. But do note that not everyone listed below physically and visually appeared in the movie. Some of them are only Rise of Skywalker vocal cameos, so aside from watching, you better listen closely to recognize them all. If you already watched the film, then it's time for you to rewatch it again and pay close attention to these cameo appearances. Also, don't hesitate to leave a comment below on what you think is the best and most surprising in this list of Rise of Skywalker cameos!

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    J.J. Abrams as the voice of D-0

    J.J. Abrams' contribution to Star Wars: Episode IX - The Rise of Skywalker did not stop at co-writing and directing. The director was also the voice behind the new droid that was introduced in the movie, D-0. Like C-3PO, D-0 talks in English and although modulated, the voice that can be heard belongs to Abrams.

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    John Williams as the bartender Oma Tres

    John Williams might be one of the reasons why Star Wars became a cult classic and became a cinema classic. If not for his masterful composition of the saga's musical scores, fans won't be humming to each Star Wars theme every after watching. And it is only right and just that he'd play a minor role in the film. Williams portrays the bartender with an eyepatch on Kijimi named Oma Tres (an anagram of the word "Maestro"). This is probably the cameo which is hard to miss in the movie.

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    Jodie Comer as Rey's mother

    If you are a big fan of BBC America's spy thriller series Killing Eve, then you'd be happy to see Villanelle herself Jodie Comer in the ninth episode of the space-opera saga. The English actress will have an appearance in Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker as one of Rey's parents. Her name? It's not mentioned throughout the film but it read in the end credits it read "Rey's mother."

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    Ed Sheeran as a Stormtrooper

    The British singer and songwriter seemed to have found his way to the big on-screen franchises. Recently, he landed a cameo role in the first episode of Game of Thrones' seventh season. Now, it looks like he donned the stormtrooper suit for The Rise of Skywalker. It was revealed at a special look released by Lucasfilm in November 2019. Did he play a significant role in the story?

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    All of the Jedi

    Star Wars: The Rise of Skywalker is a movie that would surely give nostalgia to the saga's fans. All of the dead Jedi from the past can be seen and heard when Rey reaches out with the force and connect with them. Some notable Jedi who made a cameo were Obi-Wan Kenobi, Qui-Gon Jinn, Yoda, and Mace Windu. Although they were only given seconds of appearance so you might need to rewatch the film to catch them all in the scene.

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Best What are the best Rise of Skywalker cameos
1J.J. Abrams as the voice of D-0Other 20 Paid
2John Williams as the bartender Oma TresOther 14 Paid
3Jodie Comer as Rey's motherOther 8 Paid
4Ed Sheeran as a StormtrooperOther 1 Paid
5All of the JediOther 1 Paid

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