What are the best Saint Patrick's Day TV episodes to stream?

The world is usually fixed on Christmas and Halloween specials that we tend to forget about other holidays. The Saint Patrick's Day event is unlike any other holiday. The core meaning of most Christian holidays is forgotten over time and they are only remembered for the celebratory feasts. St. Patrick's Day, though, is meant for exactly that. As history would have it, one key feature of the celebration is that Lent restrictions on consuming alcohol would be lifted for the day. Nowadays, Irish and American people take their Saint Patrick's Day celebration to the fullest. They spend the day wearing green and drinking like there's no tomorrow. Plus, they're not too concerned about spending too much time thinking about St. Patrick or the meaning of Irish identity. If you could relate it to any other holiday, the closest would have to be Halloween. The one thing they have in common is that they're both holidays rooted in tomfoolery and chaos that unite and divide people equally. St. Patrick's day is that very chaos. Some people like to dive headfirst into the chaos. While others just like to watch it from afar and celebrate in spirit. So whether you're out in the open, in a bar, or just staying at home, there's one thing you can be sure of. You'll always have something to watch on St. Patrick's Day. While you get ready for your Saint Patrick's Day feast, check out some of the best TV episodes that you can watch on this fateful day!

  1. 1Charlie Catches a Leprechaun


    "Charlie Catches a Leprechaun" is the 8th episode of the 11th season in It's Always Sunny in Philadelphia. It highlights Charlie's gullibility after he mistakenly captures a small man whom he believes to be a leprechaun.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2No Tomorrow


    How I Met Your Mother's "No Tomorrow" is the 12th episode of the 3rd season. The episode features the gang indulging on St. Patrick's Day by having a board-game night. Barney convinces Ted that bad deeds actually reward him on this fateful day.

  2. 3St Patrick's Day (30 Rock)


    "St Patrick's Day" happens to be the 12th episode of the 6th season of 30 Rock. This is where Liz's hatred for the Irish as well as her ex-boyfriend Dennis Duffy starts to show. That's why she decides to stay indoors to avoid the revelry.

  1. 4St Patrick's Day (The Office)


    In the 19th episode of the 6th season of The Office, "St Patrick's Day" is a classic. It Dunder Mifflin's employees all stuck at work after being made to stay later by Jo. It forces them to head to nearby parking where they have multiple breaks.

  2. 5And the Kilt Trip


    2 Broke Girls' "And the Kilt Trip" is the 19th episode of the 3rd season. Caroline joins max and her friends to get crazy during the St. Patrick's Day Parade. Unfortunately, she doesn't have a great time and wants to enjoy her own holiday traditions.


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2No TomorrowTV Shows 13 Paid
3St Patrick's Day (30 Rock)TV Shows 8 Paid
4St Patrick's Day (The Office)TV Shows 2 Paid
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