What are the best Samurai Jack episodes?

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Samurai Jack is an action-adventure animated TV show created by Genndy Tartakovsky. The animated series originally aired on Cartoon Network from August 2001 to September 2004. It lasted for 52 episodes across 4 seasons. It ended without any conclusion to its overarching story though. Thankfully, the show was revived for a fifth and final season in March 2017. The story centers around the titular character, Jack, an unnamed samurai, and his quest to defeat the ultimate evil named Aku. He fights Aku with a magical katana that is capable of cutting through anything. Just as he was about to deal the final blow to defeat Aku, he is sent forward in time. He wakes up to a dystopian future ruled by the tyrannical Aku. Armed with nothing but his katana, Jack goes on a quest to go back in time to stop Aku before he takes control over the world.

The show has definitely seen its fair share of troubles over the years. The fifth story-concluding season took 12 years to happen and there were many times that it almost didn't. We, as fans of the show, were glad that it got its long-overdue conclusion though. If you've yet to watch Samurai Jack, you should definitely do so as it's one of the best classic cartoon shows ever. Once you do, check back with us here as we discuss the best episodes of Samurai Jack down below. Chime in and tell us what you thought of the show and what were your favorite episodes in the comment section.

  1. 1Episode XL


    This episode from season 4 of Samurai Jack features one of the best fight scenes in the series as well as being one of the most artful. In it, Jack faces off against a deadly assassin that has honed his skills specifically to fight him.

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  1. 2Episode XI


    This episode from Season 1 introduces one of the mainstays in Jack's group of friends/allies. This is the first meeting between him and the Scottsman, where they are forced to work together to defeat the bounty hunters that are after them.

  2. 3Episode VII


    This one's from season 1 of Samurai Jack and shows just how adaptable Jack is as a warrior as he attempts to reach a magical wishing well said to be guarded by three unbeatable archers.

  1. 4Episode XVIII


    This is one of the episodes of Samurai Jack where we really see him struggle and gets pushed to his limits, almost to the point of defeat, in fact. It's the episode where we see him face off against robots especially made to defeat him.

  2. 5Episode L


    One of the best episodes in Samurai Jack was one he didn't even appear in all that much. This episode from season 4 tells the story of an experimental robot named X-49 who, by some twist of fate, given the capacity to feel emotion.


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