What are the scariest Minecraft mods?

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    A true creepypasta we have here. You have to be quite a masochist for installing this mod. Anyways, this is it: Herobrine. One of the most feared mods of the entire game. They seem like any other player... but they act really strange and run to you by surprise. Herobrine can destroy your characters without effort and is immortal as immune to aging.

    • Julia WilsonWritten on October 14, 2017
      "An interesting fan-made mod. It started out as a hoax and has I have heard it mentioned in fan-made videos."
    • Terry DubucWritten on October 31, 2017
      "did i read you could destroy me wait on that thought!!!!!! lol"
    • gecannonWritten on October 31, 2017
      "these look fucking awesome "
    • Caleb McLainWritten on October 31, 2017
      "love game "
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    John Mod

    Here we have what it could become a famous creepypasta. John Mod's origins remain unknown, which makes it much more frightening. If you are a fan of unexpected jumpscares, just install this mod. The monstrous form of John Mod will appear randomly while you are playing. 

    • Christine AndersonWritten on October 19, 2017
      "I love things that scare me so John mod from creepypasta is great in the Minecraft app. I installed him and loved that he would just randomly scare me."
    • Caleb McLainWritten on October 31, 2017
      "i am 29 old rap all music "
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    Amnesia Brute Mod

    ''Amnesia'' was all of a phenomenon back in the day. The shivers were unavoidable when you were running away from any of the extremely creepy creatures of the game. If you want to feel that fear again, but from a more comfortable position, this Brute Mod is specially recommended for you. 

    • Charvi SenWritten on October 21, 2017
      "Your Minecraft will never be the same (in a good way) with this mod! I've tried plenty of scary Minecraft mods but this is one of the creepiest. The Amnesia Brute mod adds a touch of fear and grittiness to your Minecraft world. It's easy to use/install and I've never experienced any glitches or problems with it. The only thing you really need to worry about is being creeped out! I do wish the mod came with more aesthetic changes or nods to the Amnesia game, but maybe that will be an additional feature in the future."
    • Alan HamiltonWritten on November 20, 2017
      "Minecraft is a blast, but it can get boring after a while. The Amnesia Brute Mod brought new life to the game! While scary things usually aren't super exciting to me, this was different! It actually was scary and made the game really enjoyable compared to the old content. "
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    Weeping Angels

    The Weeping Angel mod is made by a_dizzle. Inspired by an enemy in Doctor Who, the monster will stay still when seen but chases players when not seen. They are only killable by a pickaxe.

    • Gregory FranklinWritten on June 8, 2018
      "This is a very perfect to scare my little brother! I know he's into Minecraft and Doctor Who and he'll be scared to death once he meets the Weeping Angels."
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    Survival Horror

    Survival Horror is a mod by Hypixel. Players have to survive 25 waves of monsters while keeping the mansion's generator open. They have to manage their resources while staying alive.

    • Bobby SimmonsWritten on June 4, 2018
      "It met with most players approval but obnly a few reacted like it wqas scary. It did scare some tho so i give it a middling rating cause it was good"
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    The Orphanage (MOD)

    The Orphanage is a horror mod made by REMO. This mod for the Minecraft Java Editon offers jumpscares, haunting ambiance, horror textures and a compelling story to follow.

    • Christina HartWritten on June 8, 2018
      "When I watched a Let's Play session by Kim and Duncan from the Yogscast, I was laughing so hard. I decided to try this mod and it was a different beast. It's only funny if you're watching others playing but when you try it personally, you'll never sleep again. Just kidding, try it."
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    Jeoffrey's Chamber Series

    Jeoffrey's Chamber is a series of mods for Minecraft. Players wake up in a room as a captive by a lunatic called The Emperor. They have to follow The Emperor's rules to live. The mod features an original story and fully-voiced acting.

    • Doris LarsonWritten on June 8, 2018
      "If you're into creepypasta things like Five Nights at Freddy's, Slenderman or even Undertale, you'll love the contents of this map. The mods accompanying this map is worth it."
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    Black Light

    Black Light is a mod made by BlueGamerzTM. Players traverse an abandoned city called Feuredge and they must unravel the secrets of this radioactive wasteland.

    • Tang GuoWritten on June 8, 2018
      "I'm too scared to play horror mods in Minecraft :3 I've watched instead the gameplays by AtomicMari, The Diamond Minecart and Yogscast Kim. I'm sorry I'm a scaredy-cat and lazy :P"
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    Calmere Nightmare

    Calmere Nightmare is an adventure map by xaxk. Influenced by H.P.Lovecraft's books, players take the role of a police officer investigating the mysteries of the town of Calmere. The map focuses on exploration rather than combat.

    • Gloria WoodsWritten on June 8, 2018
      "I remember this mod when Lewis and Simon from The Yogscast played it. It was not scary but their banter was very fun. It all lies with the impact and presentation to make a mod scary."
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    Levi’s Nightmare

    Levi’s Nightmare is a horror map by Kmilley. Taking the role of Levi Insecttis, players traverse the large map and they will encounter scary surprises. Just like any other Minecraft survival map, players have to follow rules.

    • María Luisa RivasWritten on June 8, 2018
      "If you want to make it really scary, try ths mod in Hardcore Difficulty. You'll live only once."


Best What are the scariest Minecraft mods
1HerobrineGame Elements 174 Paid
2John ModOther 154 Paid
3Amnesia Brute ModOther 107 Paid
4Weeping AngelsGame Elements 31 Free
5Survival HorrorGame Elements 25 Free
6The Orphanage (MOD)Game Elements 22 Paid
7Jeoffrey's Chamber SeriesGame Elements 21 Free
8Black LightGame Elements 20 Free
9Calmere NightmareGame Elements 19 Free
10Levi’s NightmareGame Elements 16 Free

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