What are the best Sci-Fi TV shows that ended too soon?

Sabrina Rain Samson - Contributor

Imagine getting invested in a TV series with so much potential and then it gets canceled. Isn't it a total bummer? If you're a fan of watching Sci-Fi television shows you might know this scenario all too well. There are Sci-Fi TV shows that only had one season or seasons that you can count on one hand. Sci-Fi shows take time to draw out the characters and story that's why canceling them as soon as it reaches its climax can get on many viewers nerves. If you want to see if your favorite show is on this list and rewatch it again, you came to the right place. Relive these Sci-Fi shows that deserved more seasons or even just an ending that gives the whole story justice.

  1. 1Firefly


    Firefly only lasted for one season when this sci-fi show had interesting characters and an engaging plot to boot. The series follows the adventures of the renegade crew as they live in the fringes of society in space. Even in the future, their society mirrors the current political and social issues at present.

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  1. 2Farscape


    Due to declining ratings and high production costs, Farscape ended in its fourth season. Despite being released 20 years ago, people still remember Farscape as a sci-fi show that was canceled way too soon. Farscape was a series that had good writing and acting as well as characters that move you. 

  2. 3Almost Human


    Almost Human was a sci-fi series brimming with potential that was cut short because of various reasons. It follows a human cop and a humanoid who solve crimes and it had a rather loyal following during its airing. Find out why this series ended too soon by watching it for yourself.

  1. 4Stargate Universe


    Stargate Universe is a sci-fi show that ended with two seasons. Given that the final episode of the series ended on a cliffhanger, you wouldn't be surprised that this series died so soon. There were still a lot of plot points that needed closure. You're not alone if you're looking for an SGU comeback.

  2. 5FlashForward


    FlashForward is a series that offered a rather interesting premise: every human on the plant goes on unconscious for two minutes and they see their future. This series ended on one season which isn't enough to explore every interesting future vision that was seen by humanity.


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