What are the best Science fiction horror books?

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    #1I Am Legend

    I Am Legend

    I Am Legend is a post-apocalyptic book by Richard Matheson that centers on Robert Neville, the last man on earth. He needs to fight for his life as all the living creature in the Earth turned into vampires. 


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    Jacob Coleman
    Written on May 5, 2018
    "Book so popular that it was made into a film featuring Will Smith (cried like a baby during that dog scene, you guys know what I'm talking about). Although it largely involves surviving a post-apocalyptic vampire world, I wouldn't necessarily classify this under the horror genre. It is definitely a thriller. There aren't the chills or feelings of dread that I'd usually associate horror novels, but I Am Legend will definitely get your heart racing. "
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    #2Poseidon's Children (Legacy of the Gods)

    Poseidon's Children (Legacy of the Gods)

    Poseidon's Children is book 1 of the Legacy of the Gods series by Michael West. After witnessing a young couple get torn apart, Larry Neuhaus becomes determined to unravel a mystery as old as time together with his new-found friends.


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    Vihaan Pawar
    Written on April 12, 2018
    "What a weird book. It's one of those where if you see it you assume it's trash, but if you read it you actually enjoy it. Secrecy, creatures, suspense, it's got it all. If you like the old tales of God's and their illegitimate children..this is for you. It's almost similar to the Percy Jackson novels."
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    #3The War of the Worlds

    The War of the Worlds

    The War of the Worlds is a science fiction novel written by H. G. Wells. First published in 1898, this novel is considered as one of the best science-fiction novels of all time. The story revolves around the Martian attack on England.


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    Óscar Venegas
    Written on May 6, 2018
    "What can I say about a classic? This is simply one of the best sci-fi books of all time. Very few other books have had the impact that War of the Worlds has, and this version has the added bonus of a foreword from Clarke and commentary from Verne!"
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    #4Who Goes There

    Who Goes There

    Who Goes There is a book by John Campbell that tells the story of the scientists who discovered a spaceship with an alien frozen in Antartica. They did all their efforts to thaw the ice but things started to happen. 


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    Jessica Bennett
    Written on March 3, 2018
    "really grippng book. if you like horror, give this one a go. the descriptive imagery is great and really draws you in."
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    Crescent is a book by Phil Rossie that tells the story of a place that floats in the cloud. Total darkness reigns and the people there knows no earth. They have to fight the evil that will attack them before it drives them insane.


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    Adam Hunt
    Written on February 28, 2018
    "A good sci-fi book I recommend is Crescent which deals with with fear like the Alien movie. This kept me much interested in it and wanting more. It felt like I was in another world."
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    #6Spook House

    Spook House

    Spook House is a book by Michael West that tells the story of a haunted house that is said to be one of the gates of Hell because the former owner performed a ritual there. The horrors will come out when the doors open. 


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    Olivia Alvarez
    Written on April 10, 2018
    "No spoilers - some of the elements of this book are hovering pretty close to totally ridiculous but overall this is good writing. I would put it in the top twenty of your horror reading list and give it a chance especially if you have never read this author before."
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    Blindsight is a book by Peter Watts that tells the story of extraterrestrial creatures surrounds Earth. They will send people on all parts of the universe to figure out what is happening and they have to pray they will do good to save the planet. 

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    José Alfredo Amador
    Written on March 6, 2018
    "Blindsight is a marvel. Simply exsquisite storytelling. A unique plot and bold characters bolster what can be a complicated plot. This is genuine scifi horr like you've never read before. really great. I want more form Watts."
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    Frankenstein is a science fiction book written by Mary Shelley which centers on scientist Victor Frankenstein who creates a grotesque and cognizant being through a scientific experiment. 


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    Susan Murphy
    Written on April 27, 2018
    "A classic read that everyone should glance at least one time. The story is compelling and will capture your attention. A must read for high school students."
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    #9The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde

    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde
    The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a book by Robert Stevenson about Gabriel John Utterson, a lawyer, tries to investigate strange events that happen to his old companion, Dr. Jekyll whenever he takes a potion and become an evil Mr. Hyde.

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    Kathleen Ruiz
    Written on April 21, 2018
    "The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. Hyde is a literary classic that has stood the test of time. Any serious reader has already read it or it is sure to be on their list."
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    #10Body Snatchers

    Body Snatchers

    Body Snatchers is a standalone classic horror fiction novel written by Jack Finney which centers on Dr. Miles Bennell after he discovers a horrifying plot. This is first published in 1955. 


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    James Austin
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "My favorite books are science fiction horrors so I am always on the lookout for new ones. I came across this great gem called Body Snatches. You might have seen one of the film versions, The Invasion of the Body Snatches. The book is much better though. I would read this before exploring the movies. "
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    #11Under the Dome

    Under the Dome
    Under The Dome is a sci-fi horror novel written by the acclaimed author of horror, Stephen King. It was first published in 2009 by Scribner, and it is the basis of the TV Series of the same name.

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    Parakram Rangan
    Written on May 13, 2018
    "Based on the best-selling Stephen King novel of the same name, "Under the Dome" follows the residents of Chester's Mill, Maine, as they find their small town suddenly cut off from the rest of the world by a transparent dome. While some people start to panic, a small group of citizens -- led by Army veteran Dale Barbara -- tries to maintain some semblance of peace and order, while also attempting to learn the truth about the mysterious barrier, the purpose behind it -- and, most importantly, how to escape it."
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    #12The Day of the Triffids

    The Day of the Triffids

    The Day of the Triffids is an award-winning post-apocalyptic thriller by British author John Wyndham, first published in 1951. It tells the story of a world ransacked by mobile venomous plants called triffids.


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    Andrea Ford
    Written on May 1, 2018
    "The Day of the Triffids is a captivating book that anyone can pick up and read. Even though it was written in 1951, the scenerios in the story are still what I imagine things would be like today if our world was to end as we know it due to venemous plants."
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    #13Time for Andrew

    Time for Andrew

    Time for Andrew is a young adult horror fiction book written by Mary Downing Hahn. This time travel mystery fiction is first published in 1994 by HarperCollins.


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    Stephen Grant
    Written on April 19, 2018
    "Time for Andrew: A Ghost Story is a horror book by Mary Downing Hahn. it is available from Amazon for $7.98. The story is about Andrew going to stay with his Aunt Blythe. Her house has always scared him but it get much worse when he wakes up in the middle of the night and there is a ghostly boy standing in his room. It is a very good fit for the topic."
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    Stinger is a horror science fiction written by Robert McCammon. It is about a town in Texas called Inferno where there are mysterious creatures and first published in 1987.

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    William Thomas
    Written on April 20, 2018
    "This is a good book to read if your bored."
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    #15The Book of Lost Things

    The Book of Lost Things
    The Book of Lost Things is a standalone novel written by John Connolly which is a story filled with deepest, darkest nightmares involving live, flesh-eating monsters and blood.

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    Ruth Thomas
    Written on April 1, 2018
    "This is my favorite John Connolly book. At times it's truly terrifying, and the characters are often chilling portrayals of the difference between good and evil. I'm actually disappointed it's not a series like some of Connolly's other books. Maybe some day he'll expand it."
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    #16Apocalypse Machine

    Apocalypse Machine
    Apocalypse Machine is an apocalyptic science fiction thriller written by Jeremy Robinson. This science fiction fantasy book is first published in 2016 by Breakneck Media. 

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    Wayne Cook
    Written on April 25, 2018
    "I picked this book up as I like sci-fi and it seemed different from the usual sci-fi I read, and it definitely was. I found the book very well written and the writer takes you on a roller coaster ride from the world almost being wiped out to being rebuilt. I could see some biblical references in it and it was interesting how he will them into the story. It was well enough written that even someone who may not be into sci-fi would probably like the book."
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    #17Practical Demonkeeping (Pine Cove)

    Practical Demonkeeping (Pine Cove)

    Practical Demonkeeping by Christopher Moore is a humor comic fantasy and horror fiction novel originally published in 1992. This book belongs to Moore's Pine Cove series. It is followed by The Lust Lizard of Melancholy Cove.


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    Peter Bowman
    Written on April 10, 2018
    "I really love horror science fiction type books and I was glad to find this book. I was just searching for books in this genre and came across this one. Great book."
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    #18The Unquiet (Charlie Parker)

    The Unquiet (Charlie Parker)
    The Unquiet is the sixth book in the Charlie Parker series written by John Connolly which follows the story of former New York police officer Charlie Bird Parker being hired to stop a stalker. 

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    Justin McDonald
    Written on March 31, 2018
    "As someone who enjoys science fiction horror books, The Unquiet was more on the horror side than science fiction. While still a good book, it mainly deals with horror aspects than science fiction. I'd recommend this book to people only looking for horror."
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    Skin by Ted Dekker is a contemporary Christian horror fiction novel originally published in 2007. This book was published by Thomas Nelson. It tells the struggling story of 14-year old Donnie and his family.


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    Henry Lee
    Written on April 3, 2018
    "Does not fit the genre and it's more like a teenager book than anything related to horror or Science Fiction. Does not fit the genre."
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    #20Swift to Chase

    Swift to Chase

    Swift to Chase by Laird Barron is a science fiction and horror novel originally published in 2016. This book was included in the Publisher's Weekly Top Ten List of Horror and Science Fiction books for 2016.


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    Pamela Henry
    Written on April 6, 2018
    "This book is pretty crazy and I love it! You've got to just cancel a day and dive in with this. I read too many reviews and I feel like in describing the elements of the story they kind of spoiled a lot of surprise for me but still it's a good read. "
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    #21The Fold: A Novel

    The Fold: A Novel

    The Fold: A Novel is a Mystery, Horror and Science Fiction novel written by Peter Clines. It was published July 2, 2015 by Crown publishing. It follows the story of Mike Erickson and his small town. 


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    Lawrence George
    Written on April 30, 2018
    "My cousin is an avid reader and I'm always looking for the next good book for him. I recently did a search for the best science fiction horror books and stumbled upon "The Fold: A Novel" . The book by Peter Clines, follows the story of Mike Erickson and his small town and is scary enough to keep him on the edge of his seat the entire read. Wow was he blown away. He loved the story, the characters and everything about the book. "
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    Biohazard is a post-apocalyptic horror fiction book written by Tim Curran. This science fiction novel is first published din 2010 by Severed Press. 


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    Pamela Butler
    Written on April 24, 2018
    "Really great time. The characters and story were really engaging, anyone who's a fan of horror or science fiction would like this."


Best What are the best Science fiction horror books
1I Am LegendBooks 43 Paid
2Poseidon's Children (Legacy of the Gods)Books 38 Paid
3The War of the WorldsBooks 37 Paid
4Who Goes ThereBooks 33 Paid
5CrescentBooks 28 Paid
6Spook HouseBooks 24 Paid
7BlindsightBooks 20 Paid
8FrankensteinBooks 19 Paid
9The Strange Case of Dr. Jekyll and Mr. HydeBooks 17 Paid
10Body SnatchersBooks 15 Paid

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