Who are the best Shaman King characters?

Shaman King is full of quirky and unique characters. With so many choices falling on each fan, picking a favorite character might seem beyond your wildest dreams. But don't give up the fight! Just look around you, look beyond, and check out this list of the best Shaman King characters!

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    Tao Ren

    Tao Ren (also spelled as Tao Len) is a character from Shaman King. Ren hails from Guizhou, China, and is the 43rd head of the Tao family, a long line of Chinese shaman. His spirit guardian is Bason, a Chinese general who served the Tao family.

    • Christina CollinsWritten on July 1, 2019
      "Super edgy, misunderstood. Intelligent powerful, rebelled against toxic tradition, extremely protective of people he loves. Aims to make The World a better place. Also Chinese which was a REALLY big part of my childhood crushes "
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    Yoh Asakura

    Yoh Asakura is the main protagonist of the adventure, supernatural manga, Shaman King. Yoh is a high school student and a shaman with a lazy attitude who is accompanied by a six-hundred-year-old samurai ghost named Amidamaru.

    • Jordan RoseWritten on July 1, 2019
      "yoh is one of the best shaman king characters. cares for his friends, hella chill, and was never judgmental. he literally invited the villain out for coffee AFTER he fought with his fiancee. you could throw a truck at him and he'll give you tips on where to lift the thing! nicest dude ever, i swear!"
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    Anna Kyoyama Asakura

    Anna Kyoyama is a supporting character from Shaman King. Anna is a second generation "itako", a traditional shaman who can summon spirits even from heaven, a feat shamans cannot normally achieve. She later becomes the wife of Yoh Asakura.

    • Tyler WebbWritten on July 1, 2019
      "Shes shown to be lazy and demanding but she actually has a great heart, She reunites FAUST and his wife. And fucking slaps hao when he suggested she became his wife! why? Cause she loves yoh. she's not just best shaman king character, but best anime WIFE, dude!"
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    Lyserg Diethel

    Lyserg Diethel is a supporting character from Shaman King. A dowser born in Britain, Lyserg joins the Shaman King tournament in pursuit of the man who burned down his home and parents. His spirit guardian is Morphine, inherited from his father.

    • Jeffrey EvansWritten on July 1, 2019
      "lyserg imo is a pretty underappreciated character. it's not fair because he actually added depth and was, like, a complicated character. heck, he arguably was a better villain than hao imo"
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    Johann Faust VIII

    Doctor Johann Faust VIII is a supporting character from Shaman King. After losing his wife, Eliza, Faust VIII turns from medicine to necromancy. With Eliza as his Guardian Ghost, he aims to become the Shaman King and bring Eliza back from the dead.

    • Sarah GardnerWritten on July 1, 2019
      "Faust is terrifying and merciless at first but his backstory would tear your heart apart. One of the only reasons why he's not a perfect 5/5 is because he's super dedicated to his wife so lack of shipping material. But his devotion is both hillarous and endearing :)))))"
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    Usui "Horohoro" Horokeu

    Horohoro is a supporting character in Shaman King. He is the representative of the ancient Ainu shaman tribe for the Shaman King tournament. His Guardian Ghost is Kororo, a nature spirit who was once his childhood friend, Kurobe Tamiko.

    • Ralph BerryWritten on July 1, 2019
      "people are gonna say horohoro was annoying af and i have to agree but he's still my fave character. comic relief, there for his friends, and when they revealed the truth about Kororo, MY HEART WENT BROKORO! TEARS FOR MAH DUDE!"
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    Silva is a supporting character from Shaman King. He is a shaman and one of the ten officiants from the Patch Tribe who oversees the Shaman King tournament and its participants, specifically for Yoh Asakura and, after Chrom's death, Tao Len.

    • Gerald DouglasWritten on July 1, 2019
      "dude. this one really broke my heart in the end. seriously, he was such a caring official and his ideals were spot on. it's sad how things ended for him though."
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    Tao Jun

    Tao Jun is a secondary character in Shaman King and the sister of Tao Ren. Jun is a daoshi, a type of Chinese shaman who can control corpses using Jufu talismans. Her Guardian Ghost is the late Lee Bailong, a once famous martial artist and actor.

    • Pamela GardnerWritten on July 1, 2019
      "i'm glad to put tao jun here. she's my favorite female character. loved her so much she was also my first cosplay. only giving her a four though since she was a super side character and there wasn't enough of her"

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