What are the best shows like Bates Motel?

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You probably can't get enough of psychological horror series that you finally decided to search for recommendations of the best TV shows like Bates Motel. And we can't blame you for that! After all, there's really an amazing reason why it has been recognized as the Favorite Cable TV Drama at  People's Choice Awards. But since it finally came to an end with five stellar seasons, most of you are probably asking what to watch after Bates Motel. So, if you want to keep the suspense alive until the very last episode, we've listed down some of the best shows you can watch if you love the story of Norman and Norma Bates. Browse through the list below and discover these TV shows that would somehow remind you of Alfred Hitchcock's 1960 film Psycho, and Robert Bloch's 1959 horror novel, Psycho.
  1. 1The Haunting of Hill House


    It would be a lie if The Haunting of Hill House isn’t at the top of the list for the most promising horror series in the film industry. The story alternates from the past to the present day paranormal experiences that led to the origin of that eventful night in 1992 when the family started living in the mansion. 

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Stranger Things


    Another best show similar to Bates Motel is Stranger Things. This is set in the 80s, and it centers on a group of kids as they attempt to find their missing friend in a strange place in town. This sci-fi horror series is created by the Duffer Brothers.

  2. 3Hannibal


    If you are up for some modern-day stories of psychological thrillers, Hannibal could be one of the most intriguing plots that you could encounter in the fiction industry. The story is told through the initial investigation about a serial killer in Minnesota. Little did the assigned officials know that the supervising forensic psychiatrist is the real culprit that will unfold the story.

  1. 4Penny Dreadful


    Underrated films do not mean that they are not worthy of your time. Reasons could come from different factors, but Penny Dreadful could be your next sought-after TV show while it is still yet to be recognized by many. For those of you who like treating horror plots into an art of beautifully crafted dialogues coupled with tasteful styling of gores in between, Penny Dreadful could be that Dracula and Frankenstein of your modern time. This is also one of the best shows if you're looking for what to watch if you love Bates Motel.

  2. 5Breaking Bad


    While Bates Motel could be packed with mysteries of family endangers, Breaking Bad has coupled the same plot in a twist of crime lists and drug productions. You could find it disinteresting with the initial pacing of the story, but Breaking Bad is a good source of tension and emotional narrative carried out by each character as the story goes in each episode.


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