What are the best shows like The Originals?

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When it comes to vampire-themed series, the unending search for shows like The Originals must be taxing! Given the fact since The Vampire Diaries came into vogue in 2009, people have been obsessing over the show. TVD is actually the reason why The Originals came into existence in the first place. And we bet you know why! And we understand your craving for blood, the supernatural, fantasy, red lipstick, sexy scenes, and action-packed episodes. So, whether you are looking for TV shows like The Originals on Netflix or other streaming apps, here's your one-stop-shop for all your vampire fixations!

  1. 1The Vampire Diaries


    It is with no surprise that The Vampire Diaries would make it to our list of the best shows like The Originals. Well, let's just say The Originals wouldn't be around without The Vampire Diaries--just because The Originals started off as a spin-off series. Interestingly, the 20th episode of the 4th season of TVD became the backdoor pilot episode. Are you ready to meet two sexy vampire brothers? From brothers to rivals, they find themselves falling in love with the same lady. It's an iconic show and it's a must-watch if you are into shows like The Originals!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Teen Wolf


    Werewolves, vampires, wolf hunters, and what have you, Teen Wolf surely has it. No wonder it made it to the roster of the incredible shows like The Originals. If you are a sucker for blood (not literally, of course), then look no further as our main protagonist Scott McCall gets into a bloody mess when he gets bitten by a werewolf. And you guessed it right, he then turns into one. With his out-of-this-world abilities, will he be able to control them? 

  2. 3True Blood


    If you are on the lookout for a vampire-themed TV series that delves more into the mortal world more than the supernatural fantasy realm, then True Blood is perfect for you. It stands out among the best shows like The Originals in the sense that both mundanes and vampires seek equal rights in the earthly world. Also, it is conflated with sci-fi with the infusion of science and technology to quench the thirst of vampires for blood!

  1. 4Supernatural


    Again, if you fell in love with the two sexy vampires from The Vampire Diaries and at the same time you loved Niklaus Mikaelson and the Original Family of vampires, the Supernatural is one of the top shows like The Original. In Supernatural, you'll get to meet Sam and Dean, the two iconic demon hunters whose mission is to totally eradicate demons on earth. And if there is something The CW was able to uphold, it is keeping the importance on the two main characters (Sam and Dean) alone. They are always kept relevant. And, of course, not to mention the villains Supernatural has in store for you! You're surely gonna love them!

  2. 5The 100


     So, this is where you sort of take a detour to politics and war between two powerful countries--the US and China. The series may appear boring and less appealing to some at the onset but give it time until you take a turn where horror and teenage drama meet. And that is also where The 100 becomes one of the notable choices for shows like The Originals. Of course, this is another show from The CW, so expect elements to crossover from time to time. Just a piece of friendly advice (or a tip), logic has no place in the series. Suspend your disbelief and start indulging with it!


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