What are the best shows like The Shannara Chronicles?

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Have you been looking for other fantasy shows to watch next after finishing The Shannara Chronicles? We get it! The Shannara Chronicles is really an enthralling TV show, but since it only has two stellar seasons, we kinda try to look for something similar in order to satisfy our want for another fresh content in a fantasy genre. After all, shows in this genre take us into the unknown, and these also make us imagine the unimaginable. Just to give you a recap, The Shannara Chronicles centers on Will, Amberle, and Eretria's journey as they try to protect the Four Lands against demonic invasion. Check out our list below for some of the best shows like The Shannara Chronicles! Who knows, these TV series could be your next favorite!

  1. 1Game of Thrones


    There are a number of rising fantasy series that try to infuse topics that the present generation has been so vocal lately – politics and zombies. A million choices from different artistic minds but the truth is, sometimes you can’t really choose from those! Good thing, George R.R. Martin, the brain behind the famous Game of Thrones is something that won’t let you think twice to watch. If you love The Shannara Chronicles, you'll also love Game of Thrones!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Merlin


    If you fancy watching kings and queens battle in a wargame, Merlin could be your next best choice for shows like The Shannara Chronicles. The story is set into the world of Arthurian legends where the famous Uther Pendragon started his magical adventure. But what makes this a must-watch is the emotionally engaged characters that make every sequence match its impeccable written dialogues. 

  2. 3The 100


    Have you ever wondered the what-ifs on post-apocalyptic stories? The 100 tells you the story otherwise through the lenses of criminal adolescents who were portrayed as post-apocalyptic survivors. These young survivors were the initial living things who appeared from the so-called space habitat, the Ark, and are set to return to Earth after the incident. If you’re quite curious or feeling the wonder twice as much as we do, The 100 would serve your creative juices.

  1. 4Wynonna Earp


    One of the best shows like The Shannara Chronicles is also Wynonna Earp. And if you’re the type of person who wants something action-packed series and thinks that violence is necessary for peacemaking, you could be part of the growing fanbase of Wynonna Earp. What makes this more interesting though is that Wynonna fights the undead souls through a revolver called “The Peacemaker”. True, quite ironic but surely, every fight scene shows a strong character development. 

  2. 5Legend of the Seeker


    Based on the novel series, Legend of the Seeker is another plot of divided lands of kingdoms. The plot could be somehow likened with The Matrix and Star Wars in terms of style since the costumes are quite far from the usual kings and queens’ imageries. Nonetheless, Legend of the Seeker would give you that action-infused narrative involving the Westland, the Midlands, and D’Hara.


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2MerlinTV Shows 11 Paid
3The 100TV Shows 10 Free
4Wynonna EarpTV Shows 2 Paid
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