What are the best shows to watch after Steven Universe has ended?

Sabrina Rain Samson - Contributor

Since Steven Universe officially ended, you must be thinking what now? Steven Universe has enthralled many audiences through the years with its awesome story and animation. If you're a fan of Steven and the Crystal Gems' fun adventures, you're not alone! With that said, you might be looking into new shows to watch. Although you can always rewatch Steven Universe, there are a couple of animated series out there that are on par with it that you must watch. If you're wondering what they are, dig in on this list of shows you can binge-watch if you love Steven Universe. You might find new favorites along the way! Even shows you wouldn't expect to be on this list of amazing cartoons.

  1. 1Star vs. the Forces of Evil


    Star vs. the Forces of Evil is a hilarious yet epic adventure cartoon that will leave you laughing till your stomach hurts. Although you can watch any episode at random, this animated series is much more enjoyable from start to finish.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Gravity Falls


    Gravity Falls is a great blend of eerie and hilarious which makes it an enjoyable show for you to watch. The adventures of twins Mabel and Dipper will have you hooked just as you were with Steven Universe.

  2. 3DuckTales


    The 2017 remake of the Disney classic DuckTales is worth a watch if you love a balance of crazy shenanigans and adventure. There's also a lot of magic and mystery going on in this show which makes it perfect for you!

  1. 4Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure


    If you want a more family-friendly pick, Rapunzel's Tangled Adventure won't disappoint! Especially if you loved the Disney animated movie Tangled. It has a copious amount of fun and adventure that you can't miss out on!

  2. 5Adventure Time


    Adventure Time is an iconic series in its own right and if you like Steven Universe, you will definitely love this show. The crazy adventures of Jake and Finn in different fantasy worlds will bring you in another dimension.


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This list is about What are the best shows to watch after Steven Universe has ended
1Star vs. the Forces of EvilTV Shows 18 Paid
2Gravity FallsTV Shows 11 Free
3DuckTalesTV Shows 7 Paid
4Rapunzel's Tangled AdventureTV Shows 2 Paid
5Adventure TimeTV Shows 0 Paid

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