What are the best singing games on Xbox One?

Aditya Khichar

Have you tried singing your heart out by playing one of these karaoke games? Share your thoughts to Aditya Khichar by commenting which among the singing games below you love to play best for Xbox One! Let's help him discover what these singing games are about!

  1. 1Rock Band 4


    Rock Band 4 enables players to perform the greatest hits by using music controllers. This music game for Xbox One also provides access to a music library that features over 1500 songs.

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  1. 2Let's Sing


    Let's Sing is an Xbox One karaoke game which enables users to sing along with up to 7 other friends, or sing solo using a microphone. It features 30 massive chart hits.

  2. 3We Sing Pop


    We Sing Pop is a singing game for Xbox One that allows users to sing their favorite hits from the world's most popular artists. This lets players perform singing solo or with a friend.

  1. 4We Sing


    We Sing is a singing game for Xbox One which enables users to sing solo or together at the same time with friends. It is designed with the greatest hits from the biggest artists.

  2. 5Just Sing


    Just Sing is an Xbox One singing game which is designed for singing or lip-syncing to songs. Players can sing with friends or solo and are allowed to create own music videos.

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Did you know that when you sing, your body releases hormones which are associated with feelings of pleasure? Willan Academy of Music claims that endorphins and oxytocin hormones are responsible for lifting your moods. As a result, it makes you feel happy, and it lessens the chance of doing something you will later on regret. On the other hand, oxytocin hormones function as a natural stress reliever. Thus, if you're feeling stressed out and depressed, singing is a good and natural anti-depressant to try. There are also several songs to listen to when you are stressed out. In addition, singing for fun such as playing with karaoke apps or even playing singing games for Xbox One can help boost your mood.

Other than the feel-good effect of singing, research shows that singing also has many surprising physical benefits. In fact, an article by Emma Innes on Daily Mail revealed that singing helps stop snoring. According to her article, Alise Ojay, a singing teacher, was trying to help a friend to stop snoring, so she devised a way to help her out. Alise Ojay has designed vocal exercises to help strengthen throat and palate muscles, which are believed to be the major reason why people snore.

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  • #1
    May 24, 2018
    "As a gamer I know my games and rock band is not a singing game. Sure you could sing along with the games music but the game revolves around playing a guitar and being able to hit the right notes at the right time. This requires you to play the guitar that comes with the game. So to me this is not a singing game and is not considered as a best singing game for Xbox One."
    Refering to:
    Rock Band 4
  • #2
    July 25, 2019
    "this would have been better if there are a lot of tracks available to choose from. I've sang almost all the songs I know from we sing pop's music library, and i think I've mastered them enough, I can easily perform beyonce songs without getting so shy. But even so, it's fun. But need more tracks added, please :D"
    Refering to:
    We Sing Pop
  • #3
    May 14, 2018
    "Basically unplayable. Although the game comes on a disk, it asks to update and gets stuck at 18% and never finishes. Besides, the online services will be shut down later in 2018, so even if I had gotten it working it'd stop working in a few months. Save your money."
    Refering to:
    Just Sing
  • #4
    May 22, 2018
    "I am not sure about this one because I never had an Xbox One but I always hear this game from my bestfriend since she loves singing, and based on what I head, this is pretty amazing,considering the lyrics on screen, and the popular songs that can be sang!"
    Refering to:
    We Sing
  • #5
    May 15, 2018
    "What I like best about this game is that I can get to play and duet with my friends., We do it for fun whenever we're so bored,. and want to get happy.Singing makes all of us happy, and this game is just one platform to satisfy us all!!!"
    Refering to:
    Let's Sing
This list is about What are the best singing games on Xbox One
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