What are the best sitcoms?

Sabrina Rain Samson - Contributor

Most of the time, all you need after a long, tiring day is a good laugh to feel at ease. What better way to spend your downtime than to binge-watch sitcoms? These shows are so addicting that you will lose track of time! There are a lot of sitcoms out there but what are the sitcoms that will leave you entertained from start to finish? Well, if you're wondering where to start, we have this list of classic sitcoms that will leave a smile on your face! Treat yourself with these sitcoms that will have you in stitches! If you have watched these already, you can definitely check them out again. They never get old, and you even notice things that you didn't quite catch before!

  1. 1Friends


    There are two kinds of people in this world, those who've watched every single episode of Friends and those who haven't watched the series at all. If you're the latter, this is a sign for you to start watching this classic sitcom which has become a pillar of pop culture.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Seinfeld


    Seinfeld sets the standard when it comes to sitcoms. If you're a fan of watching sitcoms, you may have heard of Seinfeld more times than you can count. It's about time you start watching this memorable television show.

  2. 3The Office


    The Office is comedy gold in the form of a mockumentary and sitcom. It is the series that turns the boring corporate world and shapes it into something that will have you laughing and amazed at how genius it is!

  1. 4Parks and Recreation


    There are a good number of sitcoms that are brilliant in both its dialogue and storyline and Parks and Recreation is one of them. If you want a sitcom that has witty quips and quality acting, you can find it in Parks and Rec.

  2. 5Modern Family


    We all know how far family drama can go. That's why if you want to witness a good balance of comedy and drama within families, the perfect sitcom to start watching is Modern Family.


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