What are the best sites for TG comics?

Our world has never been this accepting to change. At this present day, there is inclusiveness regarding gender and race in a lot of societal areas. In entertainment alone, audiences will find diversity in almost every TV series or movie. Even in the world of comics, there is a proliferation of stories about transgender and genderqueer people who do exist. A few years back, a comics fan would almost never expect certain trans characters to come up on their favorite pages, whether online or not. However, the ever-evolving concept of sexual orientation equality has helped the cause of artists and fans alike. In the interwebs, you will be able to see illustrations of TG comics with full-on openly transgender characters. Take Lumberjanes' Jo and Fenic from Goodbye to Halos as examples, and you will start to notice the evolution of themes in comics as well.

While the LGB part of the equation was able to come out in pop culture a little bit earlier. The T and Q people have also found their place around the social sphere and it has been a long time coming. A lot of comic book readers already have taken a glimpse of well-known TG titles like the LGBTQ meditative vignette collection '100 Crushes' or the edgy story of 'How Loathsome'. There are tons of free tg comics which you will find in different sites. A lot of them tackle trans issues which include diverse characters. By appreciating these kinds of comics, one will realize that it will only take a matter of time before unusual sexual orientations get to gain more respect around the world. If you’re looking for some great trans and genderqueer comics in print, you got the right place. In this list, we have the best sites for TG comics that you can visit.

  1. 1Comic Rocket


    Comic Rocket is a popular tracker for webcomics that include a diverse catalog and a wide range of genres. It also features choices like TG comics that cater to adult content. It also has an Android app sp you can take any content with you on your mobile. 

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  1. 2The Comics Alliance Guide to Great Comics for Trans and NB Youth


    ComicsAlliance is a website that offers diversified comics for all kinds of readers. They even have comics for younger readers featuring transgender or nonbinary characters, which makes this TG comics site a diverse source of comics.

  2. 3TG Graphics and Fiction Archive


    TG Graphics and Fiction Archive is a site designed to by Jenny North. It features books, comics, and media relating to transformation and gender change. This website caters to the genre of TG comics that feature alternative transgender content for web users.

  1. 4Comic Online Free


    Comic Online Free is a hosting website for a huge category of comics ranging from Marvel and SC comics, up to TG comics content. With alphabetical order storage, users can read whartever content they are looking for easily and completely free.

  2. 5Visual Representation: Trans Characters In Comics


    Visual Representation is a three-part series that examines some of the trans characters that have appeared in comic books, manga, and webcomics. For the first article, the author discusses transgender characters that appeared in Batgirl and The Sandman.

  3. 6The 10 Best Trans Women In Comics

    The article by enumerates The 10 Best Trans Women In Comics. This is Trans Editor Mey's personal list of favorite trans women heroines.
  4. 7Top 3 Transgender Comic Book Characters


    The article lists the Top 3 Transgender Comic Book Characters according to They enumerated transgender characters that are currently present in mainstream comic books.

  5. 8Top 10 Transgender Comic Book Characters


    The article by enumerates the Top 10 Transgender Comic Book Characters. It featured stories or plots where characters have their gender changed by magic or science. Each character face challenges regarding gender.

  6. 9DC Transgender Characters

    A list with Transgender Comic Book Characters from DC Comics.
  7. 10Marvel Transgender Characters


    Marvel Transgender Characters is a roster of characters categorized as transgender from the Marvel Database.

  8. 11TGComics


    TGComics is a gender-mix site that features artwork comics and stories from a variety of artists. The content is organized in various sections: artists, authors, comics, vignettes, sequences, story panels, portfolios, stories, videos, forum and links.

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Eddie Redmayne, a stage and screen actor, took the role of the first recipient of sex reassignment surgery. In 2015, Tom hooper directed the film The Danish Girl where the actor played the Danish painter, Lili Elbe. It's about artists Gerda Wegener and her husband who's had a life-long identity crisis. In 1933, her autobiography called Man into Woman was posthumously released. It eventually became the basis of both the movie and the book of the same title.

But it is not only in books that you can read about transgenders and most especially its not only in movies that you can watch stories about them. TG comics is a website that contains comics and illustrated stories related to transgenders. Although again, it is not the only website where you can read comics. With the advent of improvements in technology, reading comics is easier with whatever device. But unlike Marvel and DC comics that you can easily lookup on the internet, TG comic is a little bit difficult. If you actually try googling the page, you can not read any descriptions. And you cannot enter the website if you are under the legal age (which is 18). Websites that provide content like this is essential in society nowadays, most especially that gender equality is a prevalent issue.

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  • #1
    February 5, 2017
    "Transgender comic books are hard to find and you would be hard pressed to get any selection from your local comic book shop. That's why the website Top 3 transgender comic book characters is a good place to start. They not only give you the top three, but give you enough information that you can branch out on your own and create your own search allowing you to find even more characters. While I would have liked to see more characters on their page I think that the top three is a good choice as it helps get other people interested."
    Refering to:
    Top 3 Transgender Comic Book Characters
  • #2
    January 8, 2017
    "I was looking for information about transgender characters in comics and then I came across this article. The author has done a good research to write it, providing a lot of examples of trans characters and explaining the context in a very entertaining way (you can tell that she is passionate about the subject!). Any mention of trans men in the article, but I suppose is because there are less trans men than trans women in comic books."
    Refering to:
    Visual Representation: Trans Characters In Comics
  • #3
    January 1, 2017
    "I love comics and I wanted to tackle more on LGBT+ topics but it wasn't easy to find info on big medias. Then I found this list, that it's a good place to start if you are particularly interested in trans characters. It provides a list of interesting comics about this characters. I've already read  The Wicked and the Divine and I liked it. For sure I will continue with other comics of the list!"
    Refering to:
    The 10 Best Trans Women In Comics
  • #4
    February 6, 2017
    "For decades, comic books have often pushed the social boundaries when it comes to issues like race, sexual orientation, or gender. I have come across many storylines regarding transgendered characters in comic books, but it is hard to remember them all. It is very cool to be able to look at a database of various transgendered characters and see which comic issues they appeared in."
    Refering to:
    TG Graphics and Fiction Archive
  • #5
    March 2, 2017
    "A good site to find Comics about trans people and gender-mix characters. Focussed on a mature audience it offers interesting stories about normal people but also about superheroes and other fantastic characters. Although you have to pay to read the majority of the comics there are some free books and a complete forum where you can discuss the pieces with their authors."
    Refering to:
  • #6
    January 9, 2017
    "This has a lot of transgender characters on the site. Some of the transgender characters are very bizarre and creepy. I wonder how transgender people see these characters or identify with these characters. Do they see themselves as bizarre or creepy? Maybe they want to see themselves as as a natural person and not creepy or bizarre."
    Refering to:
    Marvel Transgender Characters
  • #7
    January 26, 2017
    "Trans characters are more present in comics than we think, and this list demonstrates it. It's true that some of the characters of the list are not strictly trans people but people taking over another person's body. Anyway, reading the list it's a good way to start on the subject and to go further in LGBT comics."
    Refering to:
    Top 10 Transgender Comic Book Characters
  • #8
    June 13, 2017
    "This page confirms me what always thought: DC Comics is not a heteropatriarchal company because it has a lot of diversity in its comics, not only cisgender women but some very interesting trans characters. In fact, I didn't know some of them, so it was very interesting to "meet" them thanks to this wiki entry!"
    Refering to:
    DC Transgender Characters
  • #9
    August 21, 2017
    "Nowadays there's still also a lot of taboos around trans people in pop culture so it was great to find this site, that has a large selection of comics with TG characters. I read some of them and they are every interesting and entertaining at the same time. Furthermore,  it's good to know emerging authors!"
    Refering to:
    Comic Rocket
  • #10
    August 13, 2018
    "the batman universe has an interesting tg character in one of the batgirls and ive always been fascinated with how comics really step up in breaking barriers and such. they always look at it as a simple form of entertainment but most of the times symbols in it are really great"
    Refering to:
    Comic Online Free
  • #11
    April 13, 2017
    "If you're one of the parents who have a TG child, you may wonder what type of comics would be good for them. The comic alliance guide has great recommendations and will certainly help your child feel comfortable with him or herself."
    Refering to:
    The Comics Alliance Guide to Great Comics for Trans and NB Youth
This list is about What are the best sites for TG comics
1Comic RocketApps 80 Free
2The Comics Alliance Guide to Great Comics for Trans and NB YouthArticles 61 Free
3TG Graphics and Fiction ArchiveWebsites 60 Free
4Comic Online FreeWebsites 59 Free
5Visual Representation: Trans Characters In ComicsArticles 59 Free
6The 10 Best Trans Women In ComicsArticles 59 Free
7Top 3 Transgender Comic Book CharactersArticles 59 Free
8Top 10 Transgender Comic Book CharactersArticles 59 Free
9DC Transgender CharactersWebsites 58 Free
10Marvel Transgender CharactersWebsites 57 Free

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