What are the best sites to download TV shows?

After a long day’s work, anyone deserves to chill at peace. While there are many ways to relax and destress, each of us has our proven-and-tested ways to wash away the blues. Some like eating out, some drown in beer or wine, others with their noses deep in their books, and some, if not many, sit in front of their screens watching their favorite series. What can we say? Everybody loves a good TV show. Whether it’s a melodramatic love story of star-crossed lovers, hatching a mind-blowing plan on escaping from authorities, or keeping up with ridiculously famous celebrities, there’s always a series that captures our attention.

While there’s an abundance of shows to watch, sometimes certain things keep us from tuning in. It may be an unforeseen overtime work, night outs, or something as trivial as a traffic jam. There’s no need to fret though. Most shows are available online, ready to be consumed at your disposal. Streaming is still the best way to enjoy your fave shows on the internet and here’s a list of the best websites to watch TV shows. But sometimes, even streaming can be inconvenient especially if you have data or wifi problems which makes downloading a likable choice. Desperate times need desperate measures, right? So for anyone who’s looking the best websites to download TV shows for free like our friend Fenil sunny, check out the list below. Enjoy!

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    Playfilm is an online streaming website which offers the latest updates on television shows, available for download. The website is free to use and contains varied categories.



    Adam Boyd
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "Can someone explain to me how I can download TV shows without giving my credit card information?"
  2. 12

    #2Dirty Torrents

    Dirty Torrents

    Dirty Torrents is a torrent and searcher website where users can find a variety of websites which off downloads for TV shows. The website also serves as an aggregator for the most popular downloads.



    Ruth Little
    Written on June 25, 2018
    "the name of the site sounds liek a place you wouldnt visit but im glad i did lol. it's pretty easy to uyse and offers fast download speeds and different formats"
  3. 1


    Extratorrent is a free website used to download and seed torrent files for various electronic resources. Downloadable files from the site include movies, music, software, program, applications, e-books, documents, and many more.


    Rebecca Hoffman
    Written on October 3, 2017
    "Even though I know it is wrong sometimes I like to download shows and movies through torrent sites. While looking for a good one I came across Extratorrent.cc. I gave it a try and checked out some of their sources. I could not find the shows that I wanted and came to the conclusion that their selection is pretty bad."


Did you know that The Simpsons is one of the longest-running TV shows of all time? Yet, it is the longest-running American animated program. A sitcom created by Matt Groening, the series satirically presents the daily lives of the typical working-class family in America. The Simpson family consists of husband and wife Homer and Marge, along with their kids Lisa, Bart, and Maggie. Its debut was on December 17, 1989, and now has over 639 episodes. They are now on their 29th season which began on October 2017. The Simpsons took the title of the longest-running tv show from Gunsmoke that ran in television for 20 seasons and 635 episodes from 1955 to 1975. Due to its popularity, a lot of streaming services and websites now let users watch The Simpsons online and download the TV series. Also, other countries have taken to dubbing the series into their local languages, while some have provided subtitles like Dutch, Arabic, Italian, and Spanish, to name a few. Majority of free web series download sites also contain the complete seasons of The Simpsons, proving once again that the show is well-known throughout almost all platforms of the media.

The success of their movie adaptation “The Simpsons Movie” in 2007 which grossed over $527 million paved the way for the renewal of a 29th and 30th season that will run until May 2019. The show won dozens of awards namely 30 Annie Awards, 31 Primetime Emmy Awards, and a Peabody Award. It is still on the list for the top 10 most iconic TV series by Parade Daily. Also, a chart from Statista showed the number of viewers of The Simpsons in America. Its latest season still garnered an average of 4.08 million viewers. The Simpsons managed to stay relevant with a good number of avid viewers.

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    Nyaa is a torrent site specifically made for East Asian users where they can find everything from anime TV series and movies with some including English subtitles. 



    Samantha Simpson
    Written on May 22, 2018
    "East Asians can download many different tv shows and movies from this torrent site. It has many different types of media including anime and subtitled content."
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    Zooqle, which is formerly known as Bitsnoop founded in 2008, is a torrent indexing website providing a database of verified torrents to download. It is the place to download movies, TV shows, games, applications, software, and audiobooks.



    Zhang Fang
    Written on March 4, 2019
    "This is my goto website whenever I feel lazy about going to the movie houses. I hope they won't take down Zooqle. 🙏"
  3. -1



    1337x is a top torrent site for providing quality videos, movies, music, comics, and even series. It has a stylish website interface that user would enjoy the easy search of anything they want to download.



    Joshua Watkins
    Written on March 7, 2017
    "1337x is a great torrent site for watching brand new and old video content. You can watch the latest episodes of your favorite show or the latest popular movies. It's fantastic and my go to site. I highly recommend this site. "
  4. -1

    #7ITV Torrents

    ITV Torrents

    ITV Torrents is a website where you can find torrents of television shows to download for free. This torrent website can be browsed through different genres and provides magnet download links. 



    Aryan Verma
    Written on January 12, 2019
    "Amazing site with no glitches at all."
  5. -1

    #8EZTV Torrent

    EZTV Torrent

    EZTV Torrent is a torrent website that offers downloads for a majority of released television series including shows exclusive to Netflix. Due to the nature of torrent sites, VPNs are highly recommended whilst downloading from EZTV.



    David Burns
    Written on March 1, 2019
    "This site is very basic, offering a smattering of what other torrent sites offer. I would hope the graphics could be more updated, but the buttons work. I am a little leery being on it though, with the warning at the top. I feel like I am in the seedier part of the internet seeing it."
  6. -2

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.



    DailyPakTime is a website where users can watch Bollywood movies and Indian TV shows online for free. The website is being administered by a person named kdhj sndka.

    Devansh Banerjee
    Written on June 25, 2018
    "Reception isn't that great here but I managed to catch up to my fave shows because of this sweet site. Sure, downloading is slow, but it's a great way to catch up on Indian shows that other sites don't offer"
  7. -2

    #10TV Shows720p

    TV Shows720p

    TV Shows720p is a website that offers users a wide catalog of TV shows to watch and download. Users won't have to create their own account to download 480p and 720p quality seasons.



    Jack Adams
    Written on October 11, 2018
    "Most people i know download TV shows via torrent but i do not have a torrent client installed on my PC so the torrent sites suggested here are useless for me. But thanks to this i can finaly episodes of my fave TV shows without having a torrent client installed because it is a direct download. Heads up though this has some lewd and nudity ads. smh"
  8. -2



    YTS.AG is a torrent website that's been proven strong. It boasts a hefty amount of movies and a great interface makes it super easy to get download your torrents quickly. The torrents you can mainly find on this site are for films.



    Katherine Hopkins
    Written on June 25, 2018
    "in all my 1 1/2 years of using this site, ive never encounter any problems other than the annoying pop ups. I'd gladly say that this site is better than TPB. Best torrent site at the moment and its qiuck on updates"
  9. -2



    TorrentPk is a download website which allows users to find and download a large selection of TV shows in a variety of languages. The site also offers contents in Hindi, Bengali, and Punjabi, among others.



    Hemant Gavde
    Written on March 4, 2019
    "Its hard to find bollywood movies nowadays especially torrent ones. Thats why im thankful for TorrentPK for being able to provide me different indian movies online."
  10. -2

    #13HiMovie (Freedownload.Tv)

    HiMovie (Freedownload.Tv)

    Freedownload.Tv is a website where users can directly download TV shows individually or by season without the need for registration. The website offers additional contents for no payment.



    Written on May 11, 2019
    "thanx. best site to download tv shows "
  11. -2



    Vudu is a video-on-demand streaming service available to both Android and iOS devices and Windows and Mac computers. It contains both the latest releases and timeless classics. It's only accessible from the US and signing up is free.

    Streaming Services


    Chen Cui
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "What I like with Vudu is that it has the option to rent even high quality 4K movies so that I can declutter my storage after watching."
  12. -2



    RARBG is a torrent website which offers a varied selection of television series, all available for download at no charge. The site also contains other forms of media like movies and games.



    Justin Chapman
    Written on April 19, 2017
    "This site offers a more refined look than other torrent sites. I like the tabs they have, it keeps everything organized and easy to find. I like that it offers articles for a user to view. This site seems very professional to me and I can easily find what I need to find. I like it."
  13. -3

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.

    #16Currently In Theaters

    Currently In Theaters

    Currently In Theaters is a website that allows users to download the latest and popular movies for free. The online site has a wide catalog of genres and it even offers quality Bollywood movies.

    Currently In theaters
    Written on November 16, 2018
    "Currently In Theaters is the source of Entertainment where you can find all Hollywood Movies in free. Just Search the movie and Download in single click. Currently In Theaters point is to provide peoples all the U.S Movie Entertainment in one place."
  14. -3



    GrabtheBeast is a website where users can directly download the latest and past English television series episodes for free and in high definition quality. There is also a tutorial on how to download episodes. 



    The Maratha Man
    Written on October 11, 2019
    "It's been corrupted since the past 2 months. Cannot download"
  15. -3



    TVseriesPage is a website that allows users access to a wide variety of television shows for download, all for free. It also contains a preview for the top-rating shows for every season.



    Taisiya D'omina
    Written on April 5, 2019
    "This is the best website for downloading tv series!"
  16. -3



    isoHunt is a BitTorrent and peer-to-peer torrent website to browse and find torrents for downloading various media resources online such as movies, television shows, and series, software, music, applications, and so on.



    Aaron Woods
    Written on March 28, 2017
    "I'm hooked on a TV show but I don't get the channel the show airs on! Ever experience that problem? Well, you could like me discover the incredible site isoHunt.io for all your torrent needs. Download TV shows, movies, and more!"
  17. -3

    #20AIO Search

    AIO Search

    AIO Search is a website that aggregates search results for torrent links. It can retrieve search results from torrent sites like Zooqle, The Pirate Bay, Yify, as well as its own database of torrent links.



    Kevin Hudson
    Written on March 4, 2019
    "This is one of the best, if not the best, torrent sites for tv shows and series becuase you can also see results from other websites and not only from their own catalog. This means more download choices."
  18. -3



    Bitport.io is a website where you can download torrents for music, movies, TV shows and more. It can be saved directly to the cloud, without the necessity of downloading any software, and in a completely secure environment.


    Free- Varies by plan

    Jeffrey Garrett
    Written on February 18, 2018
    "Easy to use, safe, secure. Quickly load any torrent to the site and stream it from any of your smart devices. "
  19. -3



    YourBittorent is a torrent hub/website which provides torrent downloads of movies, television shows, comics, games, music, and software for free. Account registration is not required to access the site's services. 



    Teresa Murphy
    Written on March 4, 2019
    "Even though there have alreday been a lot of sites where I can download free movies and tv shows, I'd still go to the rusty yet trusty torrent websites because I can pick my own quality, and it sometimes even releases first than the new websites like putlocker. 😎"
  20. -4



    YouTube is an online video sharing and streaming website that enables content creators to share their work across the platform's large user base and network. It's also available as an app for Android and iOS mobile devices. 



    Israel Suárez
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "I can't believe I can download TV shows on YouTube legally. Way back then, I was downloading from YouTube pirated shows. Now, they are all legal!"
  21. -4



    TorHD is a website where users can download many different movies from different genres and from previous years online for free. The films are available via torrent files that users can get without signing up for an account.



    Maansi S Thakur
    Written on January 23, 2019
    "Best and safest torrent site ever, i love it , however does not contains tv shows torrent, its good for movies and no ads problem."
  22. -4



    TorLock is a website which features various torrent files to download movies, TV series, anime, ebooks, software, music, and so on. These torrents are categorized in TorLock for easier navigation and search.



    Philip Grant
    Written on March 26, 2017
    "TorLock is my go to torrent site for new tv shows. A lot of torrent sites these days seem spamming and throw a bunch of ads at you. TorLock, thankfully, does not do this! The downloads are safe and the website isn't spammy. Definitely recommend."
  23. -4



    LimeTorrents is a verified BitTorrent website where users can download movies, TV shows, music, games, and much more without any charge. There is no need to sign up for an account before users can access the website.



    Jordan Gonzalez
    Written on October 3, 2017
    "Things I hate, having to torrent a show that my DVR failed to record and isn't available for legit streaming. Things I hate more, clean looking torrent sites that are in fact super sketchy and likely to end up bad in any number of ways and Limetorrents is definitely one of those places. I don't care how many torrents they list I know they have a certain reputation and I am not going to trust them. Use them at your own risk, you never know what you'll get with them."
  24. -4

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.

    #27Free Flixshow

    Free Flixshow

    Free Flixshow is a video streaming website which offers its users movies and television series, all free-of-charge. The streaming platform's content are all sorted into different categories like genre, popularity, and release date.



    Andrea Freeman
    Written on March 4, 2019
    "I don't know why this movie is even on this torrent site list. First of all, THIS IS NOT A TORRENT WEBSITE. This is just your ordinary illegal movie and tv series download place. 😤"
  25. -4
    Free Trial



    Netflix is a video-on-demand platform where you can watch movies and TV shows and start streaming from your Windows or Mac computer, smart devices such as smartphones and tablets as well as on your home gaming consoles.

    Streaming Services

    Varies by plan

    Megan Ford
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "Thank God Netflix is not stopping on improving their catalog on TV shows. I think I made the right choice of subscribing on their service because I can finally download series."
  26. -4



    iTunes by Apple Inc. is a media player and a library, as well as an internet radio broadcaster, file manager, and a store where users can browse and buy different types of apps and entertainment products like movies and songs.

    Streaming Services


    Amit Subramanium
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "Tho this is not one of free tv series download site, i like what i am getting with my iphone x tnx to itunes."
  27. -4
    Free Trial



    Hulu is a video-on-demand service which offers a wide selection of television series, as well as original shows, for its subscribers. The service also contains a free trial.

    Streaming Services

    Varies by plan

    Chirag Mehra
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "Does Hulu have a wide variety of TV shows? I want to watch Game of Thrones but I don't know if Hulu is the right streaming website to use."
  28. -4


    Amazon is an online retail company considered to be one of the largest in the world. It was created for users looking to find electronics, computers, software, apparel and accessories, books, music, DVDs, tools and hardware, and much more.


    Bertha Córdova
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "Do I still need an Amazon Prime membership before I can get a TV show from Amazon?"
  29. -4

    #32Google Play

    Google Play

    Also known as Android Market, Google Play is a digital distribution service operated and developed by Google and serves as the official app store for the Android operating system. The app also provides eBooks, movies, TV shows and other media.


    Web, Android


    Rakesh Lobo
    Written on February 21, 2019
    "Can I watch my downloaded Google Play content on my laptop PC?"
  30. -4

    #33Today TV Series

    Today TV Series

    Today TV Series is a website for watching and downloading television series for free. This site contains the latest episodes of tv shows and files were saved in RAR format. 



    Sasi Mankan
    Written on September 3, 2018
    "This website provide very high quality tv series in small size with direct link and updates everyday by new tv series and also they have very wide range of tv series in their archive with direct link for download"
  31. -4



    Torrentz was founded in March 2003 and serves as a metasearch engine for torrents. It indexes many active torrents from various domains such as one of the popular site, The Pirate Bay and give compilated results for easier searching.



    Jing Guo
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "Nothing good has ever come from me using Torrentz. Ignoring the problem of people downloading TV shows illegally, I had many viruses and malware incidents when I have used the Torrentz website in the past. Even with a protected computer, it is impossible to know everything that comes with downloading a TV show when using Torrentz."
  32. -5

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.



    MagTors is a Torrent hosting website that has over 3 million active torrents. The torrent search tool has torrents for TV shows, movies, games, software, music, and eBooks. It is also categorized by most recent and popular. 

    Elisha Vavilov
    Written on November 9, 2018
    "Lightning fast torrent site with a very extensive TV Serie torrents category. The site is ad-free, so you can browse without getting annoyed."
  33. -5



    01Torrent is a free torrent site where users can download the latest movies, music, TV shows, applications, games, books, animes, software, and many more. This website also does not require any registration to be used.



    Alan Matthews
    Written on September 27, 2018
    "01Torrent is my go-to website when it comes to downloading high quality tv shows. JSYK though you need a torrent software installed on your PC before you can start downloading. And take note most torrents here do not include virus so yes it is indeed safe. "
  34. -5



    Torrents is a website which combines popular torrent sites from a list composed of 600 torrent sites and invite-only trackers ranked by rating and the traffic numbers. 



    Donald Rose
    Written on May 11, 2018
    "I tried out the Torrents search engine, and I was fairly impressed by the amount of results it came back with. The site has a simple layout, is easy to navigate, and relatively free of annoying ads. I will be returning to do more searches in the future."
  35. -5

    #38WB Kids

    WB Kids

    WB Kids is a website specially designed for the little ones of the house, with numerous games, TV shows, downloads of mythical cartoons from Looney Tones, Hanna-Barbera, DC Comics, Tom & Jerry and many more. 



    Rose Warren
    Written on April 6, 2018
    "This is a great resource to get all of your favorite kids tv shows. Shows like Scooby Doo and all of your other WB favorites. So if you are looking for children's tv shows it is perfect, and even adults might enjoy a bit of childhood nostalgia with these shows, so it is great for many people, however if you are looking for shows that would be appropriate for any age, it might be a good idea to keep looking. For what it is though, it's a great site with many favorites. "
  36. -6



    iDope is a torrent search engine that claims to be safe and untrackable. It is a tribute to Kickass Torrents. It offers and quick downloads for various file types. Their previous domain got shut down and was re-established on 2019.



    Harry Moore
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "While I prefer TV shows on DVDs, I do like this site for searching for hard-to-find TV shows or ones that haven't made it to DVD yet. I find it very easy to use, just like any regular search engine, the better search parameters I put in, the better results I get. I also like that it doesn't track me, so much of what we do on the Internet nowadays is tracked, so it's a very attractive feature."
  37. -6

    #40Yify TV

    Yify TV

    Yify.tv is a website for watching free full-length movies online. You can find torrents and watch films online in HD 720p and 1080p quality. The site compiles movies by tags such as popular releases, animations, and more.



    Patricia Kennedy
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "I'm always on the look out for sites to download TV shows. I ran across Yify.tv and hit a bonaza. This site has a wide variety of movies both new and old. I haven't yet run across any TV shows because I got caught up in the awesome movies. It even has movies from other countries. So far cool site."
  38. -8

    #41Favorite TV

    Favorite TV

    Favorite TV is a website that allows users to search and download the latest and most popular TV series. It has the complete and ongoing shows that users can download without registering for an account.


    Free- Varies by plan

    Sergey Radionov
    Written on October 15, 2018
    "This site gives the opportunity for the visitors and constant users to download their favorite tv series and TV Shows. These guys does everything possible to present the opportunities for the users to download the most popular series and know all the latest news from the wold of TV."
  39. -22

    #42Top TV Shows

    Top TV Shows

    Top TV Shows is a website where you can find and download many different American, Australian, Canadian, and British TV shows. You'll find direct download links so you can have them on your computer and watch your favorite TV shows whenever you want.



    Frank Lane
    Written on September 27, 2018
    "Finally i found a website where i dont need to install torrent on my PC because on this website you can basically just direclty download the full season of a TV show or just an episode in 720p. The best thing about this is that you can even request a TV show that is not available on its catalog. Isn't that amazing eh? "


Best What are the best sites to download TV shows
1PlayfilmWebsites 138 Free
2Dirty TorrentsWebsites 12 Free
3ExtraTorrentWebsites 1 Free
4NyaaWebsites 0 Free
5ZooqleWebsites 0 Free
61337xWebsites -1 Free
7ITV TorrentsWebsites -1 Free
8EZTV TorrentWebsites -1 Free
9DailyPakTimeWebsites -2 Paid
10TV Shows720pWebsites -2 Free

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