What are the best sites to watch cricket live streaming and scores?


Cricket is, without a doubt, the most popular sport in India. Raking a brand value of billions, the Indian Premier League is already a testimony to that. Aside from India, cricket is also a well-known sport in Pakistan, England, and Australia. Many sports fans from these countries look forward to cricket scores and games. They also watch cricket live streaming to keep tabs on their favorite leagues. No matter where country you're from, there is a way to stay on the loop when it comes to matches and real-time updates. If you're from India, you won't run out of options to watch a cricket match happen! Even the popular streaming site in India, Hotstar offers the IPL cricket tournament for audiences to watch! Since the market for the IPL cricket tournament is huge, even the company is taking advantage of it. Soon enough, Disney+ will be launched through Hotstar in March 2020. They lined up this release with the massive entertainment market that cricket fans bring into the table. Hotstar is one of many streaming services in India where you can watch a cricket match unfold.

For all you cricket fans out there, what better way to stay updated with your favorite sport? The best approach is to watch cricket live through these popular streaming platforms! Many popular streaming services have cricket matches audiences can enjoy from their devices! From sports channels to websites all about cricket, these are the best places to watch live matches, view updates, and keep track of scores.

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    Aside from being a premier video-on-demand streaming service for movies and TV shows, Hotstar also offers live streaming and updates for various sports, Cricket, being one of them.

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  1. 2ESPN+


    ESPN+ features almost every major sport there is including the NBA, NFL, MLB, NHL, and many more. The website also features sports such as Cricket that aren't as popular in the US.

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    3Sling TV


    Apart from being a popular service for TV channels online, Sling TV also offers online streaming for sports like Cricket through world-renowned sports channels and programs.

  1. 4CricLine


    For Cricket fans who are looking for a live update score tracker, CricLine is an optimal alternative to streaming websites and apps. With this app, users can keep track of scores.

  2. 5Cricbuzz


    Cricbuzz is a free mobile app on iOS and Android used to follow Live Cricket scores, news commentary, and everything else related to Cricket. This app also updates users with the schedules of the upcoming matches, rankings, stats, and more.

  3. 6ESPN Cricinfo

    ESPNcricinfo is a free app for Android and iOS devices wherein users will be able to follow all the latest cricket news and scoreboards, as well as articles of the most reputed journalists. Alerts can be activated on the app.
  4. 7WatchESPN


    WatchESPN is a streaming service that gives 24/7 access to different ESPN channels such as ESPN, ESPN2, ESPN3, and more. The WatchESPN app offers live streaming access to thousands of games and events on the ESPN networks. 

  5. 8Mobilecric


    Mobilecric is a streaming website where visitors can stream the latest videos and read about the news about Cricket. Since Cricket is one of the most watched sports, this website also features other ESPN channels for free.

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    9Pakistan Super League PSL


    Pakistan Super League PSL is an online streaming service where users can watch sports games online for free. PCB and HBL created and sponsored this international T20 cricket brand. 

  7. 10365Scores


    365Scores is a free mobile app and online streaming service where users can watch sports games online for free such as NFL, NBA, MLS, NCAA, Premier League, cricket, UEFA, and so on. The app offers personalized content and notifications.

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Did you know that the sport Cricket has been around for at least four hundred years? According to the book written by renowned English historian Harry Altham, there was a record of an English court case dated 1597 in Old Style and 1598 in New Style, where a man named John Derrick said that he and his friends played the sport called creckett on field in Surrey fifty years before his statement, meaning the game was already being played and called creckett in the 1550s. In the same book, it was said that in 1611, two adult men in Sussex were prosecuted after they ignored Church on a Sunday but instead spent the whole day playing cricket. 

The sport gained worldwide popularity at the same time that Great Britain was establishing its global empire, spreading it to North America in the late 17th century and then to Australia when they began colonizing the continent in 1788. According to a study by sports website Total Sportek, cricket matches and cricket, in general, is the third most popular sport in the world with an estimated 2 billion followers, just behind association football and basketball. It is still famous in Commonwealth countries like England, Australia, India, Pakistan, and Bangladesh. In India alone, cricket is highly valued since the Indian Premier League or IPL recorded a brand value of $5.3billion because of sponsorship and advertisement deals. But it is Australia's national cricket team that is considered as the strongest team in history, with five World Cup titles, including four in the last five editions of the quadrennial event. Thanks to the Internet, cricket fans all over the world can now have easy access to live cricket streaming as well as live cricket scores.

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    September 28, 2017
    "365Scores is an amazing app that allows users to customize how they want sports delivered to their mobile devices. The app provides the ability to track scores and player performance in real time across a wide variety of different sports and leagues. The live streaming of games, such as cricket, is limited to highlights, but that is often all you need to truly enjoy the excitement of theses games on a mobile device."
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  • #2
    February 8, 2017
    "as a cricket enthusiast, which puts me in a bite of a niche, i was excited to find this app. i haven't tried this feature yet, but it even seems like you can watch the matches live as they are airing. just like cable! it's a pretty useful app with ball-by-ball score updates and the like. very useful if you're an enthusiast."
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    October 3, 2018
    "Well, if you are going to pay to watch cricket ESPN is the correct address but if you are just going to check the scores I would recommend some other websites, including betting sites. Since betting sites contain live betting, they analyze the games second by second in details."
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    ESPN Cricinfo
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    April 30, 2019
    "My work involves a lot of travelling which makes it impossible for me to catch games live so I became very appreciative for sports sites like these. My subscription to WatchESPN is sooo worth it! I also like reading their articles... very informative."
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  • #5
    April 30, 2019
    "Hotstar is my go-to place for my favorite Hindi movies and they also have lots of sports matches. I wasn't actually a fan of cricket but seeing a few games here made me one. I love using their app coz it's a lot more convenient"
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    April 30, 2019
    "Awesome service! they have great original content plus you can pair it with other devices. My dad is a huge sports fan and he likes watching football and cricket on sling. It's just sad that it isn't available outside of US"
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    Sling TV
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    April 30, 2019
    "I was originally looking for a website but this app is 5x better! This is one of the best ways to watch live cricket and the fastest most updated one for getting cricket scores"
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    February 2, 2019
    "Watched Cricket matches on this website, good live streaming provider and without pop up ads."
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    February 25, 2019
    "Excellent Site to watch Cricket Online without surfing a penny."
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    Pakistan Super League PSL
This list is about What are the best sites to watch cricket live streaming and scores
1HotstarStreaming Services 34 Paid
2ESPN+Streaming Services 31 Paid
3Sling TVStreaming Services 19 Paid
4CricLineApps 18 Free
5CricbuzzApps 18 Free
6ESPN CricinfoApps 18 Free
7WatchESPNStreaming Services 17 Free
8MobilecricWebsites 16 Free
9Pakistan Super League PSLWebsites 16 Paid
10365ScoresApps 16 Free

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