What are the best social media management tools?

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    AiGrow delivers super-targeted Instagram followers and engagement using Ai. Follow, unfollow, like, comment, auto DMs and inbox. Plus always free post scheduler and engagement groups that drive massive likes and comments each time that you post.


    $49- Varies by plan

    pratik patel
    Written on February 13, 2019
  2. 227



    Instazood is a website that offers Instagram bots which improves your online engagement without having to do anything. Instazood runs on autopilot and allows you to relax while gaining new followers and likes. 


    $9.99- Varies by plan

    secret garden
    Written on July 9, 2018
    "Instazood is really useful for my Instagram account does the actions according to the setting and the targets that I've set in the first day for it.my account has been managing by Instazood"
  3. 169



    iLink is an online tool which is designed for converting multiple links into a single short link for free. This tool also lets users add one clickable link for an Instagram bio so they can share all their links using just one link.

    Online Tools


    ilink link
    Written on September 20, 2018
    "iLink profile contains clickable buttons with links to your online offers. So if you add your iLink profile to your Instagram bio or elsewhere, visitors will observe an excellent overview of all of your web pages you want to share with them. You can customize the color and design of the buttons on the setting menu; also you can use the click stats to find out which one of your links is more popular. iLink lets you get in touch with your audience and promote your blogs at the same time."
  1. 31


    Buffer helps automate your social media and content marketing efforts. By proactively growing an audience on these channels and generating content, written and produced by you, more organic traffic you'll be driving to your subscription business. And more traffic means more customers!

    Free- Varies by plan

    Marie Douglas
    Written on January 3, 2017
    "I run a small online clothing business and find it difficult to get the attention of users on social media. Buffer helps direct traffic to my posts and knows the right time to share my posts to a wide audience. Since using Buffer I've increased followers on all of my social media and have seen an increase in sales. "
  2. 31

    #5Sprout Social

    Sprout Social

    Sprout Social is a leading social media management software that provides engagement, publishing, analytics, and team collaboration tools. Their website has a blog with digital marketing information, as well as social media tips and more.


    Free- Varies by plan

    Ruth Taylor
    Written on May 24, 2017
    "What a way to take your social media marketing to the next level. I love the data feedback that allows me to see whats working and what's not. It's awesome to have professional help in a somewhat intimidating arena. "
  3. 31


    Agora Pulse is a social media management tool that allows you to manage all your social media channels in one place. It allows you to schedule and publishes content, analyze your results, optimize your activity, and much more.

    $49- Varies by plan

    Raymond Ferguson
    Written on March 30, 2017
    "I don't see any special on Agorapluse. It does offer the management tools to manage most popular social media. There's quite a few other companies offer similar / same feature. I wouldn't say it's the best social media management tools. And it charges $49 a month (even more expense than my phone bill!!) as the social media channels offer free services to a their user. I don't know if the feature it provided really worth that much a monthly fee."
  4. 30



    Hootsuite is an online platform for managing social media accounts. With Hootsuite, users can monitor keywords and manage Twitter, Facebook, LinkedIn, Foursquare, Ping.fm, WordPress, and etc. It is compatible with Android, iOS, Windows, and Mac.

    Online Tools

    Free- 1 month. Free trial available

    Rose Martin
    Written on April 30, 2017
    "Hootsuite is lifesaver at my company. Working in the marketing department I have to keep all our social media in one quick spot to stay on top of every post. "
  5. 30


    Friends+me is a content management tool that allows you to schedule and post content on various social media channels, and invite your friends to collaboratively manage your accounts.

    $3- /month

    Charvi Jaiteley
    Written on February 28, 2017
    "This is a nice solution for people who like to mull over their thoughts before sharing them. I like to use social media like Facebook, Twitter, and Instagram. I am very aware that my social media could be monitored by potential employers so being able to schedule posts at a later date is helpful. It gives me time to determine whether or not a thought I had a few hours ago is still acceptable to publish later. I can always cancel it. It's also nice to publish a post at a later time when I know my friends and family are home from work and can respond to it. Sometimes I find funny pictures I want to share but I know everybody is too busy to see it. I usually forget when I want to post something funny later. This is a great way to post it later without having to remember. "
  6. 29

    #9Social Media Plan Template and Guide

    Social Media Plan Template and Guide
    This downloadable Social Media Plan Template and Guide helps you understand your goals and objectives, so you can successfully launch a social media campaign and then measure its perfoirmance.


    Brittany Perry
    Written on July 18, 2017
    "This helped me better run my business on social media. I would tend to run over budget every month with advertising and this program helped me control that. It also helped me create a better social media team so that we didn't run into anymore problems and it could be better monitored and managed."
  7. 27

    #10Social Media Marketing Proposal Template

    Social Media Marketing Proposal Template
    This Social Media Marketing Proposal Template is a good starting point to committing what you want in a social media campaign to paper. Use it for yourself, or to set up a proposal for a client.


    Christina Zhou
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "This template would be very useful when showing co-workers or clients the power of social media to promote your company. The layout of this is a little long and does have some not very useful information, but over all I believe that it would help with someone that really isn't into social media to get started. "
  8. 27

    #11Social Media Strategy and Planning Essentials – Strategy and Tactics

    Social Media Strategy and Planning Essentials – Strategy and Tactics

    Social Media Strategy and Planning Essentials – Strategy and Tactics is an article by Smart Insights that gives you some pretty useful information for creating and launching a social media campaign.



    Carol Edwards
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "One stop shop for managing your social media marketing program. I discovered options that I didn't even know were possible and they helped to bring business to my site. These people have thought of everything and packaged it in an easy to understand program for success. "
  9. 27

    #12Social Media Marketing Plan: An 11-Step Template

    Social Media Marketing Plan: An 11-Step Template
    Social Media Marketing Plan: An 11-Step Template gives you a complete social media marketing plan to start you on the road to success.


    Alexander Hernandez
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "the first page that appears is the service plans, it is very boring and it is necessary to work more in the design, once you click on get started, the appearance improves, although not much, only when you click on the Wishpond icon and takes you to the main page, it changes the layout, putting a video background and commands on it, gives a very good look to the page, moving the cursor down, the page is again a little boring, to be a marketing page should have a better design, the icons are very childish, although the information is accurate and handy, you have to read enough to access what one may be looking for, in general the page is good distributed information but are many menus to review, should be a little more summarized."
  10. 26

    #1315 New Social Media Templates to Save You Even More Time With Your Marketing

    15 New Social Media Templates to Save You Even More Time With Your Marketing
    15 New Social Media Templates to Save You Even More Time With Your Marketing, offers a variety of different templates. Some help in a high-level way of organizing your marketing efforts and others are useful for specific social media tasks.


    Summer Cui
    Written on January 11, 2017
    "The Buffer Social, Social Media Marketing Templates page looks like pretty much exactly what you want if you're not a graphic designer, you're not an art director, but you've got plenty to say in a business sort of way, and want to get right down to saying it. The templates are serviceable: some a bit more stylish, others simpler or more business bare bones. Looks like a very good thing to use, if it's what you're after, give it a gander."
  11. 25

    #14[TUTORIAL] How to Design a Social Media Campaign

    [TUTORIAL] How to Design a Social Media Campaign
    The article How to Design a Social Media Campaign by Debbie Hemley for the Social Media Examiner gives you the five core elements you need to build a social media marketing campaign that works.


    Denise Moore
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "This is probably useful advice for designing a social media campaign, but it isn't really a tool. I was looking for some kind of software program that would help me manage my social media. Instead, this is general advice. It does mention using a calendar, so it's related, but not really what I'm looking for."
  12. 24

    #15[TUTORIAL] How To Create A Social Media Strategy (With 3 Steps And A Template)

    [TUTORIAL] How To Create A Social Media Strategy (With 3 Steps And A Template)
    How To Create A Social Media Strategy (With 3 Steps And A Template) is a useful article for digital marketers who want a social media strategy template they can refer to and adjust as they forge ahead toward their desired goals. 


    Judy Chapman
    Written on June 23, 2017
    "I really needed a better way to manage my large social following. This tool not only helps me do that but also discover newer ways of handling social media."
  13. 23

    #16 RiteForge

    RiteForge is an Android app and Chrome Extension made to help users enhance and optimize their social media posts, with a special focus on the auto-hashtag feature. It was founded by Saul Fleischman and Michal Hudecek in 2011.

    Android, Chrome


    Gary Harris
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "As someone who manages multiple corporate social media accounts I can tell you that little quality of life tools like RiteForge really makes my job hundreds of times easier. Yes auto-hashtagging is a simple thing but you cannot believe how much easier it makes my job when when I need to go across five different social media websites from my phone and be consistent and on point with each. "
  14. 23

    #17Free Social Media Templates for Excel

    Free Social Media Templates for Excel
    Smartsheet's Free Social Media Templates for Excel is a collection of free social media templates, including templates for strategy and planning, content calendars, influencer marketing, plus auditing and reporting. 


    Megan Duncan
    Written on July 22, 2017
    "With this website there is no need to start from scratch for your Social Media Template needs. Every business needs a plan, and this site may even have templates you had not considered to manage your social media content. It is a new way to do business. "
  15. 23

    #187 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work

    7 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work
    Hootsuite's 7 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work will help you on every leg of your social media journey—from planning and message scheduling, to publishing and results tracking.


    Pablo Huerta
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "I was looking for good social media management tools and was provided the website "7 Social Media Templates to Save You Hours of Work." I was very happy with the workflow that was provided and the templates themselves, they were very helpful. I recommend this site for the templates, but beyond that there wasn't much use. "
  16. 21



    Statusbrew is a tool that allows you to optimize your presence on social media channels. You can integrate all your social media profiles, manage your audience, and get reports that will help you with the strategic decisions of your account.


    Web, Android, iOS

    Free- Varies by plan

    Philip Hicks
    Written on December 10, 2017
    "Nice app that helps manage your social media. Nice for people that feel overwhelmed."
  17. 21


    ReportGarden helps Digital Marketing Agencies prepare analysis and performance reports for their clients. It helps you generate reports quickly while delivering the required message by showcasing the data visually. It offers free templates you can try out.

    $49- Varies by plan

    Mark Banks
    Written on March 17, 2017
    "ReportGarden is a terrific tool, but it is a bit complex for basic social media management. I only needed basic monitoring services for social media and a way to simultaneously broadcast messages across platforms, but this tool provided many more analytical features. They are very helpful, but somewhat overwhelming at first."
  18. 19

    #21Ads Espresso

    Ads Espresso
    AdEspresso is the easiest online tool to manage and optimize your Facebook Advertising Campaigns for small and medium businesses.

    $49- Varies by plan. Free trial available

    Gary Kelley
    Written on April 12, 2017
    "facebook management program"
  19. 18

    #22Automate Ads

    Automate Ads
    Digital advertising on autopilot. Track user events, attribute conversions, and automate ad ops for Facebook Ads, Instagram Ads, and Google Adwords campaigns.

    $19- Month. Varies by plan

    Ronald Garrett
    Written on May 14, 2017
    "the automate Ad has been very useful but also a bit annoying.Too many Ads would pop up every couple of minutes when I'm busy doing other things.Fewer ads pop up will be better"
  20. 17

    #23Meet Edgar

    Meet Edgar
    Meet Edgar: the only app that stops social media updates from going to waste. Get the most out of social media with Edgar. Schedule and publish the posts you want, when you want, automatically. Save time and increase your traffic.

    $49- month. Free trial available.

    Danielle Harrison
    Written on January 19, 2017
    "Everyone knows social media is good for your business to have, but figuring out how to handle them all, or which ones you should use, is a pain. Meet Edgar is the perfect butler for all your online needs, and made it super easy for me to schedule everything across platforms all in one go."
  21. 17


    Sendible is a social media management tool for business for engaging with customers across multiple social media channels at any time. 

    $49- Month. Varies by plan. Free trial available

    Mary Simmons
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "It is no mystery that companies hire teams to manage their online presence, especially their exposure in social media. This is an app that has been developed to assist that team in keeping track of all their posts in all of the popular social media platforms. They can generate reports and summaries, designed to keep your mind totally boggled with news of any particular company that has been inserted all over the place."
  22. 14

    #25Social Media Examiner

    Social Media Examiner
    The world’s largest social media marketing resource, Social Media Examiner helps millions of businesses discover how to best use social media to connect with customers, drive traffic, generate awareness and increase sales.



    Iris Dong
    Written on October 4, 2017
    "I found Social Media Examiner to be a very informative guide to growing my business. It has helped me to more effectively utilize social media it increase my profit margin. I would recommenced taking the time to read it. "
  23. 12



    Social Pilot is a tool that allows you to manage all your social media activity in just one place. This tool has been specially designed for agencies and business to plan, schedule and post content on Social Media, as well as analyzing the results.


    $100- $800

    Paula Esparza
    Written on April 22, 2018
    "This is a great organizational and scheduling tool for social media. It works for Facebook, twitter, linkedin, google+, insta, pinterest, tumblr, vk and Xing! It really covers everything. THis is a huge productivity booster for those trying to run so much social media. Honestly, the prices are not bad for what it does! Low yearly rates. For most plans you also get useful analytics as well. "
  24. 10



    Who's Talkin' is a website that specializes and offers Search Engine Optimization (also referred to as SEO) services to businesses. The company aims to expand a company website's presence online particularly within Google Search.



    Sarah Mills
    Written on October 29, 2017
    "Its hard to believe that WhosTalkin has been around for over a year. Its been an amazing learning experience that has pushed my boundaries as a developer and an entrepreneur. Its this experience that has taught me more about the web and the realities (both technical and business) of real time data"
  25. 10



    Instarazzo is a web service for Instagram users which allow them to automate their IG activities such as direct messaging, post-scheduler, and comment managing. Additionally, this service can help users smart target their potential market.


    Varies by plan

    Alberta Panicucci
    Written on August 31, 2018
    "For me, Instarazzo was and is the most efficient tool to promote my instagram page. It is a powerful instagram management tool which increases your social impact by automating all your activities on instagram. It really helped me to run my business better and I could draw more attention to my profile for a reasonable price. I myself use two of their services, Instagram Bot and Automated direct messages."
  26. 8

    #29Social Searcher

    Social Searcher

    Social Searcher is a free social media search engine for content in social networks in real-time and provides deep analytics data. Search without logging in for publicly posted information, save searches, and set up email alerts.


    Free- Varies by plan

    Anna Lawson
    Written on November 3, 2017
    "So much data analysis and information on such a small tool. I love the email alerts you can receive for monitoring or analysis purposes."
  27. 1



    TagScout is an Instagram growth engine which will provide you with real Instagram followers in an easy way. It features audience targeting tools and an automated growth engine to increase your Instagram followers list.

    Online Tools

    Varies by plan

    Hayat Khan
    Written on November 29, 2018
    "managing my social media accounts was my biggest headache and thanks to Tagscout it solved all my problems by giving me an extraordinary service to manage all the activities on my social media accounts."
  28. 0



    MaherPlanner is a website for managing social media accounts on Twitter, Instagram, Facebook, Pinterest, and LinkedIn. It can schedule posting of photos from computer or phone using its file manager and retrieve it from Dropbox or Google Drive. 


    $59- Varies by plan

    Vvege Services
    Written on April 16, 2019
    "MahePlanner is the best app for automating your social media marketing. It allows auto posting to Facebook groups, pages and profiles, Twitter, Pinterest, LinkedIn and Instagram, at once or individually. It has the best file storage system and scheduling function."
  29. 0



    Socioboard is an online tool for social media lead generation, marketing, and many more. It also has advanced tools for scheduling, publishing, and social CRM. Socioboard is available as Chrome extension and web, and Android and iOS.

    Online Tools

    Free- Varies by plan

    Jyoti Garg
    Written on February 6, 2019
    "Socioboard is a powerful social media management tool which can do everything. It makes easier for you to manage different social channels from one single place. Become acquainted with inside and out about Social Media and Make Informed choices to Skyrocket your ROI.Supports 9 Social Media Networks - Facebook, Twitter. Instagram, Google+, LinkedIn, Tumblr, YouTube and Google Analytics. Completely Open Source and Accessible as a Web App and Mobile Apps on iOS and Android. Extensible as Plugins."


Best What are the best social media management tools
1AiGrowWebsites 291 Paid
2InstazoodWebsites 227 Paid
3iLinkOnline Tools 169 Free
4BufferWebsites 31 Free
5Sprout SocialWebsites 31 Free
6AgoraPulseWebsites 31 Paid
7HootsuiteOnline Tools 30 Free
8Friends+MeWebsites 30 Paid
9Social Media Plan Template and GuideWebsites 29 Free
10Social Media Marketing Proposal TemplateWebsites 27 Free

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