What are the best Spider-Man suits?

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In an interview, "He’s the best loved all over the world, and that makes me very happy", Stan Lee said. That was from an interview that he did talking about one of his comic book superhero creations, Spider-Man. Spidey has had many incarnations in both the comic books and on the big screen. One of the more interesting and unique aspects of his character to see though was the suits. So we thought it would be cool to take a look at some of the best Spider-Man suits throughout the history of this iconic superhero. Peter Parker always comes up with cool new suits to address a particular need or challenge that he might be having. While it's as many as say Tony Stark's suits, it's up there in terms of variety and utility. Check them out below and sound off in the comments section below and share your thoughts with us.

  1. 1Symbiote Suit


    The Symbiote Suit is one of the more popular and easily recognizable suits that Peter Parker has ever worn. The first time we see it, it was when his suit got damaged and he was engulfed in a mysterious black goo. It fixed the suit, changed its color to black, and augmenting some of his powers in the process. He later finds out that the goo was in fact, an alien symbiote. Out of all the suits that Spider-Man has worn, this was really unique and stood out. Its pure black aesthetic, combined with the white accents for his eyes and spider emblem on the front and back, makes for a striking and cool-looking suit indeed.

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2MCU Films Suit


    This suit comes from the MCU series of films that served as a reboot for the Spider-Man franchise. Peter Parker is still in high-school and is just starting out with his crime-fighting escapades. This suit was made for him by his mentor, Tony Stark aka Iron Man when he gets recruited to be part of his team. The suit first appeared in the Captain America: Civil War movie and has been used in succeeding Spider-Man films since. The new suit stays true to the classic Spider-Man suit just with a few little extra touches courtesy of Stark. What made it unique was its eyes that allowed Peter a level of expressiveness that wasn't available to him with his other suits.

  2. 3Sam Raimi Spider-Man Suit


    The Spider-Man trilogy by Sam Raimi gained instant-classic status when they first appeared during the turn of the early 21st century. Part of the reason for this was that it was Spider-Man's first-ever appearance on the big screen and it was definitely a huge deal for fans of the superhero all over the world. As such, it was not surprising that his suit also made quite an impression. It was in the classic red and blue (a darker hue though), with the webbing being a bit more prominent all throughout the suit. The latter made it quite distinguished and would invoke a sense of nostalgia for those who grew up watching this original trilogy.

  1. 4Marvel's Spider-Man PS4 Game Suit


    This suit is one of the more recent interpretations of the Spider-Man look and it is definitely one of the more striking designs to date. This comes courtesy of the Marvel's Spider-Man game for the PlayStation 4. The game sees Peter Parker in college at age 23, meaning he's been Spider-Man for at least 8 years already. This suit was made by Peter's mentor and boss, Dr. Otto Octavius when he found out that Peter was working with Spider-Man to fight crime. This new suit retains the classic red and blue color scheme but features more prominent spider emblems and white accents throughout its arms and hands. It even took cues from the MCU's Spider-Man and also features mechanical eyes. It's different, it's unique, and just plain looks cool.

  2. 5Scarlet Spider Suit


    The Scarlet Spider suit comes from the Clone Saga storyline, a story that admittedly, wasn't generally well-received by fans. Despite this, there's no denying that the suit the Scarlet Spider wore was unique and eye-catching. The suit primarily consisted of red spandex all over but had a blue sleeveless hoodie on top. Aside from that, it also has no webbing design, eyes with no black borders, and wrist-mounted metallic web-shooters. This suit was definitely a product of its era, which was the 90s. It was an era filled with alternative media, grunge and hip-hop, as well as the explosion of pop culture. This suit perfectly encapsulates all these things and will remain as one of the greatest Spider-Man suits ever.

  3. 6Miles Morales Suit


    Miles Morales serves as proof that superheroes need generational transitions as well. The passing of the torch. The passing of the baton. You get what we mean. There may have been some apprehension with the idea of someone else being Spider-Man aside from Peter Parker initially. Thankfully though, the character of Miles Morales was well-received and loved by fans all over the world. Of course, that goes for his new suit as well. Miles' design of the Spider-Man suit is a departure from the classic red and blue affair. Dare we say, it looks more akin to the symbiote suit with an all-black color accented with red and the white eyes to complete the look. We really dig this look of this Spider-Man suit.

  4. 7Spider-Gwen Suit


    On an alternate reality, Earth-65 to be exact, there exists a version of Spider-Man that isn't Peter Parker or even Miles Morales, nope. Instead, it's Gwen Stacy (yes, that Gwen Stacy) who got bit by a radioactive spider and gained Spider-Man powers. In terms of personality, Gwen actually has a lot in common with Peter. They couldn't be any more different when it comes to the suit that they wear though. Spider-Gwen's suit is one of the most visually-stunning designs ever made in the history of Spider-Man. It features a dominantly black color with white leads towards the upper torso and head, which then is accented with purple/pink-colored webbings. It truly is a beautiful suit befitting its wearer.


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