What are the best sports streaming sites?

Nowadays, there's really no excuse for you to miss your favorite sporting events right as they happen! Well, technology has blessed us, sports fans, with a variety of online platforms that readily stream our much-awaited games from all kinds of sports we follow. All it takes for you to be on the loop with the sporting world is a good streaming service that would provide the best value for your money. Well, let us guide you to some of the best sports streaming sites which cover your top sports leagues, pay-per-view matches, and special sporting events. Scroll down and take a pick from some of the best streaming sites that would let you watch all the kinds of sports you want to!

  1. 1ESPN+


    ESPN+ is one of the cheapest yet quality options when looking for a sports streaming service. Its live sports catalog would work well for you if you love watching MLB, NHL and MLS games, together with other college sporting events. The only thing you might want to add are those flagship ESPN programs which it lacks. But, for under five bucks a month, this sports streaming service is still worth a shot.

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  1. Free Trial



    While fuboTV lacks standard ESPN channels which you might want to have, the service makes up for it with over a hundred other sports channels and content. And well, its streaming quality is pretty reliable as it even offers 4K content for select sports coverage. Why not give their free trial period a shot so you can decide whether this streaming site with a multitude of channels actually appeals to you?

  2. Free Trial

    3Sling TV


    Well, Sling TV is a little bit more pricey than other sports subscriptions. However, its great channel flexibility and abundance of sports content will surely lure you in. We suggest that you go with Sling if you want to have access to sports content while still maintaining other entertainment channels. All it takes is a look at its subscriptions plans to see what really works for you.

  1. Free Trial

    4Youtube TV

    YouTube TV is actually a platform that sports fans should check out for the best-in-class DVR capabilities, reasonable price, and an overall solid sports catalog. Well, it has all ESPN channels, NBA TV, MLB Network, and an abundance of sporting events to stream. And the great thing is that it's one of those streaming sites that features great support for tons of platforms.
  2. 5Sony LIV


    If you live in India or in other areas outside the US, you might want to check out Sony LIV as an alternative sports streaming site. Well, it's an overall entertainment platform but its sports streaming content is pretty much extensive. If you love watching the IPL, UEFA, UFC, and even tons of WWE episodes, Sony LIV is the way to go.

  3. Free Trial

    6CBS All Access


    If you're a sports fan who's big on streaming live NFL games and all the PGA tournaments, then CBS All Access is going to be great for you. The platform's live TV component enables you to watch any of those national sports broadcasts on the network without any unnecessary hassle. It lacks the HDR and 4K content that you might want, but it's great sports catalog would be enough to make up for that.

  4. 7DAZN


    DAZN is the best subscription-based streaming service for all combat sports junkies out there. Well, it's the most MMA-focused platform that you'll find out there that doesn't actually charge pay-per-view fees for every big match. So, you can expect a lot of the big UFC bouts to be available for streaming anytime with this service on hand.

  5. 8WatchESPN


    If you're basically an all-around sports kind of fan, then there's WatchESPN available for you. This sports streaming site is basically limited to all ESPN channels but it does its job pretty well with reliable streaming. It also offers tons of NCAA and MLS games on a daily basis for free so there's really no harm in having those in addition to its standard NFL AND NBA coverage. 

  6. Unavailable

    This item is no longer available. This could be due to the product being discontinued. If you still want to know more about it, click on Learn More.

    9Sony PlayStation Vue


    Sony PlayStation Vue is a live streaming TV service where you can watch and enjoy sports, news, movies, TV shows, premium channels and more. Although the service is paid, it also offers a free trial to the users.

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The power of online streaming knows no bounds, and that includes the world of sports as well. Did you know that the most recent FIFA World Cup 2018 held in Russia has set record-breaking online viewing figures? In fact, during the tournament's first ten days of competition alone, it has already doubled its online viewership total for the World Cup's 2014 edition. The tremendous viewership increase has been attributed to fans' heavy use of sports streaming apps and other devices which showcase the entire tournament. So, i guess we won't be surprised to see these numbers double once again in 2022, right? 

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    November 30, 2018
    "Finally decided to get an ESPN+ subscription. I gotta say that since i am a baseball and soccer fan i was convinced to get this because it includes MLB and MLS games which are the ones i religiously watch. Plus not only that it has an affordable price."
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  • #2
    October 23, 2017
    "This is a decent option if you are trying to see one of your favorite teams play. The PS Vue doesn't carry every game so you do need to do a bit of checking to see what is available. They have a number of packags available to meet your specific needs."
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    Sony PlayStation Vue
  • #3
    December 17, 2017
    "This is honestly the best website I have found for streaming sports online. My biggest problem was the cost. But for less than $20, you get over 70 sports channels, which is a great deal!"
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  • #4
    September 25, 2018
    "Thank God my wife has subscribed to this. I can finally watch NFL games live. Not just that there is also CBS news. Isn't this amazing eh?"
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    CBS All Access
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    October 26, 2017
    "The site for this solution gives a "File not found" error"
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This list is about What are the best sports streaming sites
1ESPN+Streaming Services 24 Paid
2fuboTVStreaming Services 19 Paid
3Sling TVStreaming Services 17 Paid
4Youtube TVStreaming Services 11 Paid
5Sony LIVStreaming Services 11 Free
6CBS All AccessStreaming Services 10 Paid
7DAZNStreaming Services 9 Paid
8WatchESPNStreaming Services 9 Free
9Sony PlayStation VueStreaming Services 7 Paid

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