What are the best State of Decay 2 melee weapons?

When the zombie apocalypse hits, you need to get creative in slaying the undead. Sometimes you're lucky enough to find swords, the rest requires working with what you've got. Here are some of the best State of Decay 2 melee weapons that are a CUT above the rest.

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    #1Bastard of Belleau Wood

    Bastard of Belleau Wood

    The Bastard of Belleau Wood is a melee weapon in State of Decay 2. "This thing must be a century old, but it’s immaculately maintained, with a well-worn hand and brutal serrated edge."

    Game Elements

    Eugene Nelson
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "This can be obtained from rare weapon caches, which will take a while but is well worth it. It doesn't have high stats in Impact and Max Durability but it more than makes up for it with maxed out Dismember, Lethality, Speed, and Quietness. It's hard to get but it is definitely one of the best state of decay 2 melee weapons."
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    #2Monogear Axe

    Monogear Axe

    The Monogear Axe is a melee weapon which can be found in weapon caches in State of Decay 2. “It may have started as a bicycle gear, but now it exists only to cleave zombie skulls.”

    Game Elements


    Cheng Gu
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "This is one of the easier melee weapons to get in the game with nice and balanced stats to boot. It has low stats in Knockdown but has medium or maxed out stats in everything else. A good and reliable weapon that looks cool. This is one of the best to get for the state of decay 2 if nothing else, for its looks alone."
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    #3Persian Meel

    Persian Meel

    The Persian Meel is a rare blunt weapon in State of Decay 2. “Ancient wrestlers used clubs like this one for exercise. In a strong pair of hands, it’ll deliver a devastating blow.”

    Game Elements


    Heather Watkins
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "While bladed weapons are great, state of decay 2 has some pretty good blunt ones as well. The Persian Meel is a good example of them. It has maxed out Impact and Knockdown stats and is quite durable as well."


State of Decay 2 has your typical run-of-the-mill infected. You get bitten, you die, you turn, and get your brains beaten in by another survivor. But there’s more than one kind of zombie in pop culture out there. Let’s start with the zombies from another zombie game, Left 4 Dead. These zombies were created from a new strain of rabies that turns the dead into raging rabid ravagers. Some even mutate, with noteworthy mentions being zombies that do parkour, zombies that reel you in with their long tongue, a fat blob that attracts other zombies with its puke, and an overcompensating rage monster simply called the Tank. World War Z’s zombies rely heavily on working as a pack in pursuit of flesh. They are smart enough to make a zombie ladder to traverse a wall and have a sense of self-preservation by avoiding humans who are already infected with a different disease. The rage zombies from 28 Days Later don’t even require death to trigger the turn. All it takes is for any infected body fluid (saliva, blood, etc.) to enter the system of a non-infected, and it turns them into a rage zombie within minutes. Now imagine just those three variations combined. Can anyone say “nightmare fuel”?

There are plenty more takes on the undead in other media, books included. That said, it’s a common consensus that no matter what the type of undead rises, it can always be put down by either removing the head or destroying the brain, which the weapons on this list can do with ease. The best State of Decay 2 melee weapons may be in a video game, but it might give some ideas on what to prepare for a zombie apocalypse.

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    #4Replica Bastard Sword

    Replica Bastard Sword

    The Replica Bastard Sword is a melee weapon that can be found through scavenging in State of Decay 2. “Though made in modern times, this weapon was lovingly forged with intense attention to detail.”

    Game Elements


    Matthew Burns
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "This sword is quite big and will be a little difficult to wield but once you get used to it, it's fun to slay down enemies with it. This is an overall balanced and effective melee weapon in state of decay 2."
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    #5Apocalypse Sword

    Apocalypse Sword

    The Apocalypse Sword is a melee weapon that you can get from supply drops in the State of Decay 2. “A heavy Chinese was sword issued in the second World War, highly regarded for its potential to remove limbs in a single stroke.”

    Game Elements


    Zhao Dong
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "This is one of the more imposing melee weapons in state of decay 2. Just looking at it, you can already tell that you'll do a lot of damage with this thing. This is a nice and well-rounded weapon perfect for chopping off limbs and is one of the best."
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    #6Ultralight Axe

    Ultralight Axe

    The Ultralight Axe is a bladed melee weapon in State of Decay 2. "This modern military axe isn't as lethal as larger blades, but it's ideal for dismembering hordes of attacking zeds."

    Game Elements


    Philip Webb
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "This is a good melee weapon in the game. Lightweight and speedy with good durability and dismember stats. I would go for the Razorbite Axe which is an upgraded version of this with better durability and dismember stats."
  4. 1



    The Kukri is a short melee weapon available in State of Decay 2. It is distinguished as being a curved Nepalese machete-like weapon. " Good quality, well-maintained blade"

    Game Elements


    Lin Hou
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "This is a decent melee weapon in the game. What it lacks in speed, it makes up for with good cutting power. Personally, I think a machete is a better overall weapon but this is not bad if this is what you have on hand."
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    #8Katana Machete

    Katana Machete

    The Katana Machete is a bladed melee weapon for the game, State of Decay 2. "This odd hobbyist's weapon appears to answer the immortal question: What would a bastard sword with a katana blade look like?"

    Game Elements


    Han Han
    Written on March 22, 2019
    "I got mine from a Red Talon Trader and it's awesome. Max Speed and Dismember stats. Just like with most bladed weapons though, it's really fragile so be mindful while you're slicing and dicing enemies up."


Best What are the best State of Decay 2 melee weapons
1Bastard of Belleau WoodGame Elements 16 Paid
2Monogear AxeGame Elements 16 Free
3Persian MeelGame Elements 6 Free
4Replica Bastard SwordGame Elements 3 Free
5Apocalypse SwordGame Elements 3 Free
6Ultralight AxeGame Elements 2 Free
7KukriGame Elements 1 Free
8Katana MacheteGame Elements 1 Free

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