Who are the best Stephen King characters?

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    It, also known as Pennywise, is the main antagonist of the novel of the same name by Stephen King. He is a monster of unknown origins, in a dimension that is referred to as the "Macroverse". He mutilates, kills and feeds on children of Derry, Maine. 

    • Jorge RiveraWritten on October 2, 2017
      "They are still making movies and other things about this character and it still haunts people to this day with how scary it is."
    • Patricia RobinsonWritten on March 17, 2017
      "Pennywise was my first truly scary horror monster! Made a whole generation afraid of clowns - in a good way."
    • Gerald HunterWritten on January 19, 2017
      "Perfect solution. IT is a Stephen King character."
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    Roland Deschain

    Roland Deschain is the main character of The Dark Tower Series. He is the last gunslinger alive, the descent of a long line of peacekeepers. Stephen King was inspired by The Man With No Name, the main character of the Dollar Trilogy by Sergio Leone, for creating Roland Deschain. Roland, as the character portrayed by Clint Eastwood, doesn't speak too much and has a strong sense of justice.

    • Douglas ArmstrongWritten on October 2, 2017
      "Inspired by the Clint Eastwoood Man with No Name triolgy Roland Deschain is clearly one of the best Stephen King Characters. Not much for talking and quick with a gun the main character of The Dark Tower is a Book lovers dream."
    • Amy BurtonWritten on June 5, 2017
      "Another Western, with Clint Eastwood. I can't see how this character was no made just for me."
    • Harold ChapmanWritten on May 2, 2017
      "Perfect solution. Rolan Deschain is a Stephen King character."
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    Randall Flagg

    Randall Flagg is one of the most fascinating villains of the Stephen King universe and has appeared in up to seven of his books, being ''The Stand'' and ''The Dark Tower'' saga the most outstanding. He is known by many names: The Man in Black, Walter O'Dim, The Walking Dude, etc. He is a demonic and accomplished sorcerer, who has lived for thousands of years and is capable of getting out the worst of people for achieving what he wants.

    • Margaret EstradaWritten on October 2, 2017
      "As a person who is familiar with many of Stephen King's novels, it is exciting to see a reoccurring villain in his books. In this case, that villain in Randall Flagg. This site gives great information about Randall Flagg, as well as how his character was created and has evolved. It mentions the books where his character can be found, but it is not a site from which to purchase the books he is in. Great content, though, with all you ever wanted to know about Randall Flagg."
    • Elizabeth VargasWritten on April 2, 2017
      "This is just what I was looking for! Not only is Randall Flagg a character in Stephen King novels, he appears in several books so he is a prominent character. I'm very happy with this result as it answers my question perfectly and even provides background on the character."
    • Adam PetersWritten on August 12, 2017
      "This guy is just so evil. He is so mysterious and interesting, you just can't not like him. He is truly creepy. "
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    Carrie White

    Carrie White is the main character of the Stephen King debut novel Carrie. She is high school outcast verbally and physically abused by students and her mother Margaret White, an abusive, mentally ill and unstable religious fanatic. When she has her first menstrual period at the age of seventeen, her dormant telekinetic and telepathic abilities awake. 

    • Bobby ButlerWritten on February 22, 2017
      "Stephen King has provided us with many incredible characters in his stories, but arguably Carrie White of "Carrie" from his first novel may be the best ever. I think we can all identify with parts of Carrie's struggle, watching her be ridiculed and bullied by not just her classmates but even her mother. Carrie's powers manifest and she takes revenge on the school and indeed the whole town."
    • Patrick JimenezWritten on July 29, 2017
      "She is an interesting and very flawed character. You kind of want to feel bad for her, but then she kills everyone. She is totally crazy. "
    • Moisés LunaWritten on October 2, 2017
      "This link will give me all the info i need on that character. It has a range of info."
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    Annie Wilkes

    Annie Wilkes is a former nurse and the main antagonist of Misery, and its film adaptation, where she was portrayed by Kathy Bates, who won an oscar for her performance. She is a mentally unstable obsessed fan, who kidnaps her favorite writer, Paul Sheldon, and holds him hostage.

    • Liliana CervantesWritten on May 6, 2017
      "Annie Wilkes is no doubt one of Stephen King's best characters! She's complex, and sometimes even sympathetic. Her mannerisms and her sayings are hilarious - so you're laughing at her and terrified of her at the same time. She's brilliant and scary and in some ways very realistic."
    • Donald MurphyWritten on January 30, 2017
      "At first she's really nice, but then she wants the main character to stay, forever. What a truly terrifying thought. I don't really know what I would do if I ever met her. "
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    Jack Torrance

    Jack Torrance is the protagonist and antagonist of The Shining, one of the most acclaimed novels of the master of horror Stephen King. In the novel, Jack is an aspiring writer recovering from his alcoholism who accepts the position as winter caretaker of the Overlook hotel. Gradually, the hotel will start to make a deep and dark influence on him.

    • Roy PattersonWritten on February 20, 2017
      "The book is very good but a bit heavy at first, when the effects on Jack begin to develop is when the novel begins to be interesting, is very descriptive, and gives the reader much detail of the landscapes and situations that submerged little by little in the lecture."
    • Daniel LewisWritten on February 9, 2017
      "He's totally crazy and he wants to share it with you. He just makes you want to run away and hide. "
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    Bill Denbrough

    Bill Denbrough is the main character of IT. He is the leader of the Losers' Club, the group of pre teen friends that fight Pennywise, a ruthless being from another world. In the novel, we can see Bill as a child, frightened but full of imagination, and as an adult, fearful, complexed, and with a big lack of imagination. 

    • Yolanda GarcíaWritten on October 2, 2017
      "Bill is a more than meets the eye type of character. He has so issues from his past that drive him to find answers. No other character in the book could say that. I really felt for him and want him to get the answers he was searching for."
    • James MurrayWritten on June 11, 2017
      "Bill is one of the best characters in King's movies but I would not consider it the best. Everyone will get an image of Jack Nicholson in the Shining movie as the character of Jack Torrance as the best Stephen King character. "
    • Carl AlexanderWritten on July 29, 2017
      "He does his best to stand up the the clown/alien. I would not want to be in his shoes at all. What a scary life to lead!"
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    Johnny Smith

    Johnny Smith is the main character of The Dead Zone. He is a high school teacher that acquires psychic abilities after suffering an ice-skating accident as a kid. 

    • Micaela MarínWritten on October 2, 2017
      "As far as Stephen King characters go, you will not find a better, more interesting guy than Johnny Smith. Johnny's accident as a child left him with a sort of psychic ability. Johnny uses this ability to help people. From warning a woman that her kitchen is on fire to saving the world, this power makes Johnny the best protagonist of any Steven King novel that I have read."
    • Arthur MasonWritten on May 14, 2017
      "I don't know if Johnny Smith is the best Stephen King character. But Christopher Walken probably is. He's just weird enough to pull this sort of thing off. "
    • Louis FieldsWritten on May 17, 2017
      "Perfect solution. Johnny Smith is a Stephen King character."
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    Dreamcatcher is a science-fiction horror novel written by Stephen King. It was first published in 2001 by Charles Scribner's Sons under ISBN: 1501156756. The movie Dreamcatcher is based on this novel.
    • Xiang FengWritten on May 13, 2018
      "one of stephen king's best books you can read, he went all out for this one."

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