What are the best stories in the world?

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    #1The Arabian Nights: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights

    The Arabian Nights: Tales from a Thousand and One Nights
    The Arabian Nights is the tales about the life of Shahrazad who has a king husband who executed each of his wives. A collection of tales such as Aladdin, and Sinbad the Seaman and Sinbad the Landsman are part of this story.

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    Arthur Andrews
    Written on April 21, 2018
    "If you're trying to assemble a shelf of the best stories in the world, this is an obvious starting place. Just be aware that this is just the tip of the iceberg! The full work is 16 volumes long, and actually has a full 1001 stories. So you may need a bigger shelf than planned, I did!"
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    #2The Illustrated Man

    The Illustrated Man
    Ray Bradbury's The Illustrated Man is a collection of 18 science fiction short stories. The stories are all within a bigger story, wherein the stories are all written as animated tattoos in the skin of "the Illustrated Man."

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    Zachary Russell
    Written on March 31, 2018
    "I really enjoy this type of short stories. These are short stories, so if you are looking to read more of a novel type story this might not be for you. "
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    #3I, Robot

    I, Robot
    I, Robot is a series of short stories by the acclaimed author of science fiction, Isaac Asimov. It tells the story of robots outfitted with a "positronic brain" that allows them to feel what it is to be human, despite being made of metal.

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    Rachel Johnston
    Written on April 18, 2018
    "Classic science fiction about the validity of Robots in our world. What makes a person human? What makes a robot not human? Can mankind and robots coexist? This book explores these situations and more in a page turning enjoyable ride."
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    #4Just After Sunset

    Just After Sunset

    Published in 2008, Just After Sunset is a collection of short stories by Stephen King. The collection is comprised of twelve short stories, eleven of which has been previously published, with "N." being the only exception.


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    Rachel Zhang
    Written on March 30, 2018
    "I love Stephen King, but I don't think this is the best collection of short stories. Since this is an older book, I feel the way he writes now compared to then, seems to be a little different. It was still good, but I wouldn't call it one of the best stories in the world. The characters were interesting and it was a fun read."
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    #5The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes

    The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes is a collection of 12 short stories of the famous detective by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. These stories were originally published as serialized single stories in The Strand Magazine from July 1891 to June 1892. 


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    Jerry Miller
    Written on April 21, 2018
    "The best stories in the world is The Adventures of Sherlock Holmes by Sir Arthur Conan Doyle. The detective, along with his trusty assistant, Watson solve crimes using deductive reasoning and simple logic. For fans of mystery crime novels, these stories are true classics. "
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    #6Nine Stories

    Nine Stories
    Published in 1953, Nine Stories is a collection of short stories by J.D. Salinger, the author of The Catcher in the Rye. His most famous short stories"A Perfect Day for Bananafish" and "For Esme -- With Love and Squalor" are included.

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    Crystal Valdez
    Written on April 7, 2018
    "I meet my husband in a coffee shop back when I was in college. He had has nose so deeply buried in a book that he didn't notice anything around him and ended running smack into me. My hot coffee went flying, burning him and ruining the book he was reading. I felt horrible, even though it was his fault for not looking where he was going. He had the look of a sad puppy that just got into trouble. It was in that moment that our fates crossed. He brought me a new coffee and apologized over and over again. We both attempted to dry his soaked book up with napkins, but the sugary coffee drink had already soaked through the pages. The pages were stained and stuck together. Long story short, we dated and ended up getting married. Next month we celebrate our 50th anniversary. I couldn't think of a more perfect gift than the book that brought us together. Perhaps, now after all these years, we can finish reading Nine Stories together."
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    #7The Complete Stories

    The Complete Stories

    With the exception of his three novels The Trial, The Castle, and Amerika, The Complete Stories includes all of Franz Kafka's literary work, even those published posthumously.


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    Angela Guerrero
    Written on April 18, 2018
    "I have always been a fan of Franz Kafka’s work but the one done posthumously have been my personal favorite. The Complete Stories has these modern classic that would make for an excellent experience "
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    #8Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders

    Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders

    Fragile Things: Short Fictions and Wonders is a collection of short stories from multi-award winning novelist Neil Gaiman. This collection contains stories from previous publications, including 'Sunbird', which is Gaiman's birthday gift to his daughter. 


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    Dorothy Watson
    Written on April 3, 2018
    "This is a really great book with short stories. Neil Gaiman is an award winning writer and has a wonderful writing style. All of the short stories are very interesting and unique from other things I've read in the past. The book has received many great reviews and I would recommend it if you are wanting to read more from Neil Gaiman. "
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    #9Nightmares and Dreamscapes

    Nightmares and Dreamscapes
    Nightmares and Dreamscapes is an anthology of 20 short stories by the acclaimed author of horror, Stephen King. Some of the stories included are "The Moving Finger," "The House on Maple Street," "The Night Flier," and "Dedication."

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    Roy Patterson
    Written on March 30, 2018
    "King isn't the master of horror for nothing. When he sets his mind loose on a page, it gets creepy, it gets tense, and you're always left clutching at the story wondering if it's really going to turn out as scary as you're afraid it will. Hint, it usually does. King likes to take something very normal and ordinary, and turn up the volume on it while asking questions you can't ignore. So you start to wonder, you start to fear, and soon you're worried about where it's going. Twenty of these stories is enough to keep you up at night, but they read fast. Which just makes the fear better."
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    #10Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick

    Selected Stories of Philip K. Dick

    This book contains twenty-one of Dick's most popular stories, including “The Days of Perky Pat,” “Adjustment Team” or  "Autofac”, classics novels of the science fiction genre that have inspired several successful films. 


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    Diane Simmons
    Written on March 30, 2018
    "I don't get a good understanding of the stories contained in this book, but because it is a selection of many stories which have been adapted to movies then I am inclined to believe that they can be included in the topic of best stories."
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    First published in 1914, James Joyce's Dubliners is one of the most well-known short story collections. It is comprised of 15 short stories about life in early 20th century Dublin.


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    Chen Zhang
    Written on April 17, 2018
    "Dubliners is James Joyce at his best. A comprehensive and thrilling look at Irish life, these short stories sparkle with life and intensity. The characters and themes are just as relevant today; I really appreciate how Joyce ties everything together with reoccurring motifs and narrative threads. I even enjoy reading some passages out loud to get the full effect of Joyce's writing."
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    #12The Machineries of Joy

    The Machineries of Joy

    Written by Ray Bradbury, this book is a collection of 21 short stories, all of them from the science fiction genre. It includes some of the author's most famous short stories, like "The Machineries of Joy" and "The Beggar on O'Connell Bridge".


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    Joe Holmes
    Written on April 4, 2018
    "Ray Bradbury is one of the best authors in the recent world of writing. He has many famous works and this one is up there with the best. When I bought this book I was expecting it to be good but not as good as it turned out. I was unable to put this down until I was finished with it. Ray Bradbury is a legend."
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    #13The Complete Stories

    The Complete Stories

    Flannery O'Connor's The Complete Stories won the 1972 National Book Award for Fiction. It includes 31 short stories that are arranged chronologically, ending with "Judgement Day" which she finished shortly before her death.


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    Wayne Cook
    Written on April 18, 2018
    "This is an excellent, wide ranging collection of short stories. Her characters are uncanny and their world described with excruciating detail."
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    #14The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

    The Complete Short Stories of Ernest Hemingway

    This is a definitive collection of Ernest Hemingway's short stories such as his most beloved classics like The Snows of Kilimanjaro, Hills Like White Elephants, and A Clean, Well-Lighted Place. 


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    Kathy Gutierrez
    Written on March 30, 2018
    "These are great stories! You can buy them and have them to read over and over again throughout life."
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    #15The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour: The Frontier Stories (Vol. 1)

    The Collected Short Stories of Louis L'Amour: The Frontier Stories (Vol. 1)
    Being recognized as one of the all-time greatest, it was a matter of time that a book collected Louis L'Amour's best short stories. In this first volume, there are 35 frontier tales that perfectly capture the Old West feeling.


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    Steven Walters
    Written on April 11, 2018
    "I find this to be one of my favorite stories ever. It kept my attention and I didn't want to put it down. I just wanted to keep reading the different tales. I would recommend it highly. "
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    #16What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

    What the Dog Saw: And Other Adventures

    What the Dog Saw and Other Adventures is a book containing short stories written by Malcolm Gladwell about the experiences of influential people, including Ron Popeil, a seller of rotisserie ovens, and Cesar Millan, the famous Dog Whisperer.


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    Adam Rodriguez
    Written on March 29, 2018
    "When I was looking to read some great stories, Gladwell's book ended up being a real slam dunk for me. It had stories from some of the most influential people of the past decades. If you're looking for inspiring and inteersting stories, then this is a great book for you."
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    #17The Martian Chronicles

    The Martian Chronicles
    The Martian Chronicles is a record of human activity on Mars and their encounters with Martian lifeforms. The 28 stories are divided into three acts, with each act focused on a pivotal human accomplishment.

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    Sandra Stevens
    Written on May 15, 2018
    "I'm really not into the theory of life on other planets but I still found this to be an interesting read. Without getting too far into what the book covers it went into a lot of great detail about life on Mars. If you are into space and aliens I would recommend this."
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    #18Bloodchild and Other Stories

    Bloodchild and Other Stories

    Bloodchild and Other Stories is a book containing stories written by multiple award-winning author Octavia Butler. It includes Bloodchild, which won both the Hugo and the Nebula award, and Speech Sounds, a winner of the Hugo Award.


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    Alan Medina
    Written on April 4, 2018
    "What better way to get familiar with an author than by picking up a book with many of her stories to truly understand the author's style. I walked away from this with a great appreciation for Butler, especially Bloodchild, and will certainly read more of her works in the future. The books are as thought-provoking as they are well-written."
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    Ficciones is a collection of 17 short stories by the famous Argentinian writer Jorge Luis Borges. These stories are inquiries into the labyrinthine nature of the human mind.


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    Donna Butler
    Written on April 18, 2018
    "This book is a fantasy fiction that comes highly rated on Amazon."
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    #20Stories of Anton Chekhov

    Stories of Anton Chekhov
    Stories of Anton Chekhov is a collection of short stories by Chekhov, translated from Russian by Richard Pevear and Larissa Volokhonsky. Chekhov writes simple stories in prose about life in Russia.

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    Randy Guerrero
    Written on April 4, 2018
    "The Stories of Anton Chekhov is an iconic collection of stories that are a must for anyone interested in literature. Wonderful prose succinctly delivered."
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    #21The Birthday of the World and Other Stories

    The Birthday of the World and Other Stories

    The Birthday of the World: And Other Stories is a collection of short stories written by award-winning writer Ursula K. Le Guin. This first six stories in this book are set in Le Guin's hit series, Hainish Cycle.


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    Jeremy Carpenter
    Written on March 30, 2018
    "In my opinion, this book seems to be presented as if it speaks about the birthday of earth among other things, however the way it is presented does not give me a clear understanding if this is a fictional story or an actual documentation of earths birthday. "
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    #22Interpreter of Maladies

    Interpreter of Maladies

    The Pulitzer Prize-winning Interpreter of Maladies by Jhumpa Lahiri is a collection of nine stories that talk about Indian Americans and how they are caught between cultural and generational barriers.


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    Larry Richardson
    Written on April 16, 2018
    "Stories are interesting to read. Whether fact or fiction, I love to get lost in a good one. Interpreter of maladies was everything you could have asked for. I found it engaging and apropro for what I was interested in."


Best What are the best stories in the world
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4Just After SunsetBooks 35 Paid
5The Adventures of Sherlock HolmesBooks 34 Paid
6Nine StoriesBooks 31 Paid
7The Complete StoriesBooks 29 Paid
8Fragile Things: Short Fictions and WondersBooks 27 Paid
9Nightmares and DreamscapesBooks 26 Paid
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