What are the best studio headphones?

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    #1Sony MDR7520

    Sony MDR7520

    Sony MDR7520 studio headphones feature high-quality sound that is ideal for studio use. These durable headphones are designed with closed-back earcup and soft cushions around ears to provide great listening experience in noisy environments.


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    Janice Beck
    Written on March 12, 2018
    "The sound these produce is very natural and doesn't give that weird boxed sound like normal noise canceling headphones. They have an AMAZING price-to-sound ratio! Oh and i even saw my friend use this as a recording headphones"
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    #2Sony MDR-7506

    Sony MDR-7506

    Sony MDR7506 is a pair of Large Diaphragm Headphones specially designed for professional use. These headphones feature neodymium magnets for a powerful acoustic experience and provide external sound isolation and sound leakage.


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    Divya Jaiteley
    Written on April 17, 2018
    "I have long considered myself loyal to the Bose brand but have sometimes been bothered by the high price tag that comes along with it. When I tried these Sony headphones, I was stunned by the richness and depth of the sound. All of the levels seemed perfectly calibrated and the overall audio quality was absolutely excellent. I am now a total believer in the Sony brand and am so glad that I took a chance on these headphones. You are definitely getting a very good value for the money. These studio headphones definitely stand up to any competitor brand."
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    #3Beyerdynamic DT-880-PRO-250

    Beyerdynamic DT-880-PRO-250

    The Beyerdynamic DT 880 is a perfect professional headphone for all kinds of music. It can be used in the studio as a monitoring headphone or at your home theatre as hi-fi device. 


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    Christopher Castillo
    Written on March 8, 2018
    "I upgraded to these headphones for sound studio work, and I have to say that these are the best studio monitor headphones I have ever owned. It was a bit of investment for me, but after researching heavily, I went for it. I have no regrets. Perfect sound quality and comfort for long hours of editing and studio work. Rock on!"


Did you know studio headphones are also sometimes referred to as monitor headphones? They are built for professional work and its best suited for recording or mixing. But, they’re often versatile enough to make for great entertainment listening. Aside from that, they are almost always built to last. This is because they often have user-replaceable parts. So if something does break, you can order a new part from the manufacturer and swap it out yourself. Moreover, studio headphones tend to have tunings that try to render the source audio. This means they are often brighter and more detailed than consumer-oriented pairs. The downside of that is you are able to hear every flaw in the music you are listening to. And that is why studio headphones are a must for any producer making music. With the use of them, every distortion, background noise, awkward edits, and more can be heard. You wouldn't be able to hear those with a consumer-style gear, right?

More importantly, studio headphones are almost never advertised outside certain circles. They are also based on older designs that have already made back their development costs. This means they tend to be cheaper than other headphones and provide better audio performance. And that is why studio headphones fluctuate wildly up and down in pricing, while most consumer headphones stay at a stable price. 

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    #4Sony MDR-1A

    Sony MDR-1A

    Sony MDR-1A is a high-resolution stereo headphone featuring thoughtful design, long-term comfort and ultra Hi-Res audio for a greater sounds experience. It includes an in-line remote and microphone for hands-free calling. 


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    Xiang Qiao
    Written on December 21, 2018
    "Sony MDR-1A is the best studio monitor headphones that i have used so far. This has a good sounding and well-designed headset that would definitely satisfy music producers like me out there. Although yeah this is a little bit pricey for other studio headphones out there."
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    #5Grado SR60e

    Grado SR60e

    Grado SR60e is a headphone which will give you a thumping bass and kick-drum at a reasonable and affordable price. Through this open-back headphone, you experience fuller and more realistic sounds. 


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    Han Lin
    Written on December 21, 2018
    "So a friend of mine saw me using this and told me that he uses this as a studio headset. And i was like really? LMAO! I didn't even know that this are studio headsets hahaha! "
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    #6Status Audio Headphones

    Status Audio Headphones

    Status Audio CB-1 Closed Back Headphones are designed with ergonomic earpads to provide good listening experience inside and outside the studio. It is also made with foldable earcups for portable and comfortable use.


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    Jessica Qiu
    Written on February 17, 2018
    "I love these headphones! I wouldn't say they are studio quality, but they are better than your average paid of headphones, and I have been using them for production regularly. The sound is pretty good, and they are really comfortable for long hours in the studio, so I'm pleased."
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    #7Oppo PM-3

    Oppo PM-3

    The OPPO PM-3 is a pair of closed-back planar magnetic headphones that combines elegant styling with noise isolation, isolating you from external noise while preventing sound leakage.


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    Margaret Smith
    Written on November 12, 2017
    "These are my go-to headphones for music production and mixing. The sound quality is phenomenal. Everything is crisp. Also, they are very comfortable, which is great since I wear them often. Finally, they look great. Very sleek."
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    #8Focal Listen

    Focal Listen

    Focal Listen is a wireless closed-back headphone with a battery capacity capable of up to 20 hours of listening. It has ergonomic controls and an isolation that can preserve acoustic qualities of the headphone even in loud surroundings.


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    He Zhang
    Written on November 9, 2017
    "Focal Listen headphones are an excellent choice for anyone serious about music production and mixing. The combination of audio quality, noise reduction, and comfort is unparalleled! I highly recommend trying these headphones out!"
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    #9Philips M1MKIIBK/27 Fidelio

    Philips M1MKIIBK/27 Fidelio

    Melding best-in-class sound and true comfort in an iconic design, the Philips Fidelio M1MKII is expertly engineered and crafted for high definition music enjoyment. Its light yet sturdy design also ensures superb noise isolation on the go.


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    Shirley Ma
    Written on November 5, 2017
    "If you need a great headphone, check out these Fidelio headphones by Philips. They're light but sturdy and affordable for any consumer. It also has a noise cancelling feature."
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    #10Bose QuietComfort 35 Series

    Bose QuietComfort 35 Series

    World-class noise cancellation makes quiet sound quieter and music sound better. Volume-optimized EQ for balanced audio performance at any volume. Wireless convenience, with easy Bluetooth and NFC pairing aided by voice prompts. 20-hour battery life per charge; up to 40 hours in wired mode. Noise-rejecting dual-microphone system for clear calls even in windy environments


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    Ethan Gonzalez
    Written on November 10, 2017
    "Bose has been synonymous with great sound for a long time ,so I def knew what I was getting when I bought these "
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    #11Grado SR80e

    Grado SR80e

    The SR80 utilizes a 4 conductor connecting cable and larger ear cushions, the result of which gives a more open stage. The sr80 provides an improved bass resonance, which enhances the overall detail. 


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    Heather Delgado
    Written on November 9, 2017
    "good studio headphone for under $100"
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    #12Mpow 059

    Mpow 059

    Designed for an excellent listening experience, Mpow 059 Bluetooth headset with CSR chip and around-ear cushion design can provide robust, immersive and Hi-fidelity sound.


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    Frank Stone
    Written on November 9, 2017
    "Headphones are not necessarily for music production or mixing. They're highly rated although are definitely on the low end of the market and probably not a good option for music production."
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    #13Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

    Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II

    Bose QuietComfort 35 Series II is a wireless noise-canceling headphone. This headphone has earcups made with plush cushions for comfort. It comes with the built-in Google Assistant technology that activates tasks through voice command.


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    César Correa
    Written on December 21, 2018
    "We all know that Bose has been known for producing top notch headphones so if you want a wireless studio headphones look nowhere else because the Bose QuietComfort 35 series II is your best choice. This is so comfortabel and has a great sound producing audio defintely good if you are working to make some music"
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    #14Sony MDR-V6

    Sony MDR-V6
    The Sony MDR-V6 studio headphones are specially designed for professional use. It allows users you to monitor recordings in high-fidelity. The oval ear pads offer an extra isolation and comfortable listening experience.

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    Catherine Day
    Written on January 29, 2018
    "Sony MDRV6 are high quality featuring a copper cord fro the best conductivity. The headband is adjustable and the ear's are fold able for compact storage and easy portability. Sold at a very affordable price and give quality sound, can be used for listening or mixing. "
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    #15Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro

    Beyerdynamic DT770 Pro
    The DT770 Pro is a pair of over-ear headphones, specially designed for professional mixing and studio recording thanks to its high-resolution sound. This is a good option not only for professionals but also people who need to cope with a noisy environment or want some comfortable headphones to to use for many hours.

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    Albert Hicks
    Written on November 20, 2017
    "I mix and produce a lot of music so I always try to get the best headphones available. I noticed these Byerdynamics are amazing. They have such clarity and bass. They make the songs come alive. Check them out. "
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    #16Bowers & Wilkins P7

    Bowers & Wilkins P7
    These incredibly immersive over-ear headphones deliver professional-quality sound in a large but foldable design, while wireless streaming via Bluetooth aptX means you can listen anywhere completely free of cables.

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    Jeffrey Wells
    Written on November 9, 2017
    "These headphones take advantage of cutting edge speaker design to deliver all encompassing crystal clear sound with Bluetooth technology. They offer professional quality sound for the audiophile."
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    #17V-MODA Crossfade

    V-MODA Crossfade
    Crossfade M-100 are the world's first crowdsourced, lightweight metal, noise-isolating headphones. The modern audiophile sound signature is the winner of 20+ Editors' Choice Awards, including CNET & Voted #1 Headphones by DJ Mag back to back. Over 40% of the world's top 100 DJs use the Crossfade M-100 on stage, on the road and in the studio.

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    Jasmine He
    Written on November 3, 2017
    "These headphones are incredible in so many ways the clear noise and background helps. I love how nice the bass sound also."
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    #18Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

    Audio-Technica ATH-M50x

    The ATH-M50x is a pair of closed back headphones that can be used for studio monitoring as well as casual music listening. The sound produced by this headphones can be considered as neutral or balanced but has a slightly aggressive tone.


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    Ruth Carter
    Written on April 8, 2018
    "These headphones are so-so. They fit comfortably, and my ears dont get hot which is nice! But the sound quality is just mediocre. There seemed to be a slight difference in the right ear phone, which is pretty noticable. I expected a bit more, especially for the price."
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    #19Klipsch R6 II Headphones

    Klipsch R6 II Headphones

    Klipsch R6 II in-ear headphones have an advanced engineering and industrial design that offers style and quality performance to users. Made with patented oval-shaped tips and wired connectivity to smartphones and other gadgets.


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    Randy Flores
    Written on February 17, 2018
    "Good Bass because they seal nicely. Durable construction and fine sound quality. Acceptable mid range pricing is good."
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    #20Sennheiser HD 600

    Sennheiser HD 600

    Sennheiser HD 600 is a professional headphone constructed with high-end materials, sophisticated design and black and grey finish, and excellent crystal clear sound. 


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    Lawrence Watkins
    Written on December 21, 2018
    "Very very high quality sounds with this studio head phones. The music comes out absoloutely clear and vibrant. And yeah since this has an open-backed design you need a quiet environment to really enjoy what you are listening too. "
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    #21Shure SRH440

    Shure SRH440
    Shure SRH440 are professional studio headphones optimized for home and studio, circumaural collapsible design and provides excellent sound and comfort. 

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    Carl Kim
    Written on December 21, 2018
    "If you are looking for cheap studio headset then you have to get the Shure SRH440. Because I did and i am not regretting buying this. The audio reproduction of this headset is on-par with the Audio-Technica ATH-M50x (which we know is quite expensive and yeah i have that one too)"
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    #22Shure SRH840

    Shure SRH840

    Shure SRH840 is a professional monitoring headphone which is designed for professional audio engineers and musicians to help them in the studio recording and critical listening. It has a detachable and coiled cable. 


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    Peter McDonald
    Written on December 21, 2018
    "I am a music producer and have been making music. So yeah i have tried lots of recording headphones especially pro head phones which are costly. But this for such a low price i have to say that this is definitely a WOW! Its sound fidelity, neutrality and clarity is hands up able to compete with the sennheiser hd650s, and akgs k550s. "
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    #23Sony MDR-1000X

    Sony MDR-1000X

    Sony is one the greatest technology brands in the world. The MDR 1000x headphones are he ultimate sound machine if you are looking for avoiding external noise. They also can work as wired or wireless headphones. 



    Vivaan Venkatesan
    Written on October 23, 2017
    "I love these headphones. The Sony MDR-1000X provide such crystal clear sound that I sometimes forget that I am wearing headphones. I also love that they can be both wired or wireless. I like having the option to be wired if I don't have access to wi-fi, for instance. Overall, you can't go wrong with these headphones."
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    #24Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

    Audio-Technica ATH-M40x

    That award-winning formula is embodied in the newly remastered M-Series line, with a model perfectly suited for every discerning listener. Contoured earcups seal tight for excellent sound isolation, with minimal bleed. And the pro-grade materials are durable, yet comfortable. M-Series professional monitor headphones deliver accurate audio and outstanding comfort that gets the job done


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    Rachel Murphy
    Written on October 25, 2017
    "I love that the ear cups conform to my ears, allowing for great sound quality without any diminishment. This sound quality allows for better music production and mixing, as I am able to hear every single beat/sound made."


Best What are the best studio headphones
1Sony MDR7520Electronics 21 Paid
2Sony MDR-7506Electronics 9 Paid
3Beyerdynamic DT-880-PRO-250Electronics 3 Paid
4Sony MDR-1AElectronics 0 Paid
5Grado SR60eElectronics 0 Paid
6Status Audio HeadphonesElectronics 0 Paid
7Oppo PM-3Electronics 0 Paid
8Focal Listen Electronics 0 Paid
9Philips M1MKIIBK/27 Fidelio Electronics 0 Paid
10Bose QuietComfort 35 SeriesElectronics 0 Paid

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