What are the best summer movies of all time?

Isn't summer everyone's favorite season of all time? And yes, it’s easy to assume that people like flocking to the beaches and basking in the gleaming ray of sunshine. Of course, their experience is only half-baked without taking photos of their perfect body silhouettes. Yet, for homebodies like you, taking a summer getaway might also mean going away from the busy streets and just staying at home, right? Anyway, regardless of where you are spending your summer vacay, having a curated list of the best summer movies might come in handy, whether at the beach or in your bed. So, without further ado, here are our best picks for you!

  1. 1The Dark Knight


    Arguably, The Dark Knight has surely set high standards when it comes to choosing the best summer movies of all time. The audience who were able to watch in on the IMAX screen can attest to this. Yet, this Batman sequel directed by Christopher Nolan deserves to have a second round of binge-watching this summer.

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  1. 2Jaws


    No doubt! Jaws is a game-changer! Among all the best summer movies of all time, this 1975 thriller film will make you want to put going to the beaches on the back burner for quite some time. Directed by Steven Spielberg, this movie will send chills down your spine.

  2. 3Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark


    Following the adventures of the iconic character Indiana Jones through the classic action film Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark will surely spice up your experience, taking you back in the summer of the 1980s.

  1. 4Guardians of the Galaxy


    The presence of Guardians of the Galaxy is not only vital in the parlance of superhero movies but also in the career of Kevin Feige. And indeed, it's one of the riskiest movies Marvel has ever produced since Iron Man. Well, another James Gunn film made it to the list of the best summer movies.

  2. 5Wet Hot American Summer


    Summer camps are the best! Would you agree? And there's no better way of reliving the memories of your favorite camp with Wet Hot American Summer, for it brims with nostalgia and teenage humor and even innuendos. Its esteemed cast includes Paul Rudd, Molly Shannon, and Christopher Meloni.

  3. 6The Avengers


    Okay, this film is not in a summer setting but c'mon, it's a Marvel superhero movie! Who wouldn't want to watch The Avengers, right? Anyway, it was once dubbed as one of the highest-grossing summer movies of all time. Fans of Thor, Captain America, Black Widow will take delight in watching this!

  4. 7Iron Man


    Iron Man may have been a forgotten superhero movie, but one thing is certain, this film has paved the way for  Robert Downey Jr., Kevin Feige, and for Marvel itself. And MTV Movie Awards hailed this film as the Best Summer Movie So Far in 2008. So, watching it this summer isn't a bad idea at all.

  5. 8Call Me By Your Name


    This isn't your summer film released in May, June, or July. Instead, it's one of the films set in the summer season, centered around summer-time romance between two gay men. Watch this if you can relate to a love story that was built on a strong emotional connection. Meet Oliver and Elio.

  6. 9Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow


    Don't get confused. Edge of Tomorrow is the same as Live Die Repeat. Director Doug Liman prefers calling it the latter. Regardless of title, knowing this film stars Tom Cruise, you bet this 2015 summer movie will take you to an action-packed filled journey, conflated with elements of sci-fi.

  7. 10Die Hard


    It seems like this list of the best summer movies of all time is sort of dominated by action films! And action junkies may just be delighted once again with this Bruce Willis-leaf film Die Hard. The summer of 1988 would have been different if not for this John McTiernan movie.

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Did you know why Americans love summer movies? This may sound unbelievable, but the sweltering season is actually a time when most films turn into blockbuster hits. During summer, you would see people going to beaches--that also means the theaters transform into ghost towns. Yet, Jaws, one of the best Steven Spielberg movies, came into the picture and changed everything. Prior to Jaws' release, Universal Studios bolstered its promotion. It spent nearly 2 million dollars in marketing and advertising. After watching the trailer, people immediately queued to buy tickets. The effort that the studio put into it became a touchstone for other studios. Once Jaws proved its success in the film sphere, studios learned how to springboard films into high demand during the hot season. Two years later, Star Wars patterned its strategy to that of Jaws, confirming the latter's formula for triumph. It made waves at the box office and experienced a lengthened theatrical stint. Now, Hollywood has become obsessed with creating films with huge advertising glitz during the season.

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  • #1
    May 23, 2018
    "This is one of the best films I've ever seen, not just because it's a fun action film, filled with characters that I've grown to love, but because it was the first of its kind, setting the bar for other multiple-character franchises. It's a first, and because of this it absolutely has its flaws, but it's definitely a game changer. Despite having seven lead characters (counting all Avengers plus Loki), everyone got at least a few moments of screen time devoted to their development. With seven leads, that's pretty amazing. We have the quiet moments, the little gestures and phrases that have been picked apart time and again by the fans that have granted a depth to the film that wouldn't have been possible if this were the first time we met any of these characters, and that's the real beauty of Avengers. It's a team-up flick, but it's a team-up of characters we've all been introduced to before. (Even if you hadn't seen any of the previous films, there was a sort of pop culture awareness around most of them by the time it was released that you'd be hard pressed to go in blind about anyone except the characters who didn't have their own film yet and were, however regrettably, less important because of it.)"
    Refering to:
    The Avengers
  • #2
    May 25, 2018
    "This movie is one of the best classics of all time. I remember watching it for the first time five years ago and have watched it at least 3 more times since. The movie has a great and suspenseful plot. The story line is exciting from the beginning until the end. The graphic are obviously out of date but that is not a big deal in my mind. This is the kind of movie everyone needs to see at least once."
    Refering to:
    Indiana Jones and the Raiders of the Lost Ark
  • #3
    May 22, 2018
    "I was not impressed with Guardians of the Galaxy when I saw it. In my opinion, the storyline and the characters were extremely shallow and the attempts at humor were somewhat corny. I watched this along with some friends and this movie failed to hold our attention. We didn't even finish the movie, it was that bad."
    Refering to:
    Guardians of the Galaxy
  • #4
    May 26, 2018
    "Iron Man is a good movie. I wouldn't say it's the best summer movie because there are better, but it is a good all around movie if you are looking for something action packed and exciting."
    Refering to:
    Iron Man
  • #5
    May 15, 2018
    "It just wouldn't be summer without thinking of getting eaten by a shark. This book can be read over and over again. A perfect read for days on the beach or on the deck."
    Refering to:
  • #6
    May 20, 2018
    "Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow was the best summer movie of its time. It definitely kept me on the edge of my seat the whole time."
    Refering to:
    Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow
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