What are the best superhero casting choices?

Casting decisions can have a huge impact on a film, and when you're talking about a superhero film, this becomes even more important. Who would have initially thought of Christian Bale as Batman? Thanks to great casting, we can see our favorites transcend to real life. Here are the best superhero casting choices in movies.

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    Robert Downey Jr. as Iron Man

    Robert Downey Jr. might not be the unanimous choice to play Tony Stark in the earlier days of casting but good thing he ended up with the role. Downey Jr. blew expectations out of the water and if you’ve ever read an Avengers or Iron Man comic book, you probably have a decent grasp of what kind of person Tony Stark is. He’s both cocky and arrogant but with a good understanding of justice, and it's exactly what Robert Downey Jr. looks like in this role.

    • Annie XuWritten on October 14, 2019
      "He's my favorite Marvel superhero ever! He fits Iron man perfectly no question. Too bad he died :("
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    J.K. Simmons as J. Jonah Jameson

    J. Jonah Jameson is not the lead guy that we look forward to seeing in the Spiderman movie series. However, since Tobey Maguire first put on the Spidey suit in 2002, we have had three different live-action Spider-Man, two different Gwen Stacy, three different MJ‘s, and two different Uncle Ben. The only one casting that has never changed is J.K, Simmons' part and this speaks a lot about how this guy actually plays and even looks his role very well. After all, he's a fun guy that makes viewers smile every time he opens his mouth.

    • Judy WarrenWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Who ever cast this guy and let him play his role in all Spiderman movies must be a genius. Well, it's also a no brainer. J. Jonah Jameson is not a superhero but I really like his character and he's an icon too! Really found it funny when he wore a Spidey suit too"
    • Ny2LA Web DesignWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Agreed. So happy he is continuing in the role!"
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    Hugh Jackman as Wolverine

    Who else doesn't think of this guy when talking about Wolverine from the X-Men saga? We bet no one actually does. Hugh Jackman played Wolverine in nine different X-Men movies and he proved that one actor is enough to give the role justice for a whole eternity. From the start, Jackam was a great superhero casting choice as he was tough but only had the best intentions. He was strong but also weakened by his unstable mentality. In short, he was exactly Logan, the only one viewers wanted to see. 

    • Víctor JuárezWritten on October 14, 2019
      "I remember watching the first X-Men film when I was younger and thinking that no other actor could have been casted as Wolverine. This is one of the best superhero casting choices ever!"
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    Christopher Reeve as Superman

    Superman has no limits and is one of the strongest superheroes ever created. He almost needs to figure out how to be a god living amongst men. This makes it very hard to offer fans a relatable actor to portray the Man of Steel. However, Christopher Reeve absolutely nailed the character. Reeve’s Superman is both strengthened and incapacitated by his human upbringing. Kryptonite might be his weakness but this performance by Reeve just strengthened Superman's iconic status.

    • Diane FisherWritten on October 14, 2019
      "I was too young to watch his Superman performance but based on comics and all that, he really looks like Superman. My dad also told me about him being so good at the role"
    • Ny2LA Web DesignWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Still the best Man of Steel. Ever. "
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    Josh Brolin as Thanos

    Josh Brolin did not have an easy task ahead of him when he agreed to play the mad Titan Thanos. With lots of attention surrounding the MCU movies, he had to somehow capture all the hype leading up to a character that played such an important part in all those films. Brolin was menacing, well-written, and well-performed. There were so many movies leading up to his arrival, and yet Brolin was able to make the wait worthwhile. Plus, him being a completely digital creation was completely amazing.

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    Heath Ledger as Joker

    Sure Jack Nicholson gave everyone a pretty unbelievable portrayal of this famous evil clown. However, Heath Ledger blew Nicholson out of the water with just one chilling scene from “The Dark Knight“. Joker is actually a very versatile character. Sure, at his core he’s a criminal who dresses up as a clown, but Heath Ledger winning the Oscar for his performance made him immortalize The Joker.

    • Hao FengWritten on October 14, 2019
      "I thought that no one would ever surpass the great Jack Nicholson but Heath Ledger just killed it. That role really is enough to cement him as the best Joker ever. This new casting choice of Joaquin Phoenix just comes up short to me a little bit"
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    Patrick Stewart as Professor X

    Patrick Stewart took on the difficult task ahead of him when he chose to play Professor Charles Xavier in the X-Men series. Professor X might be sitting down most of the time but Stewart had to take the character from humble beginnings as a teacher and leader of the X-Men, to a freedom fighter trying to save the mutant race, to a frail old man seeking redemption. Despite all this, Patrick Stewart was consistently one of the best parts in all of the films as fans can surely feel every word that comes out of the professor's mouth. 

    • Angela HuangWritten on October 14, 2019
      "This is an excellent superhero casting choice for sure. X-Men couldn't have been without this guy"
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    Michael Keaton as Batman

    Batman has got to be one of those superheroes that have been portrayed by loads of different actors from loads of different films. Fans have already seen Adam West, Christian Bale, Val Kilmer, George Clooney, Ben Affleck, and, of course, Michael Keaton don the cape and cowl. Let's not forget that Batman is also Bruce Wayne and it is safe to say that the versatile actor embodied the masked hero pretty well in “Batman” and “Batman Returns”. Pair Keaton’s performance with other great villains like Joker and Penguin, and you have something special.

    • Austin MoralesWritten on October 14, 2019
      "MIchael Keaton was great plus his voice is just so Batman too! Christian Bale would have been 2nd to me btw. but both are great casting choices tbh"
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    Ian McKellen as Magneto

    When you're looking for a well-written character that has apeard on the big screen just like on the comic books, you’d be hard-pressed to find a better-written villain than Magneto. Ian McKellen captures both Magneto's tragedy and motivations perfectly. You just have this feeling that he could wipe out an entire building with a flick of his wrist. Being this powerful of a mutant really fit McKellen as he sure looks like a master of magnetism.

    • Victoria HendersonWritten on October 14, 2019
      "My favorite all-time X-Men character in the tv series as well as the comics. No other actor could have played this Magneto role better than Ian McKellen. Excellent super hero casting choices for all X-men characters too"
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    Michael B. Jordan as Killmonger

    Michael B. Jordan’s performance as Killmonger in “Black Panther” was really one heck of a villain's performance. His acting was what really broke the mold for a lot of fans as he commands the screen in all of his scenes. He lets T’Challa make the first move to help dictate how the situation will unfold. What really makes Jordan's fit for the role is phenomenal writing coupled with a great casting choice. This casting was so good that some even wish he would've ended up on Wakanda's throne.

    • Helen CuiWritten on October 14, 2019
      "Very good casting choice. Very unassuming actor but quite effective"

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