What are the best Thai horror movies?

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Hollywood might have always been on the cutting edge of film production. Yet, you gotta admit that when it comes to scary movies, the Asian cinema has a lot to offer! In fact, did you know that one of the most popular Thai horror films to be ever produced in Thailand was later remade by Hollywood? And yes, your hunch is right. We are talking about Shutter who took the world by storm and sent everyone chills down their spine. So, in an attempt to bring you a list of the best Thai horror films, we included some of the classics and some newcomers. Disclaimer: Watch at your own risk! 

  1. 1Shutter


    Topping our chart of the best Thai horror movies ever is Shutter. The legendary, the iconic, and perhaps, the one that put Thailand on the map of scary films. While you can argue that this isn't the best, we still wanna honor the international recognition it garnered in 2004 after it hit theaters. So much so that Hollywood had to remake it in 2008. And as the title suggests, it follows the story of a woman who had been hit and run and how she appears in every photo of the family who caused her death. For sure, after watching this Thai horror film, you'll never look at your taken photos the same way again!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 24bia


    Also known as Phobia, 4bia is yet another thriller-diller that made it to our roster of the best Thai horror movies. If you are the type who takes delight in watching short horror anthology films, then this is definitely a must-watch. It is divided into four parts, each has a unique scary story to tell. The four parts chronologically go by the titles Happiness, Tit For Tat, In The Middle, and Last Fright.

  2. 3Coming Soon


    If you loved the two Thai horror movies Shutter and Alone, then you should include Coming Soon in your list of must-watch scary films from Thailand just because the three films were written by the same creative writer. Be careful though, because you might not be able to watch another terrifying film after this because it will remind you of the couple who became part of the film they are watching. Talk about inception--a film inside a film!

  1. 4Laddaland


    For critical yet horror-loving moviegoers out there, Laddaland might just become your top choice for the best Thai horror movies of all time. Not only did it premiere at the 17th Busan International Film Festival, but it also became the number one film upon hitting theaters for the first time! Follow the story of a family who has recently moved to Ladda Land, a new neighborhood, and the paranormal quagmire they are mired in. Will the family keep their sanity intact after all the horrifying events?

  2. 5Alone


    If Shutter scared the living daylights out of you, then buckle up for Alone, another flick that earned a spot on our list of the best Thai horror movies. No need to justify further because the writer of Shutter was also the one who wrote this film. Zeroing in on the lives of conjoined twins, Alone isn't just your typical jumpscare, it revolves around love, revenger, and unfinished business. Watch how Pim is haunted by her dead twin, Ploy.


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