What are the best theories behind Stranger Things Season 4?

Stranger Things Season 4 is happening! And, Netflix officially announced it using a cryptic trailer with some possible clues to what the Duffer Brothers have in store for us. There's the clock, Hopper's cabin, a newspaper, and a road sign saying "Welcome to Hawkins" all in the Upside Down! What could this possibly mean? We scouted for some of the most interesting theories. Check them below!

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    Get ready for some time travel

    Stranger Things is known for its pop culture reference and one of which is its tribute to the 1985 film 'Back to the Future'. Fans started to speculate that the next season will involve some time travel. Supporting this theory, Hopper mentioned in his letter to Eleven in season 3 that he hopes he can "turn back the clock". Speaking of clock, it was the highlight of season 4's trailer! This only fueled the theory that the gang will "go back" to when and where it all started - that is in Hawkins when Dr. Brenner was just starting to discover the gates of Upside Down.

    • Jennifer SullivanWritten on October 4, 2019
      "This is almost too real to believe! Probably the best stranger things theories out there... Ughhhh. But if this is what season 4 will be, I'm afraid that it could be the end of the series. If they go back to where everything began, how further can Duffer Brothers take this show? Nevertheless, I still can't wait to see Mike, El, Dustin, and the rest of the gang!!! 😭😭😭"
    • Roy ChanWritten on October 7, 2019
      "I think this is the best theories, it all make sense! the pop culture, Back to The Future (at movie theater scene), I wonder how this is gonna play out.. But I hope S4 would be the season finale, otherwise it will be boring same as other series with too much season on going.."
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    Release this holiday season?

    The clock in the trailer was almost unnoticeable if it wasn't for the ticking sound in the background. It was covered in slimy vines that it was almost too hard to read the time. However, if you look closely, you can see that the small hand is on the 12 and the long hand points to 6. Is it 12:30? Or 12/30? If so, then Netflix will possibly release season 4 during the Christmas season! Remember that time when Joyce Byers was talking to Christmas lights to communicate with Will who was trapped in the Upside Down? It is probably one of the most iconic scenes of the show and maybe back then, it was already preparing us to something bigger.

    • Barbara EdwardsWritten on October 4, 2019
      "Okay... This theory is probably the best out of these. And I think this part was left out but remember when Mike told El that she could visit during the holidays??? In the last episode when El was leaving Hawkins with the Byers??? That could be it guys. They're coming back for Christmas! 🤔 "
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    Hopper is alive (in the Upside Down, yikes!)

    We've seen in season 3 that Joyce chose to close the gates of the Upside Down even at the cost of Hopper's life but fans believe that he is very much alive. Well, why wouldn't they? In a post-credits scene, two Russians were choosing who to "sacrifice" for their pet demogorgon. One of the men said "No, not the American". This scene brought joy (and hope) to watchers theorizing that the "American" is Hopper. Plus, no body was ever identified. This also leads to another theory that Hopper is alive but he's trapped in the Upside Down.

    • Ai YuWritten on October 4, 2019
      "There was too much character build up for Hopper and I think that his character has a lot of potential. For god's sake, he could even be the villain in season 4! This theory is just too good. I hope Netlfix can live up to this expectation or maybe top it off... 😩"
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    Dr. Brenner returns

    Dr. Brenner will return in season 4. In contrast to the previous theory about the Russians mentioning an American prisoner that could be Hopper, it is also plausible that the "American" is Dr. Brenner. We know that in season 1, Hawkins Lab served as the gate to the Upside Down. We saw how the demogorgons devoured his whole crew of scientists but his death was never really shown. This theory can also support another hunch that Dr. Brenner helped the Russians in developing the weapon to open the hellish gates in season 3.

    • Lawrence RyanWritten on October 4, 2019
      "This man started everything. I think it only makes sense if he comes back and he's given more highlight"
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    Eleven is flayed

    We've seen in the first season how Upside Down "contaminated" poor Will Byers. In season 3, we saw how the Mind Flayer controlled Billy as its pawn after biting and poisoning him. A new theory is circulating around online saying that we might see a flayed version of Eleven. After all, she did get a good bite on her leg when she fought the Mind Flayer in the cabin, right? Eleven even lost her powers and she never got it back until the end of the last season. This strengthens the theory that we might see some wheels turning. Season 4 could be the time when the gang will save Eleven.

    • Linda MunozWritten on October 4, 2019
      "Now that's something. It wouldnt hurt if season 4 will feature El as the damsel in distress instead of always being the hero... I want to see another side of her and i think this is it guys. El without powers, like a normal teenage girl just like Max. ❤️"

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