Who are the best Tim Burton Disney characters?

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    Alice Kingsleigh

    Alice Kingsleigh is the title character in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. She is described to be an imaginative and curious young woman. She is an important and beloved guest in the magical Underland.

    • Judy WebbWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Honestly, I wasn't so happy when they first revealed the cast for 2010 Alice. I thought Tim Burton made a huge mistake by choosing Mia but I was sooooo wrong. Mia Wasikowska is indeed the perfect choice to be the grown-up Alice 😍"
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    The Red Queen

    The Red Queen or Iracebeth of Crims is the main antagonist of the 2010 film, Alice In Wonderland. She is known to be bloodthirsty mainly because she likes sentencing people to be beheaded.

    • Yan JiangWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Helena Bonham Carter killed it as the Red Queen! She was AMAZING! Both hilarious and scary at the same time 😉"
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    Jack Skellington

    Jack Skellington is a fictional character and main protagonist from Tim Burton's The Nightmare Before Christmas. Jack Skellington is also known as Halloween Town's Pumpkin King. The character was voiced by Chris Sarandon.

    • Juan UribeWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Out of all the works of Tim Burton this character really made my childhood... The Nightmare Before Christmas was such a hit I remembered having a bag and wallet with Jack's face "
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    Dumbo is a popular character and protagonist from the 1941 Disney film of the same name. Dumbo is a young circus elephant with large ears. Dumbo will discover that his large ears can actually help him fly.

    • Vivaan DuttaWritten on March 1, 2019
      "I'm a grown up man but i still love dumbo ❤️️ His story is about being different and embracing your insecurities. I'm looking forward to the live action film by team burton "
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    Sparky (Frankenweenie)

    Sparky is the central figure of Tim Burton's film Frankenweenie. Sparky is the pet dog of science nerd Young Victor Frankenstein. After Sparky died, his owner brought the pup back to life.

    • Zhang LiWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Such a cute and unique creation by Tim Burton ❤️️ I have 3 dogs and I love them to death so you know why I love Sparky"
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    The Mad Hatter

    The Mad Hatter or Tarrant Hightopp is an important character in 2010 film Alice in Wonderland by Tim Burton. He is a hat maker with orange hair caused by mercury poisoning. He is portrayed by Johnny Depp.

    • Israel RochaWritten on March 1, 2019
      "We all know Tim Burton loves to cast Johnny Depp but this by far my favorite role for Depp 👍"
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    young Victor Frankenstein

    Victor Frankenstein is an 11-year old boy, science nerd, and school outcast. He is the protagonist on Tim Burton's Frankenweenie. He owns a pet dog named Sparky that he loves dearly but dies. He will then bring Sporty back to life.

    • Agustín FigueroaWritten on March 1, 2019
      "I never thought Victor Frankenstein's character could be anywhere near cute"
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    The White Queen

    Mirana of Marmoreal or the White Queen is a fictional character in Tim Burton's Alice in Wonderland. She is described to be the rightful ruler of Underland. She is also the younger sister of the Red Queen.

    • Samantha SandersWritten on March 1, 2019
      "Anne Hathaway is a goddess and she looks flawless as the white queen 😍 Great job Tim Burton!"

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