What are the best time-bending movies similar to Tenet?

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Tenet is about to be released real soon! It's on September 3rd, 2020, to be exact. And while waiting for this upcoming spine-chilling movie by Christopher Nolan, you may want to check out first some of the best time-bending movies similar to Tenet. Whether you're up for a film where the world has been taken over by machines, or a film where a deadly virus is a thing, this list will surely prepare you for some mind-bending twists. Although most of the films on this list are quite old, they're still considered as one of the most popular films today. Check them out and find out why a lot of viewers still can't get enough of these movies!

  1. 112 Monkeys


    Aside from being one of the best time-bending movies similar to Tenet, Twelve Monkeys is also a timely movie. This is because it centers on a convict who volunteered himself to be sent back in 1996 in order to learn about the viral pandemic that has wiped out almost all the world's population. However, instead of being sent back to 1996, he was mistakenly sent to 1990 and got himself locked up in a mental hospital. Will he be able to find out who's responsible for the deadly virus? Stream this film today!

Keep Binging

Keep Binging

  1. 2Looper


    Looper is one of Rian Johnson's box office hits. in this action-packed thriller, the time-bending theme is portrayed when the mob attempts to get rid of someone by sending him back in the past. And what will happen if the hitman realizes that the one he's supposed to kill is the older version of himself? Stream this now and learn more about why it's quite similar to Tenet.

  2. 3Inception

    Like Tenet, Inception is also written and directed by Christopher Nolan. And if you're curious about the similarities of Tenet and Inception, well, both films have some amazing visual effects (as seen on Tenet's trailer). In fact, Inception even won four Academy Awards including the Best Visual Effects. This time-bending film focuses on how Dominick Cobb and his team try to plant an idea in their target's subconscious. And how do they do that? Watch this Nolan's award-winning film today!
  1. 4The Terminator

    In this 1984 film by James Cameron, you'll witness how Terminator, an indestructible cyborg assassin attempts to kill Sarah Connor and her protector Kyle Reese. Since Conor's unborn son has been seen to be involved in insurgents against the 21st century, she became the target of Terminator. Find out if Reese would be able to stop Terminator.
  2. 5Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow


    Another best time-bending film to watch if you're searching for movies similar to Tenet is Live Die Repeat: Edge of Tomorrow. Directed by Doug Liman and starring Tom Cruise as William Cage, this film centers on how Cage can get to live and die over and over again as he attempts to defeat an alien race.


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