What are the best torrent sites for comics?


Interestingly, most of the top-grossing superhero movies today are based on comics. Thus, many people would like to invest their time reading comic books so they can somehow get an idea of what to expect when a movie adaptation comes out. On the other hand, more and more people are getting fond of reading comics as well since comics feature not just texts and dialogue but also interesting graphics or images. If you are an avid reader of comic books, or you simply want to try reading a few but you do not want to spend a buck, then this page is for you. There are torrent sites where you can download comics for free.

Moreover, in a world where everything is going digital, so are comic books. Thus, reading comic books these days is just a few clicks away. For instance, torrent sites are one of the most reliable websites on the internet when it comes to free copies. However, these sites are illegal due to copyright issues. In addition, pirate sites could harm one’s device since it may contain viruses and malware. So as a user, you should also be aware of the potential risks you could get from pirate sites. But if you’re willing to take the risk, there is a list of comic book torrenting sites below! Although there are thousands of torrent websites out there, not all provide the best reading and downloading experience when it comes to comic books. That’s why this list comes with only the best among the rest! Check out the best torrent sites for comics and start reading your favorite comic books today! These torrent websites will provide you your favorite comic books right at your fingertips!

  1. 1Zooqle


    Zooqle is one of the most popular and best comic book torrenting sites. It has a collection of free comics in different genres so comic book enthusiasts have many options to choose from.

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  1. 2ExtraTorrent


    ExtraTorrent is also considered as the best torrent site for comics. With this site, users can easily get access to thousands of comic books and other fiction and non-fiction books in different genres.

  2. 31337x


    1337x is a top torrent site for providing quality videos, movies, music, comics, and even series. It has a stylish website interface that user would enjoy the easy search of anything they want to download.

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Did you know that Batman landed on the first spot of the most published comic book character of all time with 14,358 documented number of appearances? Moreover, it was ranked as first on The Best Comic Book Superheroes of All Time. Surely, Batman has reached his pinnacle of success—thanks to Bill Finger, Bob Kane, Bruce Timm, and Paul Dini. Comic books reached its golden age from 1938 to 1956 as a man in red and blue costume came into existence. This was Superman, the very first comic character to possess power beyond a normal human being. However, in a recent news, it reveals that comic sales significantly dropped in 2017 compared to 2016. Researchers are looking at the possibility of a content crash and the need for diversity as readers crave for something that is fresh and new. Moreover, accessibility also plays an important role in encouraging new readers to buy comic books. On the other hand, researchers also projected that comics will have its rebound this 2018. With Marvel Comics publishing still holding the greatest market share in the comics industry taking up a 34.86% and DC Entertainment with 31.79% share, analysts projected a rebound in the comics industry this 2018.

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  • #1
    April 1, 2017
    "I love the title for this torrent site Zooqle . I have been using this site for years and they have never let me down . They have a wide selection of comic theme shows that I can download and watch continuously. Plus a search engine is provided where you can search through the categoriesWould love to see some older titles but these new ones are superb . Love this site but the only thing I dont like about it is that it requires a sign up or log in. So if you are a new guest, you'll have to sign up but it's not that long."
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  • #2
    February 20, 2017
    "I use extratorrent to find torrents of everything from music to movies online. This includes comics, which may not be what everyone thinks of when they think "torrenting". The website allows me to find comics I am interested in, with friendly reminders as to how to keep my computer safe, as torrenting can pose a threat to my computer's security."
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  • #3
    October 3, 2017
    "1337x is a torrent website I will avoid like the plague. Out of 5 movies I downloaded, 3 were without audio, and one in Russian. One time i was searching for a great set of comics but all it could offer the most was Marvel comics (i love marvel but hell, i have had enuf marvels). Nothing new.Not what I expected to get.."
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This list is about What are the best torrent sites for comics
1ZooqleWebsites 32 Free
2ExtraTorrentWebsites 18 Free
31337xWebsites 8 Free

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