Who are the best Trinity Seven characters?

Trinity Seven is fantasy romantic comedy anime with a cast that's just as colorful and magical as the world they live in. If we're gonna talk about the characters, well, the Trinity Seven characters are all very powerful mages in seven different categories. And that’s just the ones on this list! The colorful and magical cast has more characters that all study the different Archives, so the eight best on this list are only a small collective of the number of magic users you can meet in the world of Trinity Seven. Where does your waifu/husbando stack up in this list of best Trinity Seven characters? Scroll down to find out!

  1. 1Arata Kasuga


    Meet Arata Kasuga, the main protagonist of the fantasy romantic comedy series, Trinity Seven. Since he's one of the most attractive guys in the series, he's also surrounded by a lot of cute Trinity Seven girls characters. One of his exceptional abilities is that he's capable of copying the magic of other characters despite the fact that he's not really trained in doing it.

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  1. 2Hijiri Kasuga


    Wanna know why we've included Hijiri Kasuga as one of the best Trinity Seven girls characters? Aside from the fact that she's Arata's cousin, she's also considered as one of the most powerful magus. In fact, she has become a Magic King Candidate, and even if she's still young, she's much stronger than her parents.

  2. 3Lilith Asami


    Lilith Asami has also made the cut as one of the best Trinity 7 characters. Her mature and responsible personality makes her even more effective for her role as a teacher at the Royal Biblia Academy. Despite being a strict teacher, Lilith is still kind, and she deeply cares about her students.

  1. 4Arin Kannazuki


    If you think that Arin Kannazuki looks like Arata's cousin Hijiri, you're not alone. Arin and Hijiri look very much alike, but Arin smiles less than Hiriji. Her mysterious personality also makes her unapproachable. Arin's best quality is that she possesses really strong magic after acquiring the Demon Spear Gae Bolg.

  2. 5Lieselotte Sherlock


    In case you're curious about the most attractive girls in Trinity Seven, then get to know more about this confident and seductive character, Lieselotte Sherlock. She is the twin sister of Selina Sherlock. Lieselotte is Arata's friend. Since she's really attractive, one of her techniques in defeating enemies is she usually entices them with her body so they can get distracted.

  3. 6Mira Yamana


    Another best Trinity Seven character is Mira Yamana. She is the head of the Grimoire Security, and because of this, she can be ruthless and cold at times in order to become an effective head. Being the Trinity Seven of the Superbia Archive, Mira has a driven personality, and she gives great importance to justice.

  4. 7Yui Kurata


    You'll be amazed at what Yui Kurata is capable of doing. She can put all students at the academy to sleep at once. Although she's known as one of the most powerful Trinity Seven characters, one of her struggles is she's pretty bad in controlling her own powers.

  5. 8Abyss Trinity


    Abyss Trinity is the Crimson Magic King and the Magic King of Luxuria. He is the father of Lilith Azazel. After his body was destructed, he lives on the spiritual manifestation of the Magic King Weapon he wielded before his death. 

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In this fantasy romance anime, there are seven categories of magic or “Archives” which specifically refer to a magician’s specialization in the craft. The seven Archives are named after the seven deadly sins: Luxuria, Superbia, Acedia, Ira, Avaritia, Gula, and Invidia. Luxuria is a magic that can either consume or create. Superbia, which translates to pride, focuses on buffing the user. Lieselotte Sherlock and Mira Yamana use Superbia, with the former able to copy and erase other magic, and the latter reflecting instead. Acedia focuses on mobility, specifically minimizing it. Next is Ira, which channels the powers of gods, literally bringing down their wrath onto foes. This is wielded by Arin Kannazuki, who uses Norse runic magic both offensively and defensively. The next is Avaritia, translating to greed. Magic of this class is centered on manipulation, and it is the chosen Archive of Yui Kurata, who uses songs to cast illusions or pull people into a dream world. Gula, or gluttony, comes with magic whose strength is scaled with the emotion feeding it. Invidia, or envy, has magic users like Levi Kazama who can create illusions, and Rogue who can move at light speed, both specialized in biting the eye.

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