What are the best unsimulated sex in mainstream movies?

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Cinema offers visual marvels that can last at the back of our heads for a very long time. As we all know, a movie's story is the backbone that justifies its success. However, you have to admit that there are other elements in a film that can cause enough intrigue for audiences. Filmmakers have often ventured in safe premises to avoid getting the dreaded NC-17 rating for their movies. However, there are those that pushed the envelope by crossing to a more unknown territory. This is common for films with erotic themes which require some long, steamy and sensual cuts. Further, even in mainstream cinema, there are movies that contain full-frontal nudity or unconventional body contact.

One can argue that it is easy for actors to fake a scene. After all, it's still acting we're talking about when exploring sensual movies. However, it is very unlikely that those involved simply engage in actual sex during a take just to make a big fuzz. Indeed, there is art involved in the creative process for these types of material. It would surely take a good director to make an erotic scene look masterfully-done. The thing is, movies that have unsimulated sex scenes aren't pornography. They simply go the extra mile to offer a different kind of visual for fans to appreciate. Over time, there have been notable titles that have utilized actual sex in it. if you want to explore these movies, we are here to help you. Scroll down to find some of the top unsimulated sex in mainstream movies that you will find. 

  1. 1Caligula (1979)


    The 1979 film Caligula is probably the most prestigious porno to ever hit blockbuster cinemas. The production behind the film was in constant disarray. The scriptwriter backed out because the director kept changing his script to add more orgies, phallic imagery, and female nudity. What's even crazier is that the film's primary funder snuck into the movie set with a small crew to film even more hardcore sex scenes which were later edited into the film.

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  1. 29 Songs (2004)


    The 2004 film, "9 Songs," directed by Michael Winterbottom is a bold take on a romantic drama that focuses on the modern love story of a young couple. The film does not shy away from showing explicit and rather graphic sexual nature featuring the young couple having penetrative and oral sex as well as constant masturbation throughout the duration of the movie.

  2. 3Shortbus (2006)


    Shortbus is a comedy-drama film that follows the experiences of a group of young New Yorkers as they experiment with the frustrations and excitements that come with sex. The film features several explicit scenes that demonstrate penetrative sex, masturbation, and fellatio. Its upside, however, is that the inclusion of these explicit scenes was met with positive feedback for director John Cameron Mitchell's funny and touching storyline.

  1. 4The Brown Bunny (2003)


    The Brown Bunny is just like any other typical indie film that has unsimulated sex scenes. The controversy lies in the fact that the famous actor Chloe Sevigny, who was an Oscar nominee at the time, performed oral sex in the film. The controversy had the media caught up in flames and Sevigny found herself in trouble wherein she was dropped by her own agency because of her involvement in the film.

  2. 5Nymphomaniac: Volume 1 and Volume 2


    Lars Von Trier continues to surprise people with his bold and highly eccentric work in the art-house film, Nymphomaniac. The film's first and second volumes sent waves across the public audience even with its limited screening. Although the sex scenes in the movies were the work of body doubles, Trier did not hesitate to superimpose the doubles' genitalia over the movie's leading actors featuring Charlotte Gainsbourg, Shia LaBeouf, and Uma Thurman among others.

  3. 6The Idiots (1998)


    The Idiots (1998) is a comedy-drama film directed by Lars Von Trier. Trier is prominently known as one of the most provocative filmmakers until today's modern era. The movie follows a young group of adults who intently act out in public and pretend to be developmentally disabled as a way of expressing themselves. At one point in the film, the group partakes in a gangbang that involves penetrative sex being shown.

  4. 7Cruising (1980)


    In a poorly drawn out thriller starring Al Pacino, "Cruising" features the story of an undercover police detective whose after a serial killer that targets gay men. The film was released in 1980 and was met by heavy criticism and public protests from activists and the gay community for the homophobic portrayal exhibited in the film. Scenes of explicit and hardcore anal sex could be seen in the film's first murder scene.

  5. 8Antichrist (2009)


    What transpired in the climactic moments of 2009's Antichrist is more than what viewers expect from a horror movie. After all, stars Willem Dafoe and Charlotte Gainsbourg did the unthinkable and that is engaging in unsimulated and real intercourse. The movie's scenes are all gory and graphic but director Lars Von Trier has shown his mastery of true horror by how he has created the famous shower sex scene while making sure that the terrors involving the death of the infant child still remain the centerpiece.


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