What are the best Valentine's Day ideas for him and for her?

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    #1Custom Mix Red Heartfelt Box

    Custom Mix Red Heartfelt Box

    If you want a passionate gift that never fails, here you are a gorgeous mix red heartfelt box, which you can customize with your selection of dozens of delicious chocolates. 


    $21- 32

    Wayne Arnold
    Written on January 30, 2018
    "This is a pretty enough box, but it isn't anything spectacular. One has the option of adding chocolates to the box, but some chocolate selections result in a higher price, which is tad expensive anyway. Add to this shipping costs, and this is a rather expensive choice for what is merely a valentine-shaped box. There are just as good but less expensive options available elsewhere. "
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    #2Love Tower

    Love Tower

    Conquer your partner's heart with this elegant gift set. A best selling 16 Exotic Truffle Collection and classic sweet, butter toffee, each in a limited edition purple heart box.



    Howard Green
    Written on January 28, 2018
    "Nice gift for a chocolate lover easy to buy and plenty to go around. "
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    #3Ceramic Mug “I believe in chocolate for breakfast”

    Ceramic Mug “I believe in chocolate for breakfast”

    Your breakfasts can be more sweet with this gorgeous and luxurious 12 oz ceramic mug (which reads “I believe in chocolate for breakfast”). Great gift for coffee and chocolate enthusiasts.



    Brandon Andrews
    Written on January 23, 2018
    "I love valentine's day because I love giving my girlfriend presents, celebrating our love and celebrating how special I think she is. Sometimes I don't think of the right gift to give her so valentine's ideas like this really help me out. "
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    #4LG Tone Pro

    LG Tone Pro

    LG is always a quality guarantee. From the LG TONE Wireless Headphones collection, the best one without a doubt is the Pro version. It's available in six different colors for a reasonable price. 



    Randy Bryant
    Written on January 27, 2018
    "These are great, quality headsets which are stylish, comfortable and for their price range, impressive. My wife loves hers and uses them on a daily basis. A quality LG product which I heartily recommend. "
  2. 52

    #5Nokia Steel

    Nokia Steel
    Nokia Steel is an activity and sleep tracking watch that wants you to feel, move and rest better. It automatically tracks everything and syncs to the Nokia Health Mate app to give you useful metrics and personal coaching. 

    Check price

    Tyler Rice
    Written on January 28, 2018
    "My girlfriend surprised me with the Nokia Steel this year on Valentine's Day. She thought that it would be something nice for us to do together to work towards our health. I'm not sure how much I like this idea."
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    #6Chocolate Matters!: Chocolate Recipes for a Happy Heart & Soul

    Chocolate Matters!: Chocolate Recipes for a Happy Heart & Soul

    Chocolate Matters!: Chocolate Recipes for a Happy Heart & Soul by Heidi Walter is a cookbook which offers 135 delicious chocolate dessert recipes from the culinary queens of 100 years ago.



    Janice Mills
    Written on January 23, 2018
    "I don’t have much of a sweet tooth, but my husband and my kids do. The recipes in this book have been such a hit with my family and at work pot lucks. I receive so many compliments. I can’t tell them my secret though!"
  4. 51

    #7Mud Pie Initial Canvas Tote

    Mud Pie Initial Canvas Tote

    Mud Pie Initial Canvas Tote is a natural and black canvas tote bag. It features black decorated initial of any choice, and is made of 100% cotton exclusive of decoration. It's a typical bag perfectly suited for everyday use.


    Check price

    Martha Solís
    Written on January 18, 2018
    "When I think of Valentine's Day, I think of romantic and or personal things. A canvas bag is certainly NOT something I'd associate with this holiday."
  5. 47

    #8TeeSpring St Valentine's Day T-Shirts Gift

    TeeSpring St Valentine's Day T-Shirts Gift

    An online site where you can buy a lot of t-shirts od different styles. In this particular case, you can choose between different models of Saint Valentine's T-shirts, for both men and women. 


    $18- Varies by model

    Samantha Little
    Written on January 18, 2018
    "This shirt is a good way to have a constant reminder of the one you love. It has more meaning than other pieces of clothing because of who gave it to you. It makes the day memorable."
  6. 45

    #9Sedancasesa Men's Crushable Wool Felt Outback Hat

    Sedancasesa Men's Crushable Wool Felt Outback Hat

    Stylish and elegant hat made of the best materials that adds a perfect touch of class and coolness to everyone wearing it.


    Check price

    Brian Myers
    Written on January 24, 2018
    "I think this solution would only really be for a man and not a woman. I think the hat is only for a certain kind of style, which isn't popular."
  7. 42

    #10WW2 Field Jacket

    WW2 Field Jacket

    With this official Call of Duty WW2 fiel jacket, you can emulate your heroes from the video game. The jacket is 55% Cotton / 45% Polyester and in black color or olive drab, with four pockets and 5 closure buttons. 



    Chen Yao
    Written on January 27, 2018
    "This would not be anything I would want or any girl would want that I know."
  8. 38

    #11Omaker M4 Portable Speaker

    Omaker M4 Portable Speaker

    Unique Rugged Square Design,Support multiple perspectives. Small and lightweight, with the lanyard, fits easily into your bag or pocket for on the go use, just set your hands free, making your travels more convenient. Featuring a large speaker cavity for excellent sound, this tiny but powerful speaker can fill any room with rich audio and clear and crisp music.


    Check price

    John Pierce
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "I've been looking at Valentine's Day gifts and came across the Omaker M4 Portable Speaker. While it seems it would be an okay gift for a guy, I don't think it would be that great for a girl. "
  9. 37

    #12Fitbit Charge 2

    Fitbit Charge 2

    Fitbit Charge 2 is a smart fitness tracker that sports an OLED display that can show notifications, time, and daily stats. It can track heart rate, workouts, distance, burned calories, and more. The tracker is available in different colors.


    Check price

    George Soto
    Written on January 27, 2018
    "Great gift idea that can be fun for him and her. Fitbits encourage a more healthy and fun lifestyle. Couples could have friendly competitions with each other or fill up their activity logs by walking and running together. "
  10. 31

    #13La La Land

    La La Land

    La La Land is a 2016 American musical romantic comedy-drama film written and directed by Damien Chazelle, and starring Ryan Gosling and Emma Stone, as an actress and a musician chasing their dreams in Los Angeles.


    Check price

    Nicholas Cook
    Written on January 22, 2018
    "Everyone had been saying so much about La La Land I felt obliged to give it a view. I wasn't impressed with the story and the characters seemed forced."
  11. 29

    #14Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation

    Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation

    Giorgio Armani Maestro Fusion Foundation provides light coverage with a matte finish that perfects blemishes, wrinkles, and pores. It is a matte foundation and skin perfector available in 16 different colors.


    $60- $100

    Olivia Carter
    Written on January 19, 2018
    "Very nice products, as expected from the brand. Value shows commitment."
  12. 28

    #15A Song of Ice and Fire

    A Song of Ice and Fire

    A Game of Thrones, A Clash of Kings, A Storm of Swords, A Feast of Crows, A Dance with Dragons. All 5 novels that inspired HBO's Game of Thrones. It's the series that earned George R. R. Martin the title of American Tolkien.


    Check price

    William Mitchell
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "While this series phenomenal and one of my favorites I've read, I can't say this helps me very much for Valentine's Day ideas at all. I don't think taking date ideas from these books is advisable."
  13. 28

    #16Google Chromecast

    Google Chromecast

    Google Chromecast is a device made by Google that can stream various media content to your television. This supports devices with Android versions not later than 4.1 or iOS 7.0 and up.



    Lilia Velasco
    Written on January 31, 2018
    "Anything electronic or TV related would be a perfect gift for anybody. Especially with more people doing things online. So this would also be an affordable option and widen their viewing abilities."
  14. 27

    #17Sphero Mini

    Sphero Mini

    Sphero Mini is a tiny robot with a size of a ping-pong ball which can be used to drive, play games, learn to code, and many more. This device includes a USB charger, a set of cones, and a set of bowling pins.


    Check price

    Ananya Patil
    Written on January 30, 2018
    "This is a super unique product that is sure to bring lots of laughs. The Sphero is a small ball that is controlled by an App, and you can move it around and the funny part is you can control it with your facial expressions. "
  15. 25

    #18Karma Card Game

    Karma Card Game

    Karma Card Game was created by Set Enterprises in 2014 that  can be played with family and friends. This game combines skill and luck so everyone has a chance to win at the end.




    Matthew Collins
    Written on January 22, 2018
    "Karma is a fun game. Having fun is vital to a relationship. The game is great for making lasting emotional memories."
  16. 24

    #19Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman

    Wonder Woman tells the story of Diana, who was trained to be an unconquerable warrior and Amazon queen. Everything was changed when an American pilot, crashes there and recounts the terrible conflict.


    Check price

    Zachary Fox
    Written on January 25, 2018
    "Wonder Woman is a pretty good movie, although it would take a specific couple to want to see it for Valentine's Day. It explores a lot of moral grounds and works as a movie, just not as a superhero movie. I could recommend it."
  17. 23

    #20Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Amazon Fire TV Stick

    Amazon Fire TV Stick is a device which you can plug into your HDTV and start streaming in minutes. This includes the Alexa Voice Remote to find the best way to watch across more than 190 channels and apps. 


    $24.99- Was $39.99 (38% off)

    Ruth Nelson
    Written on January 19, 2018
    "I don't think a Fire tv stick would be a very interesting (or romantic) present to a woman for Valentine's Day. A man however, might like it."
  18. 18

    #21Amazon Echo Dot

    Amazon Echo Dot
    Amazon Echo Dot is a hands-free voice-controlled speaker. It has a small built-in speaker which can be connected to your headphones over Bluetooth or through an audio cable to listen to your music.

    Check price

    Gilberto Alvarado
    Written on January 26, 2018
    "Amazon Echo Dot, while a nice product, is a horrible gift to give someone for Valentine's Day. don't do it. NEXT!"
  19. 15


    Overcooked is a cooking simulation game by Ghost Town Games and Team 17. Hosting one to four players, they have to prepare meals within a time limit while navigating through stage obstacles.

    Windows, PlayStation 4, Xbox One, Nintendo Switch


    Doris Guo
    Written on January 30, 2018
    "I have such trouble finding good multiplayer games, so I was very excited to find Overcooked. This game is fast and fun and really great for a group. Would definitely recommend for all platforms!"
  20. 15

    #23The Notebook

    The Notebook

    The Notebook is a romance novel written by Nicholas Sparks published in 1996 which is about the love story of mill worker Noah Calhoun and rich girl Allie. It was adapted into a film of the same name in 2004. 


    Check price

    Wayne Walters
    Written on January 23, 2018
    "This is an audiobook of the story The Notebook. I wouldn't consider it a good Valentine's Day idea as it's not a good activity for two people let alone something someone would do on Valentine's Day. Even watching the movie would be a better decisions in that respect."
  21. 14

    #24Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre

    Jane Eyre is a novel by Charlotte Brontë that tells the story of Jane Eyre who is left under the care of cruel guardians as a young girl, and then goes to Thornfield Hall to work as a governess, under a harsh employer.


    Check price

    Craig Beck
    Written on January 19, 2018
    "If you're girlfriend or wife likes reading, Jane Eyre might be a suitable gift for them. Doesn't seem like a great Valentine's Day gift but I guess it's not a terrible one either. It's a great book. Probably only appeals to men who read a lot of classic literature."
  22. 11

    #25Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition

    Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition
    Ori and the Blind Forest is an adventure Metroidvania video game which won the BAFTA Games Award for Artistic Achievement. Developed by Moon Studios, this game is available to play on Xbox and Windows PC.

    Windows, Xbox One


    Rogelio Bravo
    Written on January 18, 2018
    "I found the story of Ori and the Blind Forest: Definitive Edition to be very heart warming and it was a great experience playing it with my girlfriend. We both found the graphics and action oriented platforming to be very original and it ended up being a great gift from her to me. "
  23. 10

    #26bareMinerals Matte Foundation

    bareMinerals Matte Foundation

    The bareMinerals Matte Foundation is a buildable loose powder matte foundation that comes in 30 different shades. It has Broad Spectrum SPF 15 and minimizes the appearance of pores, redness, wrinkles, and other imperfections.



    Keith Henderson
    Written on January 18, 2018
    "As valentine's day approaches quick I have been looking for a him and her type gift. One of the products that I have been looking at is the bareMinerals Matte Foundation. After doing some thinking on it I decided that this was not the product for me after all."


Best What are the best Valentine's Day ideas for him and for her
1Custom Mix Red Heartfelt BoxOther 120 Paid
2Love TowerOther 80 Paid
3Ceramic Mug “I believe in chocolate for breakfast”Other 75 Paid
4LG Tone ProElectronics 60 Paid
5Nokia SteelElectronics 52 Paid
6Chocolate Matters!: Chocolate Recipes for a Happy Heart & SoulBooks 51 Paid
7Mud Pie Initial Canvas Tote Other 51 Paid
8TeeSpring St Valentine's Day T-Shirts GiftWebsites 47 Paid
9Sedancasesa Men's Crushable Wool Felt Outback HatOther 45 Paid
10WW2 Field JacketOther 42 Paid

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