What are the best weapons in Battlefield 5?

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    Suomi KP/-31

    The Suomi KP/-31 is a submachine gun featured in Battlefield V. The Suomi has the highest fire rate of submachine guns along with great damage output and the quickest time to kill in its category.

    • Donald DeanWritten on March 26, 2019
      "It's hard to keep your teammates alive as well as protecting yourself from other enemies especially given that this class is limited to SMGs only. Thankfully, the Suomi packs a punch and is quite accurate as well. The is your best choice when you're out in the field."
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    Turner SMLE

    The Turner SMLE is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It can be considered the British counterpart to the German Gewehr 43, due to their similar damage and identical magazine and reserve ammunition capacity.

    • Louis BryantWritten on March 26, 2019
      "The SMLE is one of the best weapons in the assault class. It does slightly less damage than the M1A1 but it makes for it by having a lower recoil and better controllability. You could go either way and you'll still be having the best assault weapons that the game offers."
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    StG 44

    The StG 44 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It is the Rank 13 weapon of the Assault class and the last assault rifle acquired. The StG 44 has the second slowest fire rate out of the assault rifles at 600 RPM.

    • Ye WuWritten on March 26, 2019
      "This is one of the best if not, the best all-around assault weapon in the game. Its flexibility allows it to be used in practically all ranges and still be effective. Players will argue that this weapon is too overpowered but regardless, this is the one to get if you want the best."
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    Bren Gun

    The Bren Gun is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It's issued to the Support kit at class rank 8. It has the lowest rate of fire amongst all LMGs at 514 RPM but offers superior accuracy, decent controllability and expanded magazine capacity of 30 rounds.

    • Kyle HarveyWritten on March 26, 2019
      "A better version of the KE7 with better accuracy, lower recoil, and larger ammo magazines. This is one of the best light machines guns available in the game. Plus, it doesn't hurt that it looks cool doing it."
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    The KE7 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It's the starter Support weapon and is unlocked by default. It has the second lowest magazine capacity and a moderate fire rate but has high accuracy in aimed fire and relatively low recoil.

    • Yan FuWritten on March 26, 2019
      "I personally think that the bren gun with a reflex sight is the best option for the support class but the KE7 is not that far behind. You get lower ammo clip sizes and slow fire rate with these guns but you get improved damage and accuracy as well as lower recoil."
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    Gewehr 43

    The Gewehr 43 is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. The weapon is unlocked for the Assault kit at class rank 1. Its primary asset is its high damage, which is the best in class amongst the semi-automatic rifles.

    • Adam RogersWritten on March 26, 2019
      "It's a toss-up between the Gewehr and the M1A1 and will depend on how you intend to use it. For medium-ranged fights, this is better with high damage and firing from the hip is good enough to be usable in a fight."
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    M1A1 Carbine

    The M1A1 Carbine is a weapon featured in Battlefield V. It's unlocked for the Assault kit at class rank 5. The weapon is a four-body shot kill up to 50m but suffers at a distance as its damage drops off to a mediocre five shots past this range.

    • Billy LaneWritten on March 26, 2019
      "Probably one of the most iconic weapons during World War II, this is a favorite among players for close quarter fights. It has the highest fire rate of all assault weapons coupled with low recoil makes for a very controllable weapon."
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    Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk I

    The Lee-Enfield No.4 Mk I is a weapon featured in Battlefield V and the starting weapon of the Recon class. Of all the bolt-action rifles in-game, the weapon has the largest magazine capacity and highest fire rate, at the cost of categorically lowest muzzle velocity of 500 m/s.

    • Jim GaoWritten on March 26, 2019
      "A great choice for the Recon class in the game. There is practically no reduction in damage or accuracy at medium distances. It also has the largest ammo capacity and fastest rate of fire of all recon weapons so you react quicker and fight for longer."


Best What are the best weapons in Battlefield 5
1Suomi KP/-31Game Elements 20 Free
2Turner SMLEGame Elements 15 Free
3StG 44Game Elements 7 Free
4Bren GunGame Elements 4 Free
5KE7Game Elements 3 Free
6Gewehr 43Game Elements 2 Free
7M1A1 CarbineGame Elements 1 Free
8Lee-Enfield No. 4 Mk IGame Elements 1 Free

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