What are the best weapons in Fallout Shelter?

For people who have just started playing Fallout Shelter as well as those who already know their way around the game, this list may prove useful for you. This is the community's pick when it comes to the best weapons in Fallout Shelter! If you've got any more suggestions, feel free to add them!

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    Dragon's Maw

    The Dragon's Maw is a unique version of the plasma thrower which was added to Fallout Shelter during the 1.4 updates. It has the highest average dame among all weapons and is only second when it comes to maximum damage after Fire Hydrant.

    • Johnny HansonWritten on July 7, 2019
      "Fallout Shelter best weapon is easily the Dragon's Maw. Having the highest avg damage out of all the weapon of the game is enough to justify this claim. Plus, a stack of 3 Dragon Maw's is great for questing and is efficient and relatively quick in clearing a room. 👍"
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    The MIRV in Fallout Shelter is a type of nuclear launcher that deals 22 to 27 damage per attack, an average damage of 24.5. It has the highest damage output amongst all the heavy weapons in the game. It's classified as a legendary weapon.

    • Billy CooperWritten on July 7, 2019
      "Out of all fallout shelter weapons, MIRV is probably the most effective gun to be used in small rooms during questing. Seeming as the projectile of the MIRV is always targeted at the center, it's attacks don't have to travel long distances. "
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    Fire Hydrant Bat

    The Fire Hydrant Bat is a weapon that's available for use in Fallout Shelter which was added during the 1.6 patch update. It's the highest damage output weapon in terms of measuring maximum damage beating the Dragon's Maw by 2 points.

    • Lawrence MartinWritten on July 7, 2019
      "IMHO, the Fire Hydrant Bat is the best weapon in Fallout Shelter in terms of overall strength. Whenever I have it equipped on my three dwellers, they almost always do a clean sweep out of all the enemies present. Having the highest damage output should no be taken lightly and is really useful in certain situations."


Did you know that Bethesda filed a lawsuit to Warner Bros. for copyright infringement in 2018? Yes, you've read it right. Bethesda Softworks sued Warner Bros. and Behaviour Interactive, co-developer of Fallout Shelter. For a brief background, WB Games released the Behaviour Interactive-developed game Westworld. Behaviour allegedly used the "copyrighted code" made specifically for Westworld. The lawsuit was filed in a Maryland U.S. District Court. It was eventually resolved after almost half a year, although all the parties involved didn't disclose the terms agreed upon. Bethesda Softworks only called the resolution "amicable"  in a statement.

But even before the dispute between Bethesda and Warner Bros., Fallout Shelter has already proven how good it is. In just about two weeks of being available on the Apple App Store, it has earned approximately $5.1 million. Fallout Shelter also went on to be the #1 in the App Store's free-to-play games, dethroning the once-dominant game Candy Crush Saga. But just because it averages roughly 70 million plays per day doesn't mean that it is that simple. Although it is a spin-off, it shares many similarities with the ones in the original Fallout series. It is a community simulation game where players overseer a virtual wasteland population in a vault. Threats can also happen whether from the outside and within the vault. Using Fallout Shelter weapons are quite useful for such situations. Or better yet, use Fallout Shelter legendary weapons to ensure the safety of the dwellers. Are you ready to overseer your own vault?

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    "Vengeance" is a type of Gatling laser available in Fallout Shelter. It deals 21 to 26 damage per attack and has the third highest damage output in the game. It's a single-target ranged weapon capable of dishing out multiple shots.

    • Nathan BakerWritten on July 7, 2019
      "Having 3 Vengeance equipped is by far the best combination in Fallout Shelter. It offers the fastest average time, highest consistency, plus it makes your dwellers take significantly less damage because its projectile makes enemies stagger upon every other hit. This is probably why I consider it the best of the best. 😎"
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    Miss Launcher

    "Miss Launcher" is a heavy weapon in Fallout Shelter. It can fire a wide variety of missiles and rockets and boasts the highest damage out of all the missile launchers in the game. It has an AOE damage able to clear out enemies.

    • Carl PetersonWritten on July 7, 2019
      "The Miss Launcher is kinda like the MIRV except the MIRV is better for smaller rooms while the Miss Launcher is better suited for larger rooms because of the AOE damage capability that it has. Still a good weapon overall. 👌"
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    Virgil's Rifle

    "Virgil's Rifle" is a legendary institute laser rifle in Fallout Shelter which was added during the 1.4 patch update. It has the highest damage as well as a value among all of the institute laser rifle variants, ranging from 19 to 26.

    • Nicholas CookWritten on July 7, 2019
      "The thing that I like most about Virgil's Rifle is that its a great alternative to Dragon's Maw and Vengeance in terms of build requirements cause it requires less military circuit boards. The cool thing about it tho is that its attack pattern is similar to Vengeance that it can change targets just the same. "
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    Relentless Raider Sword

    The Relentless Raider Sword is a weapon in Fallout Shelter which was added during the 1.6 patch update. It's an almost exact replica of the Bumper Sword from Fallout: New Vegas and is a powerful melee weapon suited for slicing foes.

    • John DavisWritten on July 7, 2019
      "Hate to break the news to you guys, but melee weapons such as this one are just not that good for questing because almost all melee weapons in the game are single-engagement only. But, they are pretty good for solo wasteland explorations so I guess that makes up for it. 😂"
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    Technician's Revenge

    Technician's Revenge is a craftable weapon in Fallout Shelter, introduced during the 1.4 patch update. It's a variant of the Junk Jet which sports a rather bizarre appearance. It's a powerful weapon that can be loaded with junk as ammo.

    • Timothy BrooksWritten on July 7, 2019
      "It's a pretty easy weapon to craft for a legendary. I suppose it has some upside to it like it costs a lot less in terms of ammunition and build requirements. Also, it doesn't take to long to craft unlike other legendary weapons in the game."


Best What are the best weapons in Fallout Shelter
1Dragon's MawGame Elements 21 Free
2MIRVGame Elements 12 Free
3Fire Hydrant BatGame Elements 6 Free
4VengeanceGame Elements 4 Free
5Miss LauncherGame Elements 2 Free
6Virgil's RifleGame Elements 2 Free
7Relentless Raider SwordGame Elements 1 Free
8Technician's RevengeGame Elements 1 Free

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