What are the best weapons in PUBG?

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    Mk14 EBR

    The Mk14 EBR is a ranged weapon in PUBG, categorized as a DMR. The weapon has the highest damage output out of all other weapons of its type, also being capable of firing in auto, although only carrying a small magazine.

    • James MedinaWritten on March 12, 2019
      "They say this isn't the best because it's hard to get and only appears in airdrops? Let me tell you this. Git gud lol. The DMR can double as a sniper rifle and an assault rifle. It has 2 uses and based on my experience playing this game for more than a year, anyone who manages to snag the DMR and make it to high ground can pretty much nail every enemy from yards away. Out of all the weapons in PUBG, this is the one that can make a huuuuuuuuuuuuuge difference"
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    The SCAR-L is a ranged weapon in PUBG, and is categorized as an assault rifle. Although the weapon has the slowest bullet speed in the game, it makes up for it with extremely low recoil, high damage, and accurate shots.

    • Benito QuirozWritten on March 12, 2019
      "Hands down the best AR in the game. slow bullet travel but good damage and accurate, which is what you should look out for in PUBG. Damage wont do you mad sh*t when you cant hit your marks."
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    Kriss Vector

    The Kriss Vector is a ranged weapon in PUBG and is considered to be the most accurate SMG in the game. The weapon is perfect for players who wish to utilize movement and accuracy, although it suffers from a small magazine.

    • Bruce HeWritten on March 12, 2019
      "i personally prefer speed over power. being able to zigzag around enemies is better than mowing them down with an lmg. id take mobility over power any day. best weapon in pubg for me"
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    The S686 is a ranged weapon in PUBG, categorized as a shotgun. The weapon fires of 12 Gauge shells and is capable of firing two quick consecutive shots, with the extra bonus of having a high damage output.

    • Sai KapoorWritten on March 12, 2019
      "shotties all the way! the s686 is the only one i need. i might absorb plenty of rounds but as soon as i get close to you. BAM! you dead boiii. i always make it a point to find and use this good in every pubg game i join, no matter what the odds."
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    The M24 is a ranged weapon in PUBG, and is categorized as a sniper rifle. The weapon is considered to be one of the best guns in the game, being able to kill with a single headshot if the target isn't wearing a level 3 helmet.

    • Yan JiangWritten on March 12, 2019
      "Not really a fan of loud and adrenaline pumping close ranged gunfights. I prefer to take my opponents from afar. Nothing beats the feeling of taking out an enemy from miles away while your whole team goes slack jawed with awe with what you did lol"
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    The M249 is a weapon in PUBG, categorized as an LMG. The weapon's recoil is relatively moderate and easy to control, despite its high fire rate and stopping power. It is also usually used when taking on enemy vehicles.

    • Raymond HowellWritten on March 12, 2019
      "Spray and pray. That's my motto for PUBG. If it can't shoot 80 rounds without reloading, then its not the best PUBG weapon for me. Catching opponents by surprise whuile they're on a road trip riding a jeep is one of the highlights of my rounds"
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    The Crossbow is a ranged weapon in PUBG which comes with a built-in 2x scope. It only holds one shot and reloads slowly, although it makes up for it with instant headshot kills.

    • Richard MartinWritten on March 12, 2019
      "silent kills are always the best. + points for all the insult youll inflict when you kill someone with a crossbow. i always get salty hate mail whenever i kill someone with a bolt. i love pubg. playerbase is full of salt. on a serious note tho, its good for not attracting attention"
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    The P1911 is a ranged weapon in PUBG, categorized as a pistol. The weapon fires off powerful .45 ACP rounds, and boasts a high accuracy and lethal damage output compared to other pistols.

    • Omar ToledoWritten on March 12, 2019
      "A good pistol yeah. But not the best weapon in PUBG. Altho whoever suggested this might have a good point since always keeping a pistol in your bag for that final hail mary attempt to rush a reloading enemy has made a huge difference for me :D"


Best What are the best weapons in PUBG
1Mk14 EBRGame Elements 19 Paid
2SCAR-LGame Elements 12 Paid
3Kriss VectorGame Elements 9 Paid
4S686Game Elements 3 Paid
5M24Game Elements 2 Paid
6M249Game Elements 2 Paid
7CrossbowGame Elements 1 Paid
8P1911Game Elements 0 Paid

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