What are the best websites to watch AJ and the Queen online ?

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Netflix opens the year with another new original that will surely shake-up your viewing experience. 'AJ and the Queen' is set to drop this January 2020 as it offers another alternative to the most binge-watched romance, sci-fi or action flicks that have dominated the past years. Although this new project from 'Sex and the City' head honcho Michael Patrick King and lead star RuPaul have attracted tons of conversation, there might be more than just drag in this TV series. The show promises to show the values of acceptance and love throughout the characters' journey via a 1990's R/V. Gracing AJ and the Queen together with RuPaul (Ruby Red) is young newcomer Izzy G who plays the former's 11-year old sidekick. As you might have heard in talks and via the 'AJ and the Queen' trailer, several drag queens will be spotted on various episodes of the series and this is sure to delight RuPaul's fans all over.

Being a mainstream LGBT pioneer in America, RuPaul knows that a lot of this new venture is expected to speak about relevant social issues like gender sensitivity and parenthood. This, though is welcomed by the real-life drag queen as AJ and the Queen on Netflix seem to be perfect as an eye-opener for binge-watchers around the world. Finally, the long wait is over and the TV series is set for everyone to watch. We promise to update you for more websites to watch 'AJ and the Queen' online via this list. Enjoy!

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A 'drag queen' is a usually male person that uses exaggerated clothing and makeup to emulate empowered females. They usually do this for entertainment purposes.


Did you know that a total of 22 drag queens will appear on RuPaul's new Netflix series 'AJ and the Queen'? While this may come across as sort of expected due to the drag icon's affiliations, there might be something more to this than a reunion of 'Drag Race' stars. As we know, Rupaul headlines the famed reality competition for aspiring drag icons. It has already been on the running for eleven seasons since 2009 and tons of names have emerged via this show. Fans of the drag community will surely recognize the new series' ensemble of drag figures. The 'AJ and the Queen' cast is loaded with former winners Bianca del Rio, Jinkx Monsoon, Chad Michaels and Trinity the Tuck, among others. But these names just make up for the returning cast. There are more names to look forward to seeing such as Katya, Valentina, and Latrice Royale. Whether the show will end up to be one of the best classic TV shows on Netflix may depend on how empowering the drag stars are on this project.

As RuPaul himself puts it, this TV series is not going to be more of a kids show with drag queens in it, but the other way around. As everyone knows, the show also features co-lead newcomer Izzy G who is indeed very young. This not overshadow the fact that 'AJ and the Queen' is described to have tons of dark themes available. If this is true, we might be seeing something really different with this new Netflix show.   

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