What are the best websites to watch Black Christmas 2019 movie online?

The holiday season just got a little more frightening. With the release of the Black Christmas 2019 movie, fans are in for another exciting thriller. The film is the second remake of a 1974 sorority-themed slasher pic directed by Bob Clark. Clark is more famous for his holiday film A Christmas Story that's a whole lot different than this one. Black Christmas 2019 director Sophia Takal sets the story of the movie on a small college campus. A group of sorority sisters is up against some fratboys and a mysterious killer. The movie starts with the sorority sisters preparing for a talent show. They plan to call out a graduated fratboy that sexually assaulted one of their members. Between all this drama, there's a masked killer on the loose who's hunting down the members of the sorority one by one. Getting Takal to direct the film was a no-brainer for producer Jason Blum. She's familiar with the territory of indie cinema overlapping with genre fare. She had already directed a thriller that combined Lynchian creepiness with feminist takes. Aside from Takal, film critic April Wolfe was also a co-writer for the film. Both of them have taken the sorority slasher standard and made it different in style and tone. It manages to showcase campus curriculum debates and opinions on reporting sexual assault. This thriller hit North American theatres on December 13, 2019. Since it was just released, fans still can't watch Black Christmas online yet. But don't worry, Black Christmas is arriving on March 3, 2020, on Amazon Prime Video so be sure to pre-order the movie below. Stay tuned for more updates on this list when it becomes available on other streaming platforms. For now, you can watch the Black Christmas 2019 trailer on Amazon!

  1. 1Vudu


    Without any surprise, you'll find tons of horror movies on Vudu. One of those you should watch is 2019's Black Christmas. Enjoy all the thrilling moments from the slasher classic in UHD for a reasonable pay-per-view price. 

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  1. Free Trial

    2Amazon Prime Video


    Amazon Prime Video ain't letting up on its long list of slasher films available on the platform. If you've missed the recent theatrical release of 2019's 'Black Christmas', then you can just stream it on the service whether you want to rent or purchase the movie.

  2. 3YouTube Movies & Shows


    2019's much talked-about horror reboot 'Black Christmas' is available for you to watch on YouTube Movies. It gives you a great Halloween movie option together with other similarly terrifying titles available on the platform.

  1. 4Google Play Movies & TV


    If you're looking for a pretty straight-forward service to watch 'Black Christmas', then you should go for Google Play Movies & TV. You can even download the newest take on the cult horror classic on any device you prefer, together with other slasher favorites.

  2. 5iTunes


    If you're done watching the likes of 'The Grudge' or 'Bloodshot' on your iOS device, you might want to see one of the most recent horror thrillers, 'Black Christmas' here on iTunes. Buy or rent the movie to know what happens to a group of sorority sisters faced by a black-masked stalker.

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There are a lot of things to consider when it comes to rating a film. The Motion Picture Association of America (MPAA) assess movies based on different themes. They're usually based on the extent where they include nudity, sensuality, violence, and others. The MPAA along with the Classification & Ratings Administration (CARA) then give out ratings. They do this so that moviegoers are safe and smiling from start to finish. No parent would want their kids to see any inappropriate content. We wouldn't want them leaving the cinemas with something that they can't unsee. Films with R-ratings lets parents know that these movies are not safe for their children to see. But like all things, it's not always perfect. There are some movies that should have been age-restricted but somehow did not get an R-rating.

Did you know that the Black Christmas 2019 film isn't rated R? Blumhouse intended it for R rating but test screenings forced it to be PG-13. Black Christmas will be the first version of the horror property to not be R rated. Horror fans took to the internet to express ridicule over the PG-13 rating of the movie. But April Wolfe, the film's co-writer, took to social media to defend the more restricted rating. In an interview, she said that they meant to write it with an R rating in mind. After test screenings, they realized that a younger female audience should be able to watch Black Christmas 2019. She added that she wanted to familiarize girls with horror and the timely subject matter. Wolfe even referenced a tweet from fellow director Jovanka Vuckovic. In her tweet, she said that horror films like Jaws, Poltergeist, and The Others became classics of the genre without an R rating. It's only a matter of time until fans would be able to watch Black Christmas 2019 online

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